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large-ultra-precision-scale-1When choosing scales for your shipping requirements, it is important to choose a scale that will hold up to the rigors of constant loading and unloading, provide you the ability to print labels, and be large enough to support the heavy shipments which are common among most businesses. Arlyn Scales offers a wide variety of heavy duty shipping scales that meet this requirements.

Our company has been in business for over 30 years and our customers have come to appreciate and expect the highest quality scales on the market.  We utilize the latest technology, superior quality and offer the utmost value in the manufacturing of all of our scales.  By manufacturing the subassemblies of each of our scales in house, we can focus on quality while also maintaining competitive prices for our customers.

Our Series 3200 Platform Scales and our Series 5200 Floor Scales are our most popular scales for the shipping industry.  Our scales offer several advantages over other shipping scales on the market today.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Load Cells

Load cells are one of the most important components of a high quality shipping scale because they receive and measure the force placed on the platform of a scale.  Arlyn Scales uses four stainless steel load cells to deliver incredibly accurate weight readings and better stability. By embedding the four load cells within the scale’s frame, the weight is more evenly distributed across the weighing platform, which means a more stable platform and accurate readings even when a load isn’t directly centered on the scale.

We also manufacture all of our own load cells in-house, which allows us to monitor each step of the process to ensure that we only utilize the highest quality load cells on our platform and floor scales.  Because we do not use summation boards, which are the biggest cause of operational failure, we group our load cells in batches of four based on precision matching of their output signals.

Embedded Load Cells

Not only are the load cells in our platform and floor scales constructed with stainless steel, they are (as previously mentioned) also embedded into the scale’s frame, which allows us to maintain a much lower profile.  With a lower platform, loading and unloading of heavy objects is much easier, which results in less stress on the scale platform and safer working conditions for employees.

Overloading and shock loading are common when weighing large objects, but with our lower profile platforms and our thick load cells, we are able to combat many instances of overloading and shock loading.  While we can not prevent this from happening all of the time, we manufacture our scales in a way that they can hold up to the rigors of heavy loading and unloading which is commonplace in the shipping industry.  We also offer optional on/off ramps and our low profile scales mean that these ramps take up less space on the work floor.

Variety of Materials

We construct our scales from a variety of different materials.  Our Series 3200 Platform Scales can be purchased with either aluminum or stainless steel construction. For larger weight requirements, our Series 5200 Floor Scales can be constructed from either steel or stainless steel.

While the load cells within your floor or platform scale will be constructed using stainless steel, you can decide whether you need stainless steel or if a more cost-effective option, either aluminum or steel, would meet your needs. If youÕre unsure what your situation actually requires, we’re more than happy to discuss your unique situation and guide you to the most cost-effective option while ensuring that you have a scale that will meet your daily requirements year after year.

Ease of Operation

The 3200 Platform Scales and the 5200 Floor Scales come with a large graphics display that quickly shows the necessary information.  With over 100 memory locations and unit conversion you can easily ship across the world without having to compute conversions with a calculator or manually on paper.  Because of the easy to use display, you can quickly train someone to use one of our scales in a relatively short period of time.

Accuracy Unheard of in the Industry

Even if a scale is manufactured with the highest quality materials, it still must be extremely accurate to do its job effectively.  Arlyn Scales not only are created with rugged materials, but also produce accurate readings for your shipments.  Depending on your capacity and resolution needs, you can purchase one of our 3200 Platform Scales with a weight resolution of up to .1 lb with a 500 pound capacity or a resolution of up to .2 lb with a 1000 pound capacity.

Factory Direct Pricing

When you purchase a scale from Arlyn Scales, you can be confident knowing where each and every piece of your scale is manufactured.  We have been producing scales in our Long Island, New York factory for over 30 years and are committed to providing scales direct to our customers.

Other scale manufacturers are merely middle men between the supplier and customer and to turn a profit they must raise their prices.  We prefer to do business directly with our customers and to manufacture our own scales and components to ensure that we have control over each and every step of the process.  This type of control also provides us the opportunity to innovate and create custom solutions for even the most challenging industries and environments.

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