Most Accurate Precision Scales

ultra-precision-scale-1When considering weighing scale needs, people look to different features and capabilities to decide which scale would be most suiting. Whether you are looking to measure jewelry, gold, silver, chemical formulations, metals or medications, you are concerned about precision. If the precision scale is used to measure medications you want to be extra careful, as the wrong measurements of medication can lead to severe medical complication, and even death. It is imperative that you choose the most efficient precision scale for use.

You are looking for superior accuracy and cutting edge technology. You’re looking for an Ultra Precision Scale with super sensitivity by Arlyn Scales. Arlyn Scales offers an Ultra Precision Scale with Surface Acoustic Wave Technology, a new technology invented by Arlyn Scales, excellent for high accuracy formulation, batching and mixing.

Precision weighing scales by Aryln Scales eliminate the common errors that can be found when using mechanical scales or even less capable digital scales. These scales weight measurement is altered by local gravity. This is an issue that can be avoided when using the Ultra Precision Scales and the included calibration capability. Not only are precision scales exceptionally accurate, they also are also known to be user friendly. These scales use metal load cells but measure displacement (with the amount of displacement required being very small) as opposed to stress or strain. This way, the stress of load cells will be only a small fraction of that in a standard strain gage load cell resulting in a remarkable reduction in the error terms normally seen.

There is no set up or dealer service required and Ultra Precision Scales by Arlyn Scales come equipped with automatic calibration. These scales are standard with an accuracy of 0.005% and a display resolution up to 1 part in 400,000 and an internal resolution up to 1 part in 2 million. The high resolution scales offer a sensitivity of up to 20 times that of regular scales and they are fully functioned with an easy viewing large LCD dual display.

Standard models have a zero button, a parts counting and check weighing function for your convenience and offer different weighing units including g, lb, oz, kg, etc. This is in addition to other available options including RS-232, Ethernet, set-point controller for automatic filling and a rechargeable battery pack. If durability is high on your priority list youÕre in luck as this scale is built to last. It is manufactured with a machined aluminum frame, backed by a 3 year warranty and has stainless steel weighing and click type switches to further accommodate productive operation.

If these features seem appealing to you but you’d like a few more features to fully serve your need, be aware that we customize.

Arlyn Scales designs and fabricates all sub-assemblies used to makes scales with an expertise adaptable to be applied to any weighing situation.

Look for Aryln Scales to fulfill the specific weighing requirement to better your business. If you aren’t seeing exactly what you’re looking for, contact Arlyn Scales so that you may be matched with the appropriate product.