The Advanced Guide to Purchasing Ultra Precision Scales

The advanced guide to purchasing ultra precision scalesOnce upon a time, there were only 2 industrial scale options for consumers to choose from: Strain Gage and Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) scales. With these 2 options, consumers often had to choose between scales capable of delivering reasonable performance and moderate cost for a range of scale capacities or highly accurate readings at very high costs, generally limited to lower capacities.  There wasn’t a scale that could provide high accuracy, for a wide range of capacities, at reasonable cost…until now.

Arlyn Scales, a leader of design and manufacturing in the scale industry for over 30 years, created a new scale technology that can do both: Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology.

Arlyn’s series of Ultra Precision Scales encompass the new technology, which is unlike Strain Gage and Magnetic Force Restoration scale technologies in all the best ways. Ultra Precision Scales are available in a range of maximum capacity and readability combinations. For example, maximum capacities for Ultra Precision Scales range from 5 pounds to 1,000 pounds. The readabilities delivered by Ultra Precision Scales are within 0.00005 pounds, depending on the maximum capacity of the scale.

If you are looking for a scale that will deliver extremely accurate weight readings, then Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scale might be just the scale for you. Here is everything you need to know about Surface Acoustic Wave technology, Ultra Precision Scales, and how to choose which scale features and specifications are right for your particular weighing application.

An Overview of Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

Inside every Ultra Precision Scale manufactured by Arlyn Scales, there are 2 Surface Acoustic Wave transducers. The transducers are installed at a set distance apart underneath the scale’s weighing platform. When an object is placed on the platform, the distance between the transducers increases and the new distance is in correlation with the weight of the load on the platform.

The transducers in Ultra Precision Scales are the most vital component of the weighing process. 1 transducer acts as a transmitter, while the other transducer serves as a receiver. When a load is placed on the scale platform, the transmitting transducer sends a wave to the receiving transducer. The receiving transducer takes the wave, amplifies it, and sends it back to the first transducer—and the wave continues to go back and forth between the 2 transducers. SAW technology measures the time it takes for the initial wave to travel from the transmitting transducer to the receiving transducer and the measurements are recorded digitally.

It’s All in the Load Cells

Every electronic, digital industrial scale is only as good as its load cells. The load cells in our Ultra Precision Scales are made from a special alloy of heat-treated aluminum and are thick and strong. This is because scales with SAW technology measure displacement rather than strain, meaning the amount of bending required for SAW scales is much less than the amount needed for standard Strain Gage scales. The thicker, load cells in Ultra Precision Scales can endure heavier loads than the thin metals used in strain gage load cell design. Ultra Precision Scales are less susceptible to overloading and shock loading.

The Accuracy of Ultra Precision Scales

A 50 lb capacity industrial scale that delivers accurate weight readings within .01 pounds of an object’s true weight is considered an accurate scale. The average Strain Gage scale offers consumers a readability of .01 pounds, but for a number of weighing applications, consumers require a scale than can deliver weight readings that are more accurate than .01 pounds.

Before Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scales, the go-to scales for extreme accuracy were Magnetic Force Restoration scales. The problem with MFR scales, however, is they are only made with maximum capacities of up to about 25 pounds. Ultra Precision Scales offer consumers weight readings that are within .0005pounds of objects’ true weights and can be made with maximum capacities up to 1,000 pounds. Ultra Precision Scales are the best scale option for weighing applications that require extreme accuracy.

Ultra Precision Scales Offered by Arlyn Scales

If you are interested in purchasing an Ultra Precision Scale from Arlyn Scales, then look no further. You now know what Ultra Precision Scales can do and how they do it, but did you know that there are multiple variations of Ultra Precision Scales available? Here are all of the Ultra Precision Scales offered by Arlyn Scales:


  • Capacity x Readability: 10 pounds x .0001 pounds
  • Pan Size: 8-inches x 10-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 25 pounds x .0002 pounds
  • Pan Size: 12-inches x 16-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 50 pounds x .0005 pounds
  • Pan Size: 12-inches x 16-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 100 pounds x .001 pounds
  • Pan Size: 12-inches x 16-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 200 pounds x .002 pounds
  • Pan Size: 12-inches x 16-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 200 pounds x .002 pounds
  • Pan Size: 20-inches x 23-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 300 pounds x .002 pounds
  • Pan Size: 20-inches x 23-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 500 pounds x .005 pounds
  • Pan Size: 20-inches x 23-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 500 pounds x .005 pounds
  • Pan Size:5-inches x 31.5-inches


  • Capacity x Readability: 1,000 pounds x .01 pounds
  • Pan Size:5-inches x 31.5-inches

Customize Your Ultra Precision Scale With Arlyn Scales Today

As you can see there are a variety of Ultra Precision Scales that can be purchased from Arlyn Scales. You can learn more about Ultra Precision Scales, Surface Acoustic Wave technology, and all of the scales Arlyn Scales manufactures by visiting our website. Be sure to check out the selection of add-on options and upgrades Arlyn offers for our Ultra Precision Scales.

If you have questions and would like to talk to a member of Arlyn Scales’ knowledgeable and friendly staff, then do not hesitate to reach out to us today. Customers can reach Arlyn Scales’ team by calling 800-645-4301 or by filling out our online contact form. We are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you might have.