Manufacturer of Industrial Platform Scales in the US

Manufacturer of Industrial Platform Scales in the USThe ways in which industrial platform scales are used are vast; therefore, it is only logical that platform scales cannot be one size fits all. Arlyn Scales, a spearhead in the design, technology, and manufacturing of electronic weighing devices for over 30 years, understands that every weighing application and environment differs from the next. That’s why Arlyn Scales gives customers the opportunity to customize the scales they purchase—so every scale can be the best it can possibly be for each customer’s specific application.

Made in the United States of America

In a time when half of the products distributed in the United States are made in foreign countries, Arlyn Scales is happy to say that all of the industrial scales made and sold by our company are manufactured start to finish in one place: Long Island, New York.

Arlyn Scales designs all of the industrial scales we supply from the inside out. Some of our scales even feature our own patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. Scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales feature stainless steel load cells, which made in-house, and are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel construction.

Arlyn Scales’ Standard 3200 Platform Scales

Standard platform scales offered by Arlyn Scales are available in a range of platform sizes, constructions, and maximum capacity/internal resolution combinations; however, every standard 3200 Platform Scale provided by Arlyn Scales features a platform that sits 1 and 7/8 inch off the ground.

The platform dimensions available with standard 3200 Platform Scales include:

  • 20-inches by 27-inches
  • 22-inches by 44-inches
  • 27-inches by 60-inches
  • 30-inches by 30-inches
  • 36-inches by 36-inches
  • 48-inches by 48-inches

Customers are prompted to choose platform size in addition to maximum capacity and resolution. 3200 Platform Scales are available with maximum capacities of 500 pounds with an internal resolution (IR) of .1 pound, or 1,000 pounds with an IR of .2 pounds.

3200 Platform Scales can be constructed from aluminum or stainless steel. Arlyn Scales recommends stainless steel construction for customers who plan on using the scale in potentially corrosive environments. Stainless steel is also more durable than aluminum and can better resist damage from heavy loads or impacts from equipment.

There are numerous add-on options offered with 3200 Platform Scales. For example, customers can upgrade the digital indicator from the traditional MKE-5 to the high-tech UPSCALE-9, which is a touchscreen and can be operated through Bluetooth connection with Android devices. Arlyn Scales offers a multitude of connectivity options as well, such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS-232, and USB. With connectivity options, scale operators can keep track of weight readings the scale records and use the information to analyze accuracy and weighing trends.

Platform Scales for Hazardous Locations 

Although 3200 Platform Scales are accurate and durable, some locations need scales that are intrinsically safe too. This means scales cannot produce the slightest spark because if it makes contact with a flammable or explosive fume or substance are fire or explosion could be caused. Obviously, a scale that is not made to function in hazardous locations puts the lives and well being of people close by at risk.

Arlyn Scales manufactures ArlynGuard P scales, which are intrinsically safe platform scales. These scales are available for order in the same platform dimensions and maximum capacity/internal resolution combinations as standard 3200 scales. Also the same add-ons can be purchased to make the operations of scales quicker and simpler.

The difference? ArlynGuard P scales operate at an extremely low voltage.

The advantage? Besides consuming low power, ArlynGuard P scales operate similarly to standard 3200 scales and offer the same accurate results. They are run from the power of a single rechargeable C cell battery, which means they do not have to be plugged into an outlet. With connectivity options provided by Arlyn Scales, ArlynGuard P scales can be connected to a computer via USB or Wi-Fi so there are zero cords involved.

Design Your Industrial Platform Scale with Arlyn Scales Today

Whatever your weighing application is, you can find the perfect platform scale for your needs with Arlyn Scales. Make your scale everything it needs to be to make the weighing process simple, fast, and accurate. Visit Arlyn Scales’ website today to view all of the customizable options offered with platform scales in more detail.

In addition to the add-on of convenient features, such as Time/Date and connectivity, Arlyn Scales provides a number of systems and devices that can connect to our scales to improve weighing processes. For example, Arlyn Scales offers customers the option of adding Set Point Controllers to scales. The Set Point Controller makes it easy to fill or dispense liquids and substances by keeping track of how much material is in containers placed on scale platforms.

Arlyn Scales also makes custom scale applications, so if you can’t find the scale you need, then do not hesitate to contact Arlyn Scales today to discuss what kind of scale we can make for you.

High Quality Materials + Advanced Technology = Unbeatable Results

Customers who purchase industrial platform scales from Arlyn Scales can be confident they are buying the best quality scales made and sold in the United States of America. Arlyn Scales uses the best materials to create all of the scales our company manufactures and supplies. Moreover, Arlyn Scales uses advanced weighing technology to ensure accurate and precise weight readings are produced every time an object is weighed.

Platform scales sold by Arlyn Scales are delivered to customers pre-calibrated, so there is no need for set up before use. Furthermore, Arlyn Scales’ platform scales are capable of re-calibrating themselves, which eliminates the need for middlemen to repair un-calibrated scales in the future.

Arlyn Scales creates high quality scales that deliver unbeatable results, but the best part about scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales is that they are sold at factory-direct pricing. Every Arlyn Scales’ scale is designed, manufactured, and shipped from the same place, which means customers don’t have to pay the extra costs associated with purchasing scales from middlemen or distributors.

Contact Arlyn Scales with Questions or Comments 

If you want to know more about the platform scales designed and manufactured by Arlyn Scales, visit our website today. To talk to an Arlyn Scales staff member, call us at 800-645-4301 or fill out our online contact form.