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Industrial Scales for Handling Agricultural Chemicals

Agricultural weighing applications are widespread and require industrial scales to get the job done right. For example. crops must be fertilized in a controlled manner. Too much fertilizer is wasteful and can do more harm than good. Monitoring fertilizer usage can be accomplished by weight so the mixing process of various ingredients that are incorporated into the fertilizer can require Platform Scales or Floor Scales.

Likewise, steel cylinders of liquefied chlorine gas are used in many industrial processes. Liquefied carbon dioxide is used for the production of various chemicals, fertilizer manufacturing, and a very wide variety of other applications. Chlorination and gas feed systems are commonly used for disinfection in water, wastewater, and industrial wastewater applications. It’s also used as a bleach in the manufacture of paper, cloth, solvents, pesticides, and other commercial products.

If those corrosive materials get inside your scale, they can destroy the internal components responsible for the accuracy of your measurements. Our Corrosion Resistant Arlyn Cylinder Scales protect from corrosion. Our welded stainless steel construction, heat-treated stainless steel load cells, and garnet infused triple epoxy work together to provide you with years of accurate, trouble-free service. They also make them better able to handle tough industrial environments, protect them from shock and overloading, and make them more accurate through the use of stainless steel load cells.

Remote System Automation, Liquid Gas Monitors and Programmable Alerts

Our Ultra Precision Scales allow you to automate certain manufacturing processes and monitor the level of material in your liquid gas cylinders. Our setpoint controllers allow scale owners to set up to eight weight values in their scale. Once one of these valves has been reached, the scale can turn equipment on or off via solid state relays.

You can use any of the controller’s 8 target weights to signal the start up or shut down of other equipment such as feeders, mixers, motors, valves, pumps, solenoids, and other computerized devices.

For example, a farmer can attach the set point controller to a vat of one fertilizer and use it to add the exact amount of pesticide needed. The set point controller can also be used to clear the pumps and pipes that feed liquid material into the larger mixing vat.

By setting two target weights, you can use the first to slow the feed down to a trickle and use the second to shut the pump off completely. This means you’ll get exactly the amount of liquid you need without leaving anything in the system.

And while some liquids can be monitored using a simple drum scale, this method doesn’t work for liquefied gases because the drum will appear full until the container is very nearly empty.

This doesn’t leave operators a lot of time to refill or change the container. Our set point controller can also be used to create an alert system that lets workers know in advance when a container is running low on the material so that there are no hiccups in the manufacturing process.

Connectivity and Displays With Instant Email Alerts and Printing Features

We’ve also recently added some additional features to our setpoint controllers. Not only can the setpoint controller be used to control equipment, but it can also be used to trigger the printing or email of certain pieces of data.

  • Setpoint Print – If your industrial scale features printing outputs, you can use the setpoint controller to print out a specific frame of data at target weights that you set.
  • Setpoint Email – If your scale features Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also use the setpoint controller to generate an automated email when target weight values you’ve indicated are reached.

Our large precision scales are made with a diecast aluminum frame and stainless steel weighing pans. The easy-to-use indicator includes a large LCD graphics display. Some models have a zero button, 15 different weighing units and an overall design virtually guaranteed to fit your infrastructure and preferences, whether you happen to work in a hot barn, an industrial refrigerator, or any other harsh environment.

These scales are stable enough to cancel out common weight fluctuations due to temperature thanks to the technology used to create them. With a number of options depending on your preference for data transfer and storage, you can control all aspects of your fertilizer production and pesticide manufacturing. Choose options like Ethernet, WiFi, WinWedge, USB connectivity, label printing, and more.

Extremely Low Profiles

No matter what scale you use, we offer some of the lowest profile models in the industry, which makes loading and unloading a quick, simple, and painless task. We can even include on/off ramps to make it even easier.

If you’d like to learn more about Arlyn’s scale technology and how it can benefit your handling of agricultural chemicals, contact us today!

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