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Agriculture, the backbone of civilization, has become increasingly high-tech over the last century. Since the beginning of agricultural, some 10,000 years ago, producing foods and goods through the cultivation of crops, and pastoral herding of livestock has always relied heavily on the use of tools. Early agriculturalists employed simple irrigation systems, sickles and plows to assist them in their farming needs.

Today, from computer networks to hydraulic tractors to weighing systems, technology is extremely vital to the on-going success of modern agriculture. Although a plethora of tools help farmers with their crops and livestock, a widely used agricultural tool that is not often thought about is the weighing scale.

The crops that are produced are typically bought and sold depending on the amount and/or the weight. Platform scales, drum scales, and floor scales measure these weights in order to provide accurate data for price determination.

Some industrial scales such as those from Arlyn Scales are also equipped with USB ports which can connect the electronic scales to computers, printers, and other such devices either via cables or even WiFi and Bluetooth. These features allow the farmer to record and store data easily, while specialized software can be installed to help run reports that can compare prices, crop production, and other valuable information.

Ideal for agriculturalists that weigh fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals, our corrosion-resistant platform scales, floor scales, drum scales or cylinder scales are made to endure the harsher conditions of agriculture. Some of these scales are water-resistant as well. To achieve this, they are constructed in welded steel with an additional zinc rich epoxy coating applied to the scale. This layer protects the scale from the moisture and chemicals.

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