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Weighing Scales for Industrial and Commercial Machinery Manufacturers

Weighing scales are used in many industrial and commercial applications, from large crate weighing scales such as floor scales to small weighing appliances like counting scales. Due to their versatility, digital weighing scales are a useful addition within any industry, warehouse or office. There are many varieties of digital weighing scale for industrial use including floor scales, counting scales and pocket scales which suit a variety of weighing needs.

Many digital weighing scales and balances come complete with a range of features including those that are particularly useful for industrial and commercial weighing applications, as they work to standardize the weight of a specified product or object. For example, checkweighing, percentage weighing, and dynamic animal weighing applications to name a few.

At Arlyn Scales, we pride ourselves with being able to supply a range of industrial weighing scales to suit all your industrial and commercial needs. Contact us for further assistance, but read on to see how our scales can fit your operation.

Checkweighing With Floor and Counting Scales

What is checkweighing?

It is necessary for machinery manufacturers to implement some sort of checkweighing procedure in their processes. Checkweighing can calculate a price per unit without extended manual labor as well as catch anomalies within a product’s weight and notify the operators.

It is especially helpful during the packaging process, as it allows an operator to determine whether a consistent and correct amount of product is being inserted into the container, providing uniformity to each package. Workers can then use the feedback provided by the results to make adjustments.

How does checkweighing help businesses?

Checkweighing also saves money by minimizing or eliminating unwanted overfills or underfills which also helps ensure quality control. QC provides customers with a consistent experience of your machines and is a great way to keep a hard-earned reputation untainted.

Machinery facilities can use checkweighing to compare a machine’s weight against limits they have set, to determine if the weight falls within an acceptable range. If the weight is higher or lower than anticipated, they know something is amiss and can make the proper adjustments or corrections to achieve an acceptable weight. Manufacturers that integrate successful checkweighing in their production lines can avoid costly fines or machine recalls as a result of inadequate or insufficient industrial checkweighing scales.

Which industries use checkweighing scales in their machinery manufacturing?

Checkweighing scales are used in any environment that requires weighing results that are both accurate and consistent. Therefore they are commonly used for any operation that ultimately results in a finished product that will be sold commercially to customers. In these ways, our scales help manufacturers meet required specifications manages resources and maintain operational safety.

Automotive/ Aerospace

Vehicle or machine manufacturers often use checkweighing scales that have been pre-programmed for check weight and check counting of machinery parts before assembly. Through floor scale checkweighing, automotive and aerospace engineers can detect whether a component or finished product has a defect or is missing components before distribution. Checkweighing scales can also be used for check counting tools, screws and other small parts that are easy to miss with bench counting scales.


Construction materials such as concrete, brick, and tiles are often check weighed and counted before assembly to ensure the products are free from flaws and comply with safety standards. The raw materials used in concrete are typically weighed against a formula. When weighing batches of concrete, a checkweighing scale could be used to pre-prepare the dry mixture into the correct quantities before adding water.

Distribution warehouses

In distribution warehouses, checkweighing scales are vitally important for ensuring that each product guarantees the weight specified on the packaging before it is sold commercially. The checkweighing process is usually assigned to the production line part of the distribution and manufacturing process in order to ensure each product passing through is of identical weight. Distribution depends on accurate weight calculation for heavy machinery.

Weighing Scales for Stocktaking

For any business, the end-of-year stocktake can turn into one of the busiest times for manufacturers, requiring laborious counting tasks and sometimes lengthy overtime shifts to ensure all is in place for the start of the new financial year. In our experience, regular audits are recommended, and companies with large numbers of items should consider stocktaking on a regular basis. End-of-year stock tally also provides information for financial and tax reports.

Knowing Your Inventory

Owning a machinery manufacturing facility, it’s likely that your company stocks a variety of products and supplies equipment used in day-to-day operations. Counting and platform scales offer a solution to help businesses balance the books, drastically reducing the time it takes to perform a stock count while eliminating human counting errors. Counting scales are used in a wide variety of industries for parts counting, packaging, and stocktaking. Arlyn’s sturdy platform scales are used for safely weighing pallets, drums, and containers of all shapes and sizes.

Importance of Stocktaking in an Organization

Stocktaking provides a way to gauge the assets of your business. Inventory control helps minimize waste and helps you optimize your purchasing, storage, production, usage, and distribution of products.

The information you collect during stocktaking can be used to make sure your business has the right amount of product available. Surplus stock means you’re not making money on the stock while taking up valuable warehouse space. On the other hand, not having enough supplies means having to rush order parts to meet client demands. Not only will you have to absorb the added cost, but you might also lose a sale if that customer can find the product readily available elsewhere.

It’s also important to note that measurements can be easily sent and stored wirelessly to excel sheets and other data input models as they are being made. Our industrial weighing scales have the ability to let you see updates remotely and make it easy for the operator to record values, eliminating human error.

Meeting the Weighing Scale Needs of Machinery Manufacturers

With speedy setup and easy operation, Arlyn Scale’s robust industrial scales meet the challenge of rigorous applications in a diverse array of settings. Our industrial scales are designed to be rugged enough for use in harsh field environments, demanding factory locations, and warehouses. Also, Arlyn Scale’s require minimal training to operate, saving time and money on a variety of weighing and counting tasks in the maintenance, repair, and operations sector. Professionals worldwide contact Arlyn Scales for industrial weighing solutions that deliver speed, performance, and value.

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