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The rubber, plastic, polymer, and artificial fiber manufacturing processes involve precise and accurate formulations. Natural rubber is heated with sulfur, peroxide, or bisphenol in the proper amounts to improve resistance and elasticity and to prevent it from disintegrating. Plastic is derived from oil constituent parts in the form of ethane and propane, which are then heated to become ethylene and propylene. These heat-treated ingredients are combined with other chemicals to form long chains of molecules known as polymers. These polymers mixed with various amounts of additives form the plastic products that have become the basis of modern conveniences. These formulas require scales that perform consistently throughout the process. The polymers and artificial fiber industries all face uncertain demand, closely tied to overall economic output, and rising raw material costs. Therefore now, more than ever, it’s crucial for manufacturers to control costs without compromising on quality or official compliance.

Weighing scales and systems from Arlyn Scales can help ensure that only the precise amount of resources are used and that finished products are carefully weighed and tracked for billing accuracy. Today’s marketplace is filled with all levels of quality scales at many price points. The quality of a scale is dependent on the design, the materials used for fabrication and the way in which those materials are put together. The price is not always an indication of the quality. Most manufacturers these days are looking to cut corners and do so in ways that are not going to be apparent to the consumer. Material substitutions are made that will eventually succumb to the rigors of industrial weighing applications.

Arlyn Scales strives to maintain a high level of quality and to deliver scales that keep raising the bar for accuracy and precision weighing data while maintaining competitive costs for handling polymers, rubber, plastic, and artificial fibers.


Platform Scales

For industrial applications that require portability, aluminum platforms are the correct option. The platforms are formed from diamond tread material to minimize slippage and rust formation. Whether produced in stainless steel or welded aluminum, our Series 3200 platform scale delivers accuracy, precision, and durability. The SAW series, produced and patented by Arlyn Scales, is constructed with a die-cast aluminum or welded stainless frame and stainless steel weighing pan.  It is rated for 200 percent overload. The operational temperature of this series is rated from fourteen degrees to one hundred and four degrees. Built to withstand the elements, these industrial scales are built with durability and reliability in mind. The rugged application capacity of this scale along with the extreme accuracy component make this a great option for the rubber and plastic manufacturing industries.


Floor Scales

The low profile of floor scales are designed to make it easy for employees to weigh a number of polymer and artificial fiber materials quickly and efficiently with minimum risk of injury to the employee or damage to the goods. With this in mind, a ramp can be added for additional safety and convenience. And as with many of our products, we offer an extensive list of available upgrades including but not limited to USB interfaces, digital time and date outputs, thermal printers, rechargeable battery packs, and more.

One such upgrade is a large graphics LCD digital display. With it, your employees will be able to track and record all the relevant data with ease. Optional color touchscreen indicators bring the latest user Interface for even more intuitive use. Choose from a selection of ten different size and capacities, and feel free to get in touch with us if you are unsure which size is optimal for the task you need the floor scale to perform.


Cylinder Scales

Cylinder scales can adapt to a wide range of environments that necessitate a number of connectivity options including 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V or with a full-featured indicator that can be customized with a selection of computer output formats, including RS-232, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. These scales also feature a very low profile of 1 ⅜”, which is very important when you are trying to prevent injury to your employees or damage to your equipment that can come from on and offloading heavy cylinders storing the raw ingredients for plastics, rubber, and other fiber manufacturing.


The Arlyn Scales Difference

Plastics, rubbers, polymers and artificial fibers are important materials in products that we use every day. Arlyn Scales provides a quality control process and even custom capabilities, able to minimize downtime in production and give quality control. Allow Arlyn Scales to be your provider for industrial scales when handling these materials.

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