Precision Scales for Laboratory Use

ultra-precision-scale-1When conducting research in the laboratory, precision scales are a necessity. It is of the utmost importance that weight measurement is as accurate as possible for the scientific and medical fields as well as the petrochemical and semiconductor industries. When the term laboratory precision is generally used, this discussion is limited to precision scales with a capacity of five pounds or less.

As a leader in precision weight measurement for thirty plus years, Arlyn Scales stays on the cutting edge of scale design and manufacturing. Quickly evolving technology enables us to continually increase accuracy while raising capacity with our scales. We make our scales in our factory, next door to our offices in Long Island, New York. This arrangement works well because we are then able to ship factory direct and pass along the savings to you by not utilizing a distributor. This also helps our bottom line, which means we are able to offer high quality scales at prices that many of our competitors cannot match.

Before our Ultra Precision Scales were manufactured, a customer who needed a scale faced a familiar and depressing quandary: resolution vs. capacity. As capacity increased, resolution would diminish and as resolution increased, the scale’s load capacity dropped. The latter has been very problematic for laboratory environments. Requiring such precision has limited lab scales to a five pound capacity limit. We have solved this issue by incorporating some exciting new technology into our line of Ultra Precision scales.

Durable and Accurate

The reason accuracy would be limited in order to achieve higher capacity comes down to one basic component in a scale. It’s called a strain gauge load cell. These load cells must be constructed with flexure sections made out of a thin metal. Normally, this metal is aluminum. The load cells need to be made out of thin metal because they measure the stress and strain of an object placed on a scale. This is how the weight measurement is taken. Because of the relative fragility of the load cells, shock loading (dropping an object onto the scale from a height) or overloading the scale can seriously damage the load cell over time. Once that happens, the scale must be taken out of service, repaired, or replaced. You obviously lose time and money while this is happening.

The higher precision alternative to the strain gauge load cell scale has usually been a magnetic force restoration scale (MFR). These scales do not use strain gauges to measure stress or strain for weight measurement. The downside to these scales is they have a higher sensitivity to temperature, which can affect the scale’s accuracy, and they cost up to ten times the amount of a standard scale. They are only practical for small capacities because they rely directly on magnetic fields to take a measurement, which becomes technically and financially impossible for larger weights.

By the introduction of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology to the scale industry, we’ve been able to create stronger load cells because they measure displacement, as opposed to stress and strain. We manufacture these SAW load cells using the same technology as that which is used to produce digital integrated circuits. This also provides a much higher resolution, up to .0001 pounds and allows us to offer high capacity scales, up to 500 pounds.

Higher Load Capacity – Same Precision Accuracy

Thanks to our SAW technology, we can ensure our Ultra Precision Scales do not lose accuracy beyond the maximum five pound capacity found with MFR scales. As a matter of fact, we can ensure resolution in the 1:100,000 to 1:200,000 ranges at capacities up to 500 pounds. The SAW load cells keep accuracy on target despite the capacity being up to 100 times the old standard.

Weight Trigger Control

Should you wish to purchase this option, you will be able to automate filling operations on the Ultra Precision Scale. We have constructed a proprietary set point controller for this unique purpose. You can enter up to eight target weight values into the controller. When the scale reaches a designated weight during a filling operation, an electronic signal will be sent, turning on or shutting off a piece of equipment. This allows for greater speed and efficiency in various lab based situations.

PC and Laptop Weight Data Analysis

In order to enable sophisticated weight data analysis and projections, we have come up with some attractive ways of taking weight data so that you can get your data with ease as well as controlling your scale from your computer or laptop.

  • Onsite Control and Analysis Capability – One of the most commonly used computer communication protocols is the Universal Serial Bus (USB). We took this universal interface cord and have constructed a USB port in the scale that will allow you to plug your computer directly into one of our scales. Our Windows Interface Software will then allow you to control the scale via computer. This also gives you the ability to export data onto your computer for viewing in MS Excel and MS Access as well as other Windows based applications.
  • Remote Control and Analysis Capability – Sometimes you may wish to extract and review data from another location. Our Remote Indicator Software will allow you to use either a Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet network to access your scale from anywhere in the world. You will be able to remotely control the scale and get your data just as if you were in the same room with it.
  • Flash Drive Capability – To rapidly get your data from the scale without using a laptop or PC, you can connect a USB flash drive into the scale. Using the scale, you can then export your data onto the portable drive. After that, you can review the data in any Windows based application that reads a CSV formatted file.

Laboratory Designed

We have made sure that we created the Ultra Precision Scales for the space conscious. We know that labs are not typically roomy environments. Our compact platform sizes start at 8Ó X 10Ó and can easily be placed at waist level in a lab. Additionally, we offer capacity ranges from 10 to 500 pounds. This should give you more options when selecting a scale for your lab.

The Personal Touch

That being said, we are certain you know better than us what you need your scale to do. If we can’t match one of our existing models to all of your needs, we are committed to crafting a custom made scale for you that does. We would love to tailor a weighing solution for you if you are not entirely satisfied with our preexisting models. We do not want you less than 100% satisfied in what we sell you. Our customer service staff is highly trained and well informed in both our product line and general scale knowledge.

Call us at (800) 645-4301 or use or the form on our Contact Us page to inquire further about our breakthrough line of Ultra Precision scales.