Drums Scales for Freight Forwarding Services

Drums Scales for Freight Forwarding ServicesAll of the variables that change frequently in the import/export business and freighting, including weather, delays, tariff and freight price changes, and specifically, the complicated Verified Gross Mass rules, can really wreak havoc on your business and cause costs to shoot up. You find yourself desperate to counterbalance all of these ups and downs with as many stable and accurate variables as you can.

Aside from all of the variables that can vary greatly and cause major increases in cost and loss of time, one of the biggest problems faced in the industry is inaccurate weight measurements.

If the weight listed doesn’t match that on the bill of lading or other paperwork submitted, you may present the consignee with a major logistical problem. They may need different equipment to lift the container, or might not be permitted to transport it because it’s actually over the legal safety weight limit.

Lately, laws have asked for more precise weights, so estimates are a no-no. Simply calculating the capacity of your client’s drums and multiplying that by the number may not be enough. And while, especially with the new VGM rules, the receiving port may offer to weigh it themselves, you have to take their word on the measurement leaving you with no way to ensure (or recourse to dispute) the accuracy. Worst-case scenario: they penalize you, or they simply reject your shipment.

When it comes to your industrial clients, especially in transporting chemicals and other items in drums, this can be devastating.

Precise, Durable Scales For Your Drum Scale Needs in the Freight Industry

Arlyn Scales uses our patented Surface Acoustic Wave technology that is 10 to 20 times more accurate than most gauge scales. But sensitive technology does not mean it’s not rugged enough for industrial use. The digital reading of this technology also compensate for variations in temperature, movement/shaking and air currents with sophisticated algorithms. Learn more about our patented SAW technology here.

Tough and durable, Arlyn Scales’ stainless steel platform guarantees durability so there are fewer chances that the platform bends and possibly degrades the accuracy of the readings over time.

Many of our scales are low profile, with ramps to ease the on-loading/off-loading process for employees. These industrial-strength drum scales are only 1.875 inches off of the ground. As simple as this is, it plays a major part of greasing the gears of the whole weighing process on-the-ground, especially for your clients that have many drums and pieces.

We manufacture the scales in-house in Long Island, U.S.A., and you can choose to outfit your scale with stainless steel construction instead of aluminum for even more durability. Furthermore, the scales can be plated with epoxy to make it resistant to water damage and chemical corrosion.

Customization is as easy as a call away. Contact us now. Tell us about your business and we can offer you advice on the type of scale you may need.

Keeping Track of Your Data

Importantly for weighing items on drums and pallets, consider upgrading to our UpScale Indicator Display console. It’s more like a minicomputer. It has 8 gigabytes of storage so you can save many tare values to easily measure gross and net weights (weights with and without taking into account the drum or whatever container it is in).

You can take the weight of pallets or drums you always use, save it, and take that into consideration as you are registering weights.

With upgrades, getting the data you need in an Excel format is a cinch. You can put it on a USB stick, email it to yourself automatically or make your console WiFi capable.

Our high-tech UpScale Indicator Display console has an interface similar to a tablet, so you can navigate around easily. Unlike the interfaces of many other consoles, our menu items are quickly found in the little “hamburger” three-line menu at the top left.

A little spot lights up on the screen to let you know when the cargo has settled on the platform and has achieved an accurate reading. All of these systems will help in smoothing your processes and tracking your information. Soon you’ll be able to do more sophisticated forecasting and planning based on the information you gather.

Always Improving Your Business

Isn’t it a relief to be able establish your company as a reliable and trustworthy freight forwarder? Your bill of ladings and paperwork are in order, you do what you say you’re going to do, your weights and measurements never cause any problems because they are accurate, and in the end this will mean less inspections, less hassles, less delays in this unpredictable business. For you this spells reliable quotes, good working rapport and a great reputation in your industry and with your clients.

Investing in a scale is one opportunity to ensure your business goes smoothly and grows.

Note that among the high-tech stainless steel scales, Arlyn Scales are very competitively priced.

We’ve cut out the middleman. Our factory-direct pricing and personalized sales and support make us an ideal supplier for your scale needs.

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