Scales for the Food Processing Industry

The convenience of our extremely varied diet is due in large part to the development of industrial food processing in the 19th and 20th centuries, which resulted in the production of prepackaged foods, flavored drinks and health beverages, instant meals, canned foods and more.

Yet these conveniences wouldn’t be possible without the technology that drives high volume production. At the heart of these systems is the industrial scale. Without accurate measurements of ingredients, products would not have the taste, look, and consistency we rely on.

For example, if dry ingredients are not properly measured and combined, it can cause lumpy mixtures that result in an unappealing appearance and/or misshapen and oversized products that do not fit into packaging. Lumps can also build up and reduce the flow of material, which can cause problems with sanitation and production.

Powder and liquid mixing systems are capable of rapidly incorporating large quantities of powder at high concentrations into liquid mixtures. However, if the wrong amount of powder is added, it can cause lumping or leftover powder in the liquid product, which is wasteful and unappealing to consumers.

When everything runs smoothly, the overall quality of processed foods is increased while the amount of raw material required is decreased, which in turn lowers manufacturing costs and waste. Industrial scales help keep everything running properly and ensure that formulas are strictly followed.

Arlyn Stainless Steel Platform and Floor Scales for Food Processing

Sanitation is critical when it comes to food production. There are many regulations and guidelines that must be followed, which means equipment needs to be easy to clean. Sterilization is a frequent process that equipment must be durable enough to withstand.

Equipment must also be able to withstand the production environment, which can mean extreme hot and cold temperatures, acidic ingredients, liquids, and other corrosive elements.

Stainless steel is the preferred material in these kinds of operations because it’s easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and durable enough for heavy, consistent use.

Our platform scales and floor scales are both available in full stainless steel construction to meet the stringent guidelines that must be followed in a production plant while being rugged enough for constant use.

Arlyn Platform Scales

Our stainless steel platform scales are available in 500 lb. and 1,000 lb. maximum capacities. The 500 lb. model has a resolution of 0.1 lb., while the 1,000 lb. model has a resolution of 0.2. lb. We offer a variety of platform sizes that range up to 48 in. sq.

Arlyn Floor Scales

Our stainless steel floor scales are available with several maximum capacities including:

•    2,500 lb. x 0.5 lb.
•    5,000 lb. x 1 lb.
•    10,000 lb. x 2 lb.
•    20,000 lb. x 5 lb.

Arlyn Scale Features

Both our platform and floor scales feature load cells machined from heat treated stainless steel (instead of aluminum or regular steel) that are bolted into protection pockets within the scale’s frame. This helps protect the device from difficult factory conditions, overload, and shock loading while providing an extremely low profile.

Special digital electronics compensate for temperature changes, air currents, vibration caused by other equipment, and other common factory conditions to provide the highest level of accuracy.

With an intuitive user interface, the large graphics screen is easy to control when switching from one formula to another in batching and other environments.  Formulas can even be stored in the system memory and recalled for future use.

Optional Set Point Controller

While Arlyn is a scale manufacturer and distributor, we also design and develop accompanying solutions like our set point controller.

This device is an add-on that allows you to automate your batching and filling processes. With it, you can set up to eight target weight values that the scale uses to signal the ignition or shut down of equipment like mixers, motors, feeders, valves, solenoids, and other computerized devices.

So let’s say that you’re pumping 50 lbs. of vanilla extract into a mixing vat. The pump would be connected to your scale holding the container of vanilla extract. When the pump reaches the target weight of 50 lbs. it would shut off. However, there would still be some residual liquid left in the pump and pipes. If you wanted to clear them, you could use the set point controller to set two target weights – one at 46 lbs. and one at 50 lbs. When the pump reached the first target weight, it would slow the flow down to a trickle and when it reached the second, it would shut off completely, stopping the flow without leaving liquid in the system.

Custom Scales and Equipment

While our standard models offer a variety of styles, platform sizes, maximum capacities and resolutions, your production equipment may have limited floor space, unique size requirements, or need another piece of equipment to sit on the platform. We offer custom size platforms with no additional cost penalty so you can get the made-to-order scale you need without having to pay extra for it. We can also manufacture a completely custom system based on your needs.

If you operate an OEM system that requires a weighing component rather than a full scale, we can fabricate those instruments for you. And if you have a unique weighing need that you haven’t been able to find a viable solution for, we urge you to contact us and let our engineers get to work on a solution.

Data Transmission and Complex Label Printing

Our scales can also be equipped with the connection ports that match your operational needs. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cloud, flash drive, USB, RS-232, RS-485, analog 4 – 20 ma, and other ports are all available. Depending on the port(s) you choose, you may have the ability to monitor and control your scales from a remote location, import scale data directly into Excel spreadsheets or Access database files, print complex labels with various details about a particular batch or shipping information, or connect to other programmable logic controllers and devices.

Customer Service at Its Best

No matter what solution you require, Arlyn Scales is here to answer your questions and help guide you to the scale that best meets your needs. Contact us today and let us help you improve your food processing and production systems.