One of the critical pieces of equipment used in a distillery is a scale. High precision floor scales are needed to weigh out the ingredients before and during the manufacturing process. The partially processed high proof alcohol must also be accurately weighed as this measurement is vital in determining the correct amount of water to add to achieve the desired proof finished product. Keeping appropriate weight records is useful for TTB reporting.

Can a Distillery be a hazardous environment? There are two conditions that can become the cause of a hazardous environment. The first is a situation that occurs most commonly in a beverage based on grain. High concentrations of grain dust in the air can be quite explosive. In fact, there are many cases of explosions in silos, flour mills and even distilleries. The other is the fairly obvious situation that there is quite a bit of alcohol around. Alcohol is volatile and flammable. Furthermore, distilleries use quite a bit of heat in the distillation process.

So the answer to the question is that a distillery certainly can be a hazardous environment. That means that appropriate steps must be taken to insure the safety and wellbeing of personnel and facilities. One of those steps includes the requirement to limit the equipment used in the hazardous area to items that have been proven to be safe to use there. The ArlynGuard Floor Scales are the perfect answer for distilleries.

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