Platform Scales Used by Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies of all kinds need durable platform scales that deliver accurate weight measurements with consistency.

Manufacturing companies use scales to:

  • Weigh parts
  • Measure amounts of ingredients in chemical processes
  • Weigh whole manufactured goods
  • Gather data to learn about their own processes and continuously improve
  • Ensure the correct flow of liquid, semi liquid, and powder manufacturing materials


What Are Platform Scales And How Are They Typically Used?

Platform scales are large scales designed to weigh big objects. Typically, they are set on the floor of a factory, tarmac, production plant, or any facility that needs them.

These scales are often used to measure the weight of objects that are hard to lift. Their low weighing platform makes them perfect for minimizing the risk of damage to the materials being weighed, or injury to employees. The hazards of lifting heavy objects high distances can include strained and sprained backs, or injuries from dropped materials. Whether you lift large objects by hand or forklifts, pallet jacks, or small tractors, these low to the ground scales make your whole operation a little bit safer.


Use cases for platform scales beyond manufacturers:

  • Rubber and plastic manufacturers
  • Shipping and packing facilities
  • Airport tarmacs for passenger luggage or cargo flights
  • Importing and exporting plants
  • Warehouses of all kinds
  • Commercial laundry facilities
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Construction plants and sites

…and more.


Top Quality Platform Scales Designed And Manufactured By Arlyn Scales

Platform scales need to function in a wide range of circumstances with temperature conditions ranging from high heat to freezing winds. That’s why Arlyn manufactures stainless steel platforms scales that serve almost every type of industry need. Let’s explore the incredible engineering that makes these scales some of the most reliable in the game.


Details About Arlyn’s Platform Scale Design

Arlyn’s stainless steel platform scales are made with industry leading load cells and stainless steel platforms. This lets them be more resistant to impact damage from realistic facility hazards like dropped weighing loads or some similar accident. Less durable scales might be rendered inaccurate from being dented or dinged, but the materials and technology combined with a welded frame make these scales able to absorb shocks. Not only that, the scales are sealed from water by a rubber gasket, making them ideal for the damp, humid or rainy environments in which such tools often need to operate.


Efficient Platform Scales Perfect For Fast-Paced Industries

Manufacturing happens at a brisk and consistent pace. There are quotas to meet and quality standards to ensure. These platform scales deliver speedy readouts to let your team keep moving. What’s really important is that these scales be adaptable, because rarely are two facilities exactly the same.

These scales are perfect for the pace of manufacturing because they are:

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Designed to display readouts in super visible high-resolution graphics
  • The display is mounted on a swiveling arm to accommodate any setup
  • Functionalities and options that can be accessed with the push of a button
  • 450 memory locations
  • Calculation options like net/gross and other conversion units
  • …and other functions and features that let your team work at an aggressive pace.


Easy Data Transfer Options For Manufacturing Platform Scales

Many manufacturers need to record data on their weight measurements. This helps them perform a number of important functions like tracking their raw materials used over time, knowing their own output and productivity, and other key information.

Whether you need a fully new weighing system or a retrofit for an existing framework, we offer you data transfer upgrades including:

WinWedge: Software for collecting data- USB, RS232, so on

Time & Date: Crucial for tracking manufacturing productivity by date

USB: Ideal for just about any computer framework you have

Relay (AC/DC): Solid state relays for industrial control

Set Point: A key part of filling operations (manufacturers often use glues, filling fluids, concrete, or other materials.

Rechargeable batteries

NEMA: A stainless steel enclosure display

Memory Stick: Data logging USB memory stick for data transfer and long-term storage for any manufacturing facility

Flow Rate: Manufacturers often use this for working with liquid materials

Label Printer: A key element for organizing many manufacturing plants

WiFi: Wireless connectivity for facilities of all kinds

Ethernet: Connectivity via Ethernet

Analog: Output analog options

UPSCALE-9 Indicator: Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator


Learn More About Platform Scales For Your Manufacturing Facility

Arlyn Scales is a leading manufacturer of industrial scales for facilities of all kinds. We designed cutting edge load cells and scale technology to creates scales that are more accurate, more reliable, and longer lasting. We’ve outfitted an incredible number of manufacturing facilities with scales that have improved their functions and operations. We can offer guidance on prices, options, and necessary upgrades. Contact us online, where you can browse through the platform scales we offer, not to mention the sizes, capacities and upgrades we offer.