Compact Ultra Precision Scales

large-ultra-precision-scale-1As business and technology continues to change and evolve, scale manufacturing becomes more and more integrated into precision based firms. The stereotype of scales being used for heavy duty industry like waste management and livestock weighing is changing. More and more often, scales help count small piece parts for the semiconductor industry or work in scientific fields where chemical formulation must be determined at a granular level.

Arlyn Scales has been a leader in scale manufacturing and design for the past thirty years. We have developed our expertise by observing our clients needs for both today and tomorrow. Both advanced technological precision solutions and durability are featured in whatever scale we create. Plus, since our factory and business offices are side by side in Long Island, New York, we can ship factory direct. This allows us to save you money and roll some of that savings into a high quality scale other manufacturers can’t top, even at a higher price.

Typically, when deciding on what scale to buy, a customer is faced with an unpleasant choice. Either buy a scale with a high resolution, but a low capacity; or purchase a scale with high capacity and a low resolution. This is a choice no one should have to make and we are pleased to announce that our new compact Ultra Precision line of scales make sure you no longer have to compromise on either capacity or resolution.

Super Sensitivity and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Technology

Previously, the strain gauge load cell was the only real affordable load cell in scales. Strain gage load cells had to be constructed with flexures that include a thin piece of metal to ensure enough bending under load, and therefore enough accuracy. The load cells measure the stress placed on the load cell and convert that into an analog signal which is then converted into a digital output. However, due to the relative fragility of the load cell, shock loading (dropping a load onto the scale from a height) or overloading can damage the cell causing inaccurate readings. Once that happens, you have to take the scale out of service and have it repaired resulting in delays and expenses. Also, because the piece of metal is so thin, it can’t bend far enough to give the high resolution some businesses require without becoming damaged.

Until now, the only real alternative to the strain gauge load cell problem was to purchase a Force Restoration (MFR) scale. They are highly accurate and not prone to the same precision issues that strain gauge cell scale have. However, they are vulnerable to temperature instability, which can result in inaccuracy and generally only have a fifty pound capacity, maximum. Furthermore, they are quite prone to failure from shock loading Plus, the scales cost is as much as ten times higher than their strain gauge counterparts.

Arlyn Scales incorporates Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology into our Ultra Precision line of scales to solve the capacity/resolution conundrum. Unlike strain gauge load cells, the SAW load cells measure displacement. You only need a small amount of displacement for the SAW load cells to take an accurate measurement. Thus, they can be created out of a thicker metal like stainless steel, which means they are able to bend further and provide a far higher resolution. We machine our SAW load cells and affix them in protective pockets in the scale. They also do not have the same temperature instability issues that force reduction scales have. With the SAW load cells you can have a precise scale with large capacities, up to 500 pounds and high resolutions, up to .0001 pounds.

Resolution and Capacity

Before we introduced SAW technology, a scale’s accuracy was compromised by its capacity for weight. The higher the weight, the greater the chance of an inaccurate measurement. With the SAW load cell, our Ultra Precision Scales maintain resolution and accuracy in the 1:100,000 to 1:200,000 ranges. Additionally, our models are exceptionally compact and able to be utilized in confined areas.

Filling Operation Set Point Controllers

Our Ultra Precision Scale also has an optional set point controller for filling operations. The controller allows the user to enter up to eight weight values for the scale. Once a weight value has been achieved, an electronic notification can turn on or off a filling pump. This allows for greater automation in formula based industries such as paint mixing or petrochemical formulation.

PC Control and Analysis

One of the great benefits of inexpensive computer technology is that they are being integrated into scale operations as well as weight data extraction and analysis. The Ultra Precision Scale has several basic options:

  • Connected Control – By connecting your work PC to the scale via a USB connecting cable, you will be able to control your scale from across the room or further. Additionally, you can export weight data from the scale. Our Windows Interface Software will allow you to view the data on an application such as Microsoft Excel or Access.
  • Remote Control Ð For remote users who need to have access to the Ultra Precision Scale, we offer a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network solution. Our Remote Indicator Software will enable you to operate the scale from an offsite location. You will still be able to export and analyze weight data just as if you were connected via a USB interface.
  • Flash Drive Extraction Ð This option is invaluable when time is of the essence. Simply connect a USB flash drive to the scale and you can download the weight data quickly. This method, also known as datalogging, allows you to quickly connect the flash drive to a PC and extract the data. When using this option, make sure you use an application that can read the CSV formatted data.

Compact Design That Can Be Customized

Our Ultra Precision Scales come in compact platform sizes from 8 X 10 to 12 x 16. However, we understand if our prefabricated models do not quite meet your needs. We believe that we can sit down with you and offer you a more tailored solution to fit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to do that for you.

Dedicated Customer Service

We believe that the product isn’t what makes the company, it is the customers, which is why we take customer service seriously. We have a highly trained staff that can help you find the best scale for your business. Fill out the form on our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 645-4301 and let us answer your questions and guide you to the scale you need.