Where to Purchase Veterinary and Animal Scales

When it comes to purchasing veterinary and animal scales, many scale manufacturers will tell you that any heavy duty platform scale will serve your needs. The reality is that this is not always the case. At Arlyn Scales, we have a variety of scales that are rugged enough to handle the daily rigors that are simply unavoidable when it comes to weighing animals.

How Does Arlyn Scales Know so Much About Animal Scales?

The scale experts at Arlyn have been designing and manufacturing high quality veterinary and animal scales for more than 30 years. Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers to find out how they use our scales and in turn have released a number of features that are tailored for our veterinarians, farmers and other customers who must weigh unwieldy animals on an almost daily basis.

In addition to creating scales catered to the veterinary and farming industries, we also design and manufacture all of our scales right here in the U.S. This allows our design and manufacturing teams to coexist in our state of the art Long Island, New York facility. Unlike many of our competitors who manufacture their scales overseas, our design and manufacturing teams work together and can quickly address any issues immediately, as opposed to the delay that often is common when dealing with overseas manufacturing practices.

Aside from our design and manufacturing process, we also offer a wide array of features that are catered to weighing animals of all sizes. A few of the most popular features in our veterinary and animal scales include:

Rugged Stainless Steel Load Cells

The load cell is the backbone of any platform scale. The problem, however, with most load cells is that they are constructed out of low quality materials such as steel or aluminum. While these materials may be sufficient in certain environments, weighing large animals is not one of them. Animal scales need to be constructed from materials that are resistant to animal waste and other materials that simply can’t be avoided.

At Arlyn Scales, we use stainless steel load cells in our animal scales, which are resistant to many of the materials that can render some of our competitors’ scales useless. Stainless steel load cells also help to reduce shock loading and overloading, which are unavoidable when weighing large animals.

In addition to having stainless steel load cells in our animal scales, we also use four separate load cells, as opposed to one. This allows our scales to be more accurate, and more forgiving, especially for animals that are not often standing on the exact center of the scale platform.

Low Profile Scale Platforms

Another benefit of four load cells is that it allows us to recess these devices into the four corners of our scale platforms, which in turn reduces the height of these platforms. This then allows for a much lower profile scale platform, ensuring you can easily load and unload animals without issue. Should you need additional assistance when loading animals, we also offer an optional ramp.

Rubber Mat for Added Traction

When some animals step on a metal platform they instantly go into panic mode. Thankfully, we offer an optional rubber mat which gives added traction, and in some cases comfort to your animals. These rubber mats also make cleaning easier as well.

Pig Sorter Feature

When it comes to weighing large animals, such as pigs, the ability to obtain accurate readings is critical. Many times these readings determine whether an animal is sick, or ready for sale. With Arlyn’s pig sorter, you can completely automate the process of weighing your animals by setting up a system of gates that open and close as animals are guided onto a scale platform. This way the animals will be constrained to get a more accurate reading. In addition, we offer RFID support for our 2 way, 3 way, or 5 way pig sorter. With this functionality, you can automatically direct animals to different areas after weighing based on their weight.

Accurate Readings Even With Movement

It’s no secret than many animals are not excited about hopping on a platform scale to be weighed. Ensuring an animal stays absolutely still during weighing is a virtual impossibility. Because of this, Arlyn Scales uses a proprietary weight and hold function, that takes multiple weight readings every second, and uses a sophisticated mathematical algorithm to generate an accurate reading. This allows our customers to not have to stress over the fact that their animals will not stand still long enough to produce an accurate and usable weight reading.

Range of Connectivity Methods

Weighing animals is not only about accurate weight readings, but also about ensuring these accurate readings are accessible across a myriad of different digital devices. No longer can companies rely on manually recording weight readings. Todays sophisticated veterinary clinics and farming operations need to be able to have instant access to accurate weight readings to help influence all types of decisions.

Thankfully Arlyn Scales offers a whole host of connectivity methods, a few of which include:

  • Ethernet / WiFi–Our animal scales can connect to your company’s network via an Ethernet cable, or a WiFi connection allowing you to instantly control and access weight data from your scale.
  • Datalogging – Many customers use our animal scales in areas where having a computer close by is simply not feasible. In these instances, customers can use our datalogging functionality which allows them to simply plug in a flash drive directly into the scale’s USB port to download critical weight data which can then be accessed at a later time.
  • USB – All of our scales offer USB connectivity allowing you to connect a scale to your computer to download weight data that can be viewed in Microsoft Excel, or a variety of other database programs.
  • RS232 – While not as popular as it once was, our scales also support an RS232 serial connection for data transfer.

Ready to Learn More About Our Veterinary and Animal Scales?

If you’re intrigued by the features we’ve listed above, feel free to reach out to our team today by phone at 800-645-4301 or fill out our contact form and we’ll follow up as soon as possible. We look forward to introducing you to what we believe are the best veterinary and animal scales in the industry.