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Platform Scales With Industrial Capabilities

Platforms scales are used in a number of industries, ranging from airline travel, commercial laundry, recycling, hazardous waste management, and a number of different manufacturing processes. The low profile of these scales is designed to help increase efficiency and minimize the risk of equipment damage, or injury to workers. Arlyn Scales are specially manufactured for more accurate degrees of weight measurements, but also greater durability. This makes it possible to have a reliable scale even in harsh conditions such as the heat or cold of an airport tarmac or an industrial environment where hazardous chemicals may be encountered.

Arlyn’s Industrial Platform Scale: Weighing Platform Solutions

Platform scales and other floor scales by Arlyn are ideal for almost every industry and type of industrial weighing need. These robust platform scales merge stainless steel load cells with top-of-the-line industry technology and a large platform size for rugged performance, accuracy, and durability. Thanks to the factory direct prices from Arlyn Scales, these platform scales are far more affordable than the industry standard.

This highly durable platform scale features four load cells made of stainless steel embedded in a welded frame in order to withstand abuse and shock in potentially explosive areas, along with a molded display enclosure with rubber gaskets for water resistance. Unlike other platform scales, these features make our platforms scales well-suited to rainy or wet industrial environments of any kind, and gives them a robust maximum weight.

These platform scales are also incredibly easy to use and provide accurate measurements, which is important for fast-paced industries. With features such as high resolution graphics, a swivel mounted digital display, and push button functionality suitable for a wide variety of operational needs, our platform scale features zeroing, 450 memory locations, net/gross calculation, easy cleaning weighing surface, and a selection of conversion units that can be adjusted to fit any industry process.

High Accuracy Robust Platform Scale

These platform scales are extremely accurate with resolution up to 1 part in 500,000. The weighing platform of this floor scale has a superb weight resolution as high as 0.1lb.

Floor Scales with Extreme Versatility

Whether your business is in the food industry, an industrial factory, the shipping industry, or anything else, Arlyn has the weighing surface or platform scale for you. Our platform scales come in a variety of platform sizes to fit any business need.

Platform Scales from Arlyn Scales

Get in touch with Arlyn Scales for any modification requirements, or any questions you have about customization requirements. Thanks to our unified production and HQ setup in Long Island, New York, we are able to serve a diverse range of industries from farms to factories. We can help no matter how specific your needs may be.

Platform Scale FAQ

What is a platform scale?

A platform scale is a type of weighing equipment that features a large, flat platform designed for weighing heavy objects and materials. These scales can handle various weights and sizes, making them versatile and suitable for a range of applications, including inventory management, shipping, and handling of hazardous materials. The platform is typically low-profile, minimizing the risk of equipment damage or worker injury and is often equipped with advanced features to ensure accurate weighing and ease of use.

What is an industrial weighing scale?

An industrial weighing scale is specifically designed for use in various industrial environments, offering durability, precision, and the capability to handle heavy loads. Equipped with advanced features, these scales ensure accurate weighing even in harsh conditions such as exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and heavy usage. Industrial scales play a crucial role in processes like inventory management, quality control, and safety, especially when handling hazardous materials.

What are the different types of platform scales?

There are various types of platform scales tailored to meet different industrial needs. Pallet scales are designed for weighing palletized goods and are essential in warehouses and shipping industries. Commercial scales are suited for businesses, offering features that streamline the weighing process and enhance efficiency. Additionally, there are specialized platform scales equipped with unique features to handle specific tasks, such as weighing hazardous materials safely and accurately.

How can I ensure accurate weighing with my floor scale?

Ensuring accurate weighing with your floor scale involves regular calibration, maintenance, and operation according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Use the scale on a stable and flat surface to prevent inaccuracies. It’s also essential to consider the scale’s advanced features, such as automatic zero tracking and error notification, which contribute to precision. Lastly, always handle hazardous materials with care, using scales designed to withstand such materials to ensure both safety and accuracy.

How to connect your scale to a computer?

Connecting your scale to a computer enhances data management and inventory management processes. Ensure your scale has advanced features that support connectivity, like USB or Bluetooth capabilities. Install any necessary software provided by the manufacturer on your computer. Follow the user manual to correctly link the scale to the computer, ensuring that data transfer is seamless and accurate. This connectivity facilitates real-time data access, analysis, and management, streamlining the weighing process and enhancing efficiency.

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