Product Models

A Digital Indicator is a display unit which processes and displays weight values on it’s screen. Easy to use, easy to read and accurate, our scale Digital Indicators are available with a wide variety of features, functions and types of enclosures.

The MKE-5 Digital Indicator provides a robust build and compact form-factor packed with features that are easily accessible through our natural language menu system compared to other scale indicators that have hard-to-navigate, confusing numeric menus.

The Arlyn UpScale is a state-of-the-art 7″ wide IPS Touchscreen Digital Indicator providing the most advanced features in the scale industry in an easy to use, intuitive interface framework. It can accomplish the most simplest to the most complex of tasks in just a few touches and gestures. The UpScale also features enhanced option, such as timed datalog emails or weight targetted email notifications, all in one package.

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