Laboratory Precision Balances

5cf9cad94714c5577919c266171d935c_XLIn the scientific field, precise measurements are a must. Products synthesized and created in a laboratory environment cannot be sloppily formulated. Chemical formulas must be exact, time and time again. Imagine if your heart medication differed in effect from tablet to tablet. Scales that are manufactured for the laboratory are some of the most accurate in the world.

We at Arlyn Scales have been manufacturing Precision Scales for the past thirty years. We are widely recognized as one of the leaders in a highly competitive field. Rapid changes in technology demand proactive designs to meet not only today’s demands, but tomorrow’s emerging ones as well. We make sure we are always on the cutting edge without sacrificing the durability and ruggedness that makes our scales outlast the competition. We manufacture our scales in Long Island, New York, which allows us to ship our product to you, factory direct. We eliminate the middleman and pass the savings along to you. We also invest some of that savings in creating a scale for you that the competition can’t touch in terms of quality, even at twice the price.

In a lab environment, precision scales generally refer to scales that are extremely accurate, but have a capacity of 5 lbs. or less. While this may be sufficient at times, there may be occasion for a lab to need that same high accuracy, but at a greater capacity. We are pleased to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for capacity. Our Ultra Precision Scales give us scientific accuracy with capacities up to 500 lbs.

A New Technology

Precision scales have been limited by their basic component: the strain gauge load cell. In order to take an accurate weight measurement, the load cell has flexures that must be made out of a thin metal. This is typically aluminum. The thin metal is necessary because stress and strain are the two components the load cell needs to have to take an accurate measurement. Therefore, the risk of the load cell being damaged by shock loading (a load being dropped suddenly on to a scale platform) or over loading is dramatically increased. If the load cell is damaged, then the accuracy is compromised. Recalibration or repair can take time and cost money while your production slows down.

Because they are constructed using that thin piece of metal, strain gage load cells are not able to bend far enough to provide high resolutions without becoming damaged. Think of a Slinky. You can only bend and twist and use it so many times before it wears out and becomes kinked. The same is true of strain gage load cells.

Previously, the only other option was to use a Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) scale. They do not have load cell issues since they use electromagnets to take measurements. However, they are much more vulnerable to temperature changes and cost up to 10 times as much as the scales that use strain gauge load cells. Additionally, the force reduction scales can usually only handle up to 50 lbs. Also, they can be quite fragile, with similar shock loading issues.

We have developed a new technology to make laboratory precision scales with capacities up to 500 lbs. Our scales are extremely sensitive, thanks to Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology . Our SAW load cells, manufactured using stainless steel, measure displacement instead of stress. Since you need less displacement to achieve an accurate weight measurement, you can have load cells made out of a stronger more reliable metal like stainless steel. This means that the load cell can bend further and provide higher resolutions, even with higher capacity loads. Additionally, we place the cells in a protective area within the scale platform. Compared with standard strain gauge scales, our Ultra Precision line of scales render the capacity/resolution dichotomy obsolete.

Ultra Precise Accuracy

The development of our SAW load cells and our Ultra Precision Scales allows customers to not have to sacrifice the need for a high degree of accuracy for a higher capacity. Strain gauge load cells could cause accuracy to drift as the load capacity increases, but our scales maintain their resolution within the 1:100,000 to 1:200,000 ranges. The scales are designed to be compact and space efficient even with the 500 pound capacity model.

Formula Automation Control

We have also developed an optional set point controller that will help speed formulation in the lab. The user is able to enter up to eight weight values into the controller. Upon reaching the designated weight value, an electronic notification will trigger the on or off switch of the filling device.

Greater Scale and Analytical Control

Scientific breakthroughs require a significant amount of thoughtful analysis and detailed notes. Sometimes it’s good to be able to take the data out of the lab for review at another location. With our data extraction options, you will have a number of ways to get your data and control your scale via PC, laptop, or flash drive.

  • Onsite Operation Ð Through the use of a USB connector, you will be able to access the scale from your PC or laptop. Arlyn’s Windows Interface Software gives you command and control of the scale from your desktop. You will also be able to export weight data for analysis on MS Excel or MS Access.
  • Offsite Operation Ð This is an ideal option for users who wish to work from an offsite location. Via a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet network, you can remotely operate the scale and export data to your computer. Arlyn’s Remote Indicator software makes it simple and user friendly.
  • Fast Data Exporting Ð When you just need to get the data off the scale and head out the door, this method is perfect for you. Connect a USB flash drive and you can use the scale to quickly download the data. Once you do this, you can export the data into any application that can read a CSV data file.

Space Efficient Even at Higher Capacity

As mentioned above, we have designed our Ultra Precision Scales with the laboratory environment in mind. We have compact platform sizes starting at 8 by 10 and scale capacities ranging from 10 lbs. to 500 lbs. Now, we know that we can’t predict just what you need the scale for so do not hesitate to reach out to us if you think you’ll need a more custom solution. We believe that by collaborating together on a design we can more than meet your expectations.

Customer Service beyond Compare

We also believe that business should have a personal touch. We have an expert customer service staff ready to serve you. They will be informative without being impersonal. Let us help you succeed in your scientific endeavors. Use the form on our contact page to get in touch or give us a call today at (800) 645-4301.