Electronic Platform Scale

platform-scale-2TElectronic scales are omnipresent in industry and education. The ease of use and precision provided by such scales, along with the intuitive nature of their operation, ensures that they can be safely and reliably used by almost anyone and for a wide variety of measurements. They are ideal for situations where accuracy is of the utmost importance. The most common form of electronic scale is the platform scale, which has a platform (often able to be washed down) upon which items may be placed in order to determine their weight. Other forms of scales are available, but the utility and versatility of the platform scale makes it ideal for most applications. In the event that the weight of a fluid or powder needs to be measured, the tare function of most scales can be used to “zero out” the weight of the container. The high precision of electronic platform scales ensures that they can account for the additional weight, provided that the combined weight does not exceed the capacity of the scale. Overloading a platform scale is dangerous, not only in that it decreases accuracy, but in that it increases the likelihood that the scale will suffer irreparable damage.  For this reason most Arlyn Scales have overload protection that is 150% of scale capacity and some are at %400!

When purchasing a platform scale, it is important to choose one which best suits your needs. If you will be dealing with liquids, powders or corrosives, it is a good idea to get a water resistant scale or one with an a corrosion resistant platform like our 320-CR. Some large industrial platform scales, especially those intended for use in shipping facilities, have large platforms and can be cleaned with a hose without the removing the platform. These are particularly useful when measuring bulk quantities. Custom platforms can also be selected to facilitate the use of specific kinds of vessels and weigh boats, thus making much easier the most common type of weight determinations. It is a good idea to select a scale which is capable of weighing significantly more and significantly less than you are likely measuring, so as to give the scale lots of “wiggle room” and to decrease wear and tear.

Many people choose to purchase a used platform scale, since this offers many advantages in terms of price when compared to new scales. Refurbished scales are often as good as new, and there is generally no need to inspect them for damage. Scales which have not been refurbished, however, should be purchased with the utmost caution and careful inspection. Many platform scales, which have not been properly cared for, will no longer have the ability to retain accurate measurements. This can be due to corrosion, damaged load cells, or problems with the onboard software. Therefore it is a good idea to reserve used scales for jobs where accuracy is not vital, and to have them inspected and calibrated by a licensed calibrating company before use.

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