Air Freight Scales

cylinder-scale-2Air freight scales are a type of scale available in different designs, as well as capacities, in order to suit the particular weighing needs they are intended for. When it comes to air freight scales, it is possible to easily create custom designs, meaning that different combinations of features and characteristics can be made in order to create air freight scales capable of meeting different needs and demands. For example:

Air freight conveyor scales possess conveyor rollers that allow air freight to pass over the scale with ease. Air freight conveyor scales can be produced with adjustable height tables, which allows for them to be combined with other air freight machinery with ease. As with most types of electronic scales, stainless steel load sensors are a premium feature that will add a significant amount of rugged capability to the air freight scale.

Customized roller top conveyor scales can be used for different material handling applications with many of their features being customized to ensure that the application and the scale work well with one another. The roller top allows for air freight items to move easily on and off of the scale automatically, and can be combined with other roller top technology.

Pancake air freight scales are only a few inches high, and are typically as large as 10 feet by 10 feet. They offer ramps on all sides, meaning that air freight can be simply rolled onto the scale for easy and accurate reading from all sides of the floor scale. The capacity that most pancake air freight scales can handle climbs as high as 20,000 lbs or more depending on the scale and its intended application.

Rollerdeck scales are designed to check the weight of LD3 containers from aircraft and they offer a convenient rolling platform that makes it possible for containers to be easily moved on and off of the scale automatically or manually, delivering precise weights as a result. When precision and accuracy are the most important factors, rollerdeck scales can be a solid choice for air freight scales as they offer customization and economy without sacrificing the ability to produce highly accurate results.

There is no cookie cutter solution when it comes to air freight scales. Instead, most types of air freight scales are capable of being highly customized in order to feature the components and the characteristics that are most necessary. It becomes possible to adjust the measurements and height of the scale, the type of units displayed, dimensions of the weighing platform and a variety of other characteristics. Fine tuning air freight scales to meet rigorous demands in industries handling air freight is necessary in order to ensure that the scales are durable and the results are as precise and accurate as they can be.

In choosing air freight scales for any industry involving aircraft freight, there are two paths that can be taken. Air freight scales can be purchased “out of the box” or they can be customized to suit a specific purpose. Customization presents a process that is somewhat more involved, but the results delivered typically make the process well worthwhile.