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Industrial Scales for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is an important industry that is constantly on the move. From receiving daily shipments to maintaining quality factory production to the very products and items that it manufactures and distributes, every aspect of the automotive industry is one of movement.

Another aspect of the automotive industry is its attention to detail and accuracy. Every step of the process requires that nothing is overlooked and that everything is given proper attention. This requires that the tools and equipment that are used on a daily basis are ones of high-quality, durability, precision, and accuracy.

Drum Scales

When weighing large quantities of liquids, you need scales designed to accommodate the containers of the materials in question. Moreover, you want to be able to maneuver the cumbersome drums onto the scales with ease.

That’s where industrial scales with ramps and stainless steel sensors from Arlyn Scales come in. The sloped design makes wheeling the awkward drums onto the weighing platforms a more efficient and doable task. Its rail-less design lets the item overhang the scale for flexibility and ease of use. This also makes the scale more durable, and less likely to respond badly to the stress of the loads.

See Arlyn’s Series 3250 Drum Scale for a tool that achieves all of these benefits smoothly, while being available at factory direct pricing, which makes it affordable as well.

Given that the height of the scale is only 1 7/8 and a ramp is included, rolling drums, canisters, barrels, or any other items on and off the scale platform becomes a simple task.

Floor Scales

Industrial floor scales have a variety of useful characteristics including platform size, platform capacity, accuracy, durability, and cost. In fact, floor scales are known to be both durable and accurate, a perfect match for the automotive industry’s needs. Many of the characteristics can be specifically chosen to allow for a customized scale.

Some of the characteristics that have multiple options include the platform size, platform capacity, and the mechanism for data transfer. For example, the platforms are available in a variety of sizes and can range from 3 x 3 up to 8 x 10, and even larger.

As for the platform capacity, the basic capacities range from 2500 lb to 5000 lb, 10K lb, 20K lb and even larger. Additionally, other custom platform capacities may be special ordered in order to meet the specific needs of this industry.

An additional benefit, yet often overlooked feature, is that all of the sizes feature a very low profile, which allows for easy loading and unloading of the items being measured.

Paint Weighing Scales for Cars

Explosion Proof Scales For Safer Production Environments

Paint production environments include materials that are flammable, explosive or give off toxic fumes. Abrasive liquids are another factor. Arlyn’s inherently safe scales operate while using a low level of electricity, making them a low risk for igniting volatile materials. They are also constructed out of durable materials intended to withstand spills of corrosive liquids or exposure to toxic fumes. These are all legitimate concerns for automotive paint manufacturers. An explosion-proof scale helps prevent injuries to your employees and damage to your infrastructure.

Our optional corrosion resistant versions minimize corrosion because of its stainless steel construction and a special chemical coating. This coating is a unique three-part epoxy material that prevents scratching and scuffing as well as chemical damage.

Cylinder Scales For Large Drums of Liquid Paint

Arlyn’s large cylinder scales are designed for weighing heavy drums of liquid. These are common items in paint production plants. Whether you are weighing completed paint or one of the many ingredients for it, this scale is built with a low profile designed to make weighing such cylinders a convenient process and reduces the likelihood that a drum will fall and burst on the hard factory floor.

Counting Scales for Auto Parts

Manage Your Inventory

When you want to keep your inventory of small automotive parts accurate without the hassle and unreliability of hand counting, a counting scale inventory system can make the process go much more smoothly and give you real-time accuracy.

A parts counting scale will convert the weight of a batch of parts into the number of pieces in that batch. This is accomplished by weighing a small sample of parts, calculating the weight of an individual piece, and then dividing the weight of the full batch by the calculated piece weight. And while it sounds like a pretty simple task, a lot of automotive manufacturers get it wrong.

Extra Sensitive for Extra Small Parts

With a system that allows you to easily calculate the weight of a sample batch, the average industrial scale may not be sensitive enough for extra small parts. If the sample batch isn’t weighed accurately, it can affect the accuracy of your entire inventory. This means you need a scale the ability to weigh extremely lightweight pieces with precision. Our counting scales’ high precision, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, and advanced digital algorithms make it a quick and easy process.

As an example, let’s say you have a standard 100 lb. capacity scale with a resolution of 0.02 lb. If your sample weight is 0.09671 lb. and your sample size is 10 pieces, the result is 0.9671 lb. However, your scale can only read to its best resolution, which is 0.96 lb. That’s an error of 2.5%, which is pretty significant.

Now if you chose a SAW-C scale from Arlyn, you’d have the same 100 lb. capacity but your resolution would be much finer at 0.001 lb. Using the same sample weight (0.9671 lb.) and sample size (10 pieces), the scale will read .967 lb. Not only does our ultra precision scale make the reading more accurate, but it also reduces the margin of error to .03%, which is much more reliable.

Arlyn Scales Quick Count Feature

Our counting scales also come equipped with a Quick Count feature that turns parts counting into a one-step process with no confusing menu functions. Our intuitive interface and large internal memory mean you can complete the sample weighing process once, store the piece weight of hundreds of items, and completely bypass the sampling process in the future.

Preventing automotive manufacturing errors means implementing rigorous quality assurance practices throughout your entire process. Our scales use more precise technology, more durable construction materials, and software options that will integrate with your workflow. Browse our inventory of automotive industry scales and let Arlyn outfit you with scales that make your production process more accurate and efficient. Then feel free to contact us with any questions or to find a custom solution.

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