Precision Custom Specialty Scales for Sale

ultra-precision-scale-1Precision and accuracy are paramount in the mixing, batching, sorting and packaging industries. Without the proper weighing equipment, the production schedule can be impacted negatively. To budget properly, it is imperative to have a precision scale specifically suited to your application.Sounds like a tall order but not impossible with Arlyn Scales at the helm. We have been designing and manufacturing scales in our New York based factory for over thirty years. Our experience and reputation as a leader in innovative scales is what sets us apart. With no middlemen at all, we are able to keep our prices well within reach for products that would cost nearly twice as much elsewhere.


Scales have been around for thousands of years. Predicated on the use of beams, balance scales were relied upon by merchants and consumers the world over. A known quantity was placed on one side of the beam and the object to be weighed on the other. The balance of the two would provide the weight. These scales measure mass. Electronic scales measure the gravitational force between the item being weighed and the earth. Therefore the weight can change based on the scaleÕs location. It is for this reason that our scales are pre-calibrated, eliminating the need for dealer set up. Strain Gage scale technology has been available for over fifty years. Scales equipped with this technology measure the mechanical strain and consist of a gauge and a Wheatstone bridge, which measures resistance. The mechanisms can be subject to bending and temperature variables and render weighing information inaccurately. Force Motor or Force Restoration technology relies on an electromagnet, which supports the scales platform. The cost can be prohibitive because large weighing items require more electrical current. This is not a viable technology because of the cost factor and because changes in temperature will effect the outcome as well.

A Brand New Technology

In our efforts to circumvent the issues inherent in scales to date, we devised a foolproof technology that is the most accurate methodology available today. Integrating Surface Acoustic Wave technology into our weighing scales, we introduced a device fabricated with a semiconductor type of technology. Our Precision Scales measure displacement instead of stress or strain. We utilize a spring element in a way that has none of the disadvantages found in strain gage scales and at price that is significantly less than force restoration scales. The weighing information is taken in time measurements eliminating the need for conversion from analog to digital. The digital weight reading is available in four seconds.This accurate and precise methodology is impervious to temperature changes and shock and overload damage. The accuracy ratings are .005 percent and hard to beat.

High Standards

Built to last, our scales come with a year warranty. Our choice of material for its durability is stainless steel. We use this material for our load cells because of its reliability.Aluminum load cells tend to distort but that is never an issue with stainless steel load cells. We provide the best quality in keeping with our high standards.

Cost Savings

Our Precision scales are extremely accurate with similar price structuring to that of the strain gage scales manufactured by other companies and less than one third of the cost of force motor scales.

Our Specialty

Because we are a factory direct manufacturer, we are capable of customizing a scale suited to your specifications, keeping within your budget. Adapting the platform size and uploading software to suit your needs are just a couple of the options.Pallet wrappers, blending, mixing and dispensing equipment may need a specifically sized scale with all the bells and whistles to fit into an already existing piece of equipment. We can customize a scale to do what is needed for the exact location that it is intended for. The beauty of our operation is that once we have all the necessary specifications, our team of engineers can manufacture your specialized weighing device to your desired specifications.

Multiple Capabilities

Parts counting operations can benefit from our Ultra Precision Scale line. Designed to measure items as light as .0001 of a pound, the high accuracy feature of this scale is incomparable. The same technology can be implemented into scales that weigh items as heavy as five hundred pounds or even more, providing a sensitivity of up to twenty times that of other scale technologies. With the knowledge of your expected weighing capacity, we can design a scale specifically geared for that capacity. The accuracy and precision increases with the use of the correct capacity scale.

Digital Interface

Our digital indicator is available in stainless steel as well. Built to be moisture resistant, these LCD displays can read in fifteen weight units and offer a parts counting option. There are multiple options for technological connectivity.

Connectivity at its Best

Keeping track of your data is a cinch with our data logging option. Made for the computer set, data, time, date and item information can be recorded on a USB stick and read at your workstation using Microsoft Excel.Bidirectional information needs are met with our RS-232 Protocol. Commands can be originated in your computer that allow you to operate the scale remotely. Additionally, the interface extends to programmable logic controllers and printers alike. Our RS-485 Protocol can operate scales over a distance of four thousand feet. Also with its bi directional interface, this protocol allows for the tethering of up to ten scales. With our USB interface in conjunction with RS-485, one can directly control the ten scales and log data from them with one computer.Our Set Point option is a must for the batching and mixing industries.

The user can set up to eight target weights and use these weights to control feeders, mixers, motors and valves. Formulas can be input to control the behavior of these devices. The formulas can be saved in the scale’s memory allowing consistency in the formulation of your product. We can customize your scale from the load sensor design to the microprocessor instrumentation. Adding in the software options, the scale can be as personalized as need be.

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