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Heavy-Weight Scales for Large Animal Farmers

Durable Scales in Harsh Environments

When it comes to weighing farm animals, such as pigs, the durability of the floor scale and components is a major factor when shopping for a scale. In our experience, using four stainless steel load cells (versus the usual aluminum or steel plated load cells) keeps the corrosive effects of moisture at bay, extends the life of our clients’ investment and maintains accuracy for the length of the life. Durable materials mean you will have higher probabilities of achieving repeatable, accurate readings in the long term.

Another feature of these animal scales is the rugged construction that withstands the harsh conditions of a farm. The stainless steel load sensors ensure durability against wear-and-tear. The entire scale is sealed, therefore providing water resistance. There is no need to worry about the veterinary scales in rain or light animal waste.

Farm Animal Weighing Accuracy

Certain animals must be in regulated specific weight parameters. Animals that weigh too much or too little could cost the farmer. Several types of veterinary scales and animal scales have been developed that are specifically created for the weighing of farm animals. These livestock scales have several design features that make it optimal for farm use.

The highly specialized Weight Average and Hold option previously mentioned is one that many farmers just cannot live without. This feature allows accurate measurement of their livestock, even if the animal is moving around. Specialized software filters out the animal’s movement and retains only accurate weight measurement. The digital display will lock the weight and the animal can be removed from the scale platform without the weight disappearing from the display screen. Our four load cell scales ensure balance and accuracy even when the animal is not centered on the platform. The scale operator can release that weight and weigh another animal instantly. The digital controller can be easily set up by the farmer. There should be enough flexibility so that a number of different weight sort groups would cause the desired actions by the scales.

As the animals grow to close to their market weights, they can apply tremendous forces to the weighing devices as they hurl themselves through the sorter. Because of this, the load cells should be made from stainless steel. Stainless steel load cells are much less prone to shock and overload abuse as compared with load sensors that are made from aluminum or other metals.

Furthermore, the highly corrosive environment can very quickly ruin load cells that are not made from stainless steel. A protective coating should be applied over the electronics on the stainless load cell as further protection. As yet another step, the load cells should have stainless guards around it to prevent rodents or the animals themselves from attempting to chew on the load cells or the attached wires.

One of the newest scales from Arlyn Scales specifically designed for agriculture is the automated pig sorter scale. Created from the Smart Source Innovation division of Arlyn Scales, this swine scale encompasses top-rated technology in its design. This pig scale’s construction is both rugged and animal-friendly. Save time, money and resources with the Arlyn Automatic Pig Sorter and Hog Scales for the really big boys. If you are a pig farmer, read on about why it’s necessary to add this to your farming equipment inventory.


Feeders for Animal Farmers

Livestock farmers depend on their animals which means they need to be well-fed and healthy. Part of feeding a large amount of animals at once is proper distribution of their feed which is where Arlyn’s agricultural scales come in. Standard amounts of feed allow the farmer to accurately measure how much food is needed and how much weight an animal will gain. Often, the feed is a mixture of corn, grains, seeds and other dry fruits.

Platform scales, such as the ones offered by Arlyn Scales, are ideal for a task such as this. With their low to the ground platform design, these digital scales make it easy to place bags of feed or feeding materials upon the sensors. The four-sensor formation of the platform scales guarantees accuracy. However, some tasks performed by farmers require high precision scales. Arlyn Scales has both large and small ultra precision scales with super sensitivity up to 20 times that of a regular scale.

A common example of our custom scale is within the hog industry. Arlyn Scales Smart Sort Innovations Pig Sorter has been specifically designed to facilitate this process. Basically, the Sorter consists of a cage to hold the animal, load cells to determine the weight of the animal, and a specialized digital controller that processes the weight data and determines feed choices based on a number of parameters. The controller operates a number of pneumatic gates on the Sorter that allows an animal to enter the cage, and then after weighing, opens gates to direct the pig to the proper feed bin that matches their weight gain. The controller on this model also has the ability to store weight readings and can communicate this data in a number of formats.

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