Types of Laboratory Scales

Types of Laboratory Scales

A laboratory balance is a type of scale that provides high precision and accurate measurements in a laboratory setting, or elsewhere. The type of laboratory will determine the type of laboratory balance being used. Purchasing the right type of laboratory scales comes down to a simple matter of knowing what you need for your factory or lab. You want to go through all of the different styles of scale before making a final decision.

Types Of Balances and Scales

The types of balances and scales include a beam balance, a top-loading balance, and an ultra-precision platform scale. Here at Arlyn Scales, we have all that you need. Our cutting-edge technology known as SAW, or Surface Acoustic Wave, gives the most accurate measurements in the industry. Arlyn Scales offers a wide range of analytical balances and precision scales for laboratory work that requires the absolute best for accuracy.


These units are used only in situations where extreme sensitivity is required. The readability is 1 microgram, which is 0.001 mg. The overall capacity of the balance limits them to objects weighing only a few grams.

Great efforts are taken to minimize the effect of the local environment, including fully enclosing the weighing chambers. There is also compensation for barometric pressure and local gravity effects, along with vibration suppression. Needless to say, these balances are very expensive.

Analytical Balance

These are the next step up but are still very precise scales. These scales offer high resolution up to one-tenth of a milligram. They include built-in draft shields to minimize the effect of air movement.

Although the sensitivity is less than that of a microbalance, the weight capacity of an analytical balance is much higher. Capacities of more than 500 g are available. Of course, as the capacity of the balance increases, the cost will also increase.

Precision Balance

Among the most common type of weighing instruments used in labs is the precision balance, which can weigh to two decimal points in the grams mode. They are still very accurate, but they are available with much higher capacities, which makes them more practical in real-life situations. The cost is also considerably lower.

The form factor can be much more familiar, using a stainless steel weighing pan. The digital weight indicator may be built into the body of the scale or connected by a cable. The display and user interface may be with a standard LCD or even a multi-function Android-based color touch screen.

Spring Balance

While no longer in widespread use, this type of weighing device used the displacement of a precision spring. The greater the load on the spring, the greater the displacement. These have disappeared from most laboratory environments as they could not come at all close to matching the accuracy and sensitivity of a modern laboratory balance.

Comparative Technologies

Most precision balances use a technology called magnetic force restoration, which employs an electromagnet to balance out the load on a scale. Although this has been in use for many years, for practical purposes, it is limited in capacity. It is also quite prone to damage through abuse, misuse, and accident.

An alternative technology called Surface Acoustic Wave, or SAW scale, has recently been developed by Arlyn Scales. It uses semiconductor-type technology to fabricate SAW transmitters and receivers. The fully digital process outputs a frequency that is extremely proportional to the weight on the platform.

What Makes A Good Laboratory Scale Great

It may seem that all laboratory scales are quite similar. They feature high resolution with accurate measurements. They may even include additional features such as percent weighing, statistics functions, and automatic zero searchings.

But your needs may be somewhat specialized, pointing you to Arlyn Scales. Perhaps you need ultra precision scales up to 1000 lb, or premium scales with features up to 100 lb. There are even Intrinsically Safe scales that are rated for use in a wide variety of classified and hazardous environments.

Additional communication features are also available, including USB, Ethernet, and Wifi. Modbus provides a great way to communicate with your PLC. Cloud monitoring functions can be perfect for long-running applications.

Features Of Scales That Accurately Determine Lab Measurements

The scales that can be used in laboratories are found throughout the site. Everything from a counting scale to an ultra-precision balance featuring Arlyn’s SAW technology is available for use in lab situations. High-resolution scales are also available. Moreover, the scales are designed with super-sensitivity in mind.

Many of the scales that are made from stainless steel are corrosion resistant. There are even scales that are designed to function in an environment where explosives and other unstable compounds are in use. Many times, laboratory situations require the use of volatile chemicals, and products such as those in the ArlynGuard line of intrinsically safe scales are ideal.

Locate A Suitable Lab Scale At Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales offers the simplest to the most technologically advanced scales. The selection is designed to meet the needs of any lab or business. When precision and quality are a necessity, Arlyn Scales meets that need every time. They range from standard products to customized designs that Arlyn can create for your laboratory work.

Contact Arlyn Scales at www.arlynscales.com today for a quote on any weighing equipment that you might need for your business. You will find a large selection of scales for any purpose, and you will find it easy to purchase scales that will help to operate your business. Our professional and courteous staff is here to help meet your every need.

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