High Resolution Scales: Best Prices Online

It often seems too good to be true when scale manufacturers offer their high-resolution scales at prices so low it seems almost questionable; however, believe it or not, inexpensive scales that are capable of producing highly accurate weight readings do exist.

Whatever your weighing applications are, if you are looking for a scale that can deliver super accurate measurements and not cost an unreasonable amount, then look no further than Arlyn Scales.

Located in Long Island, New York, Arlyn Scales designs and manufactures a wide assortment of top-of-the-line industrial scales. Our selection of industrial scales includes every type of scale from basic industrial platform and floor scales to explosion proof scales. We offer a line of Ultra Precision Scales, which have a level of accuracy comparable to the super accurate Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) scales, but are available for a much lower cost.

Follow along as we explore Arlyn Scale’s range of high quality, accurate, and low-cost industrial scales compared to similar scales made by the competition.

Ultra Precision Scales vs. Magnetic Force Restoration Scales

For consumers who are searching for high-resolution weighing devices, there are only two scale options to choose from. For example, one of the most popular scales for applications that require extremely accurate weigh readings is the MFR scale. This scale produces measurements that are more accurate than other conventional weighing devices, like Strain Gage, but MFR scales typically only have maximum capacities that extend up to 50 pounds.

Although maximum capacity is an issue in itself with MFR scales, another issue with these weighing devices is their cost. MFR scales can cost anywhere from $1,500 and $2,000, which is a pretty hefty price—especially when loads often cannot exceed 50 pounds.

Luckily, Arlyn Scales came up with a solution for both issues. Ultra Precision Scales produce the same level of accuracy as MFR scales, can be manufactured to accommodate loads weighing anything from 10 pounds to 1,000 pounds, and can be purchased at prices starting at just $1,099.

When consumers purchase Ultra Precision Scales, they receive the best absolute scales for high-resolution weighing applications at the best possible prices.

What Makes Arlyn Scales’ High-Resolution Scales Different

You can try to find a scale that is capable of delivering the same level of accuracy as Arlyn Scale’s Ultra Precision Scales—and we’re sure you can find scales that are less-expensive (but can they do what you need them to do?) However, we are confident that you will not be able to find a scale that can deliver the same kind of results Ultra Precision Scales do for a competitive price. This is because other scale manufacturers don’t make scales like we do.

The reason Arlyn Scales is able to sell our Ultra Precision Scales at such a low cost compared to other high-resolution scales is because Ultra Precision Scales are made differently than other scales.

Arlyn Scales incorporated our own Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology into our Ultra Precision Scales. This technology allows Ultra Precision Scales to measure heavier loads without being damaged and the scales can still produce weight readings that are as accurate as the measurements delivered by MFR scales.

Arlyn Scales Offers Customers Factory-Direct Pricing

Every scale manufactured by Arlyn Scales is offered at a low price and there is one main reason for this: Arlyn Scales offers customers factory-direct pricing.

The scales that are made by Arlyn Scales are built from high quality materials and some of them use unique scale technologies (Ultra Precision Scales), but Arlyn Scales can sell all of scales at affordable prices because we do not use middlemen or distributors to sell our scales. Unfortunately, middlemen and distributors hike up the prices of industrial scales, and that’s something we don’t want for our customers. We want our customers to receive high quality, long lasting, and accurate weighing devices for a fair price. That’s why we do everything for our scales when it comes to design, manufacturing, and shipping in one place.

Every Part of the Process is Done in 1 Location

Some scale manufacturers buy various sub-assemblies from suppliers all over the country or world to build their scales, while other companies have their industrial scales built overseas before bringing them into the U.S. to sell. Regrettably, this means consumers can’t always know what they’re getting. That’s exactly why Arlyn Scales makes it known to our customers that every stage of our scales being built starts and ends in one location.

Every one of Arlyn Scale’s facilities is located in the same place: Long Island, New York. From start to finish, our scales are designed, built, and shipped from this 1 location; therefore, Arlyn Scales can keep a close eye on how our scales are being put together before they are sent out to customers. Moreover, we don’t have to compensate for extra shipping costs like companies who have their scales built overseas do.

What You See is What You Get… And That’s a Good Thing

Visit Arlyn Scale’s website today to view our entire selection of high-resolution Ultra Precision Scales. Learn more about all of the various resolutions, maximum capacities, and customizations Arlyn Scales offers for our Ultra Precision Scales or check out our entire selection of standard and special-made industrial scales.

Arlyn Scales offers our customers an array of customization and add-on options for all of the scales we manufacture. Many of our scales are available in various platform sizes and capacities—so make sure you know what you need for your specific weighing applications. Go through all of the various customization and add-on options on our website and easily see how each option affects the overall price of the scale you are looking to buy.

Buy Your Low-Cost, High-Resolution Scale From Arlyn Scales Today  

Today is the day to buy an affordable, high-resolution industrial scale if you need one. Visit Arlyn Scales’ website to peruse all of our industrial scale options and order the one that best fits your weighing application today! If you have questions, comments, or concerns, give our team a call at 800-645-4301 or fill out our online contact form. We’d be happy to discuss any questions concerning customizations or pricing.