Industrial Weighing Scales

corrosion-resistant-scale-2-1For more than thirty years, we have been manufacturing electronic scales. Arlyn Scales has been a leader in the development and design of new technology for the weighing industry. Whatever your needs, you will be able to match them with the appropriate Arlyn scale or custom-designed weighing system. All scales are available in stock at a much lower factory direct cost to you.

Choose from their sensitive laboratory balances, super sensitive high-resolution scales, industrial platform scales, scales for classified and explosive environments, corrosion-resistant stainless steel drum scales, cylinder scales, floor scales, hanging scales, counting scales and more.

Many of these scales are available for very high precision measurements with our super sensitivity surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology. Additionally, all industrial scales connect to a large LCD digital scale indicator. There is a wide variety of options for measurement modes, readouts, electronic outputs, and computer connections and data calculations.

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Our industry-standard strain gauge technology is combined with stainless steel load cells for high accuracy along with ruggedness and durability. A strain gauge consists of a metal element that acts as an electrical resistor whose resistance changes with compression of the load cell spring element. The cells change in resistance is proportional to sample weight and can be determined electronically.

This electronic data is delivered as an analog output. that is then fed to an analog-to-digital converter for processing by the computer. There the measurement can be combined with calibration, tare, zero point, and other data for desired calculations. The results, measurement descriptions, and other information can be digitally displayed or printed out.

Certain top-loading balances from Arlyn Scales are available in Ultra Precision SAW models. The models employ our new solid-state Surface Acoustic Wave technology. SAW scales still use metal load cells but include these devices that do not utilize stress or strain measurement. Instead, they measure displacement to determine weight.

The amount of displacement required for measurement is very small. This difference in displacement represents a small fraction of the measurable stress on a load cell. Much more stress is produced in a standard strain gauge load cell. The result is a reduction in the error (precision) terms typical of standard load cells.

Digital Scale Indicators For Industrial Scales

Our digital 32 bit ARM Processor-based indicators handle the recording and manipulation of each industrial scale’s output. They manage any connection to your own computer systems and printers. Both the standard model and the stainless steel (NEMA 4x corrosion protected) option are water and shock-resistant. Each includes a bracket for mounting to a wall or benchtop.

Users can configure the display to show weight, tare information, measurement information, item descriptions, setpoints for batching, and more. Extra features depend on scale functions. Some optional features include the following:

Rechargeable Battery Pack

20mA Analog Output

Ethernet connection

USB port

RS-232 Computer/Printer Port

Label, Paper, and Card Printer

Windows Interface Software

High-Resolution Industrial Laboratory Bench Scales

Our High-Resolution Scales offer Super Sensitivity and SAW Technology for superior accuracy. They s are optimized for a sensitivity of up to 20X that of similarly ranged typical scales.

Each scale includes a built-in large LCD dual display, zero buttons, automatic calibration, parts counting mode, check weighing function, automatic zero trackings, stability control, RS-232 interface, and choice of weighing units. Choices of non-metric, metric, and more are included.

A die-cast aluminum frame, stainless steel weighing pan, and click type switches make this a rugged scale that will last. With accuracies as high as 0.005% and internal resolution of up 0.5 ppm, models have capacities ranging from 10 lb all the way to 1000 lb

Industrial Bench Scales With Strain Gauge Technology

Our series, 6200 Industrial Bench Scales utilize stainless steel load cells with industry-standard strain gauge technology. The strain gauge technology allows for accuracy, ruggedness, and durability. Double Accuracy (2x) scales use similar technology but have been designed to optimize them for better performance at a minimal cost. The addition of SAW technology gives even higher precision.

Series 6200 capacities and resolutions ranging from 4 x 0.0002 lb. to 100 x 0.02 lb for a standard model. They range from 10 x 0.001 lb. to 100 x 0.01 lb. with 2x technology. The range is 10 x 0.0001 lb. to 200 x 0.002 lb. for SAW equipped scales.

Platform Scales With Industrial Technology (Aluminum Or Stainless Steel)

Our 3200 Industrial Platform Scales use four stainless steel industry-standard load cells placed within a welded frame. The frame makes these scales resistant to shock and abuse of heavy use. A swivel mount is provided along with rubber gaskets for the molded enclosure of the 1″ high graphics Digital Scale Indicator. This adds water resistance.

Scales are available in 20″ x 27″ with multiple choices up to a 48″ x 48″ aluminum platform sizes. They come in either 500 x 0.1 lb. or 1,000 x 0.2 lb. capacities and resolutions. For added corrosion resistance, these models are available with full stainless steel construction.

Floor Scales With Ramps And Large Graphics Lcd Digital Display

Our floor scales and ramps are particularly well suited to the weighing of shipping pallets for multiple wrapped items and parts. They can also weigh a single large item requiring forklift handling. As with all our scales, their rugged and durable construction is combined with the accuracy needed for shipping applications.

The included Digital Scale Indicator is swivel-mounted for easy operation and every model comes calibrated and ready to use. It has optional outputs for access to computer/printer systems. These allow integration with programs to calculate shipping costs and print labels, reports, and more.

Floor scales are offered in with several weight capacities and platform configurations. Platform sizes of 3 x 3, 4x 4, 5 x 5 and 4 x 6 are all 2 7/8 high. Capacities range from 2500 lb to 10,000 lb. Platforms of 4 x 4, 5 x 7, 6 x 8 and 7 x 9 are 4” high for heavy loads of up to 20000 lb.

Stainless steel construction is available in all sizes. The resolution for all models is 0.02% of full scale. Ramps available are 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet long.

Counting Scales With Quick Count Mode

Our state-of-the-art Series 820 Counting Scales allow you to by-pass the sampling process. It has the high precisions available in these time-saving tools. Features ease the counting of parts with simple menu functions.

A unique “Quick Count” mode provides storage of weights per piece of up to 450 items. It has an accuracy based on 2-ppm internal resolution.

Each balance features embedded stainless steel load cells, a low profile easy loading platform, and a movable display arm. The display arm provides for easy operator access to mode indicators and unit choices. Scales are available with standard load cell resolution, Arlyn 2x optimization, or SAW technology.

Standard scales come in in 3 x 0.05 lb. to 100 x 0.02 lb. SAW models arrive from 10 x 0.0001 lb. to 200 x 0.002 lb. capacities and resolutions.

Ultra Precision Scales With Super Sensitivity

Our Ultra Precision Scales offer superior accuracy. They also carry the capacity ranges of the 6100 Platform Scales. The Series SAW model scales provide optimized performance for a wide variety of high accuracy applications. These include use in laboratories and manufacturing facilities for pharmaceuticals.

Each scale has a wide variety of features. These include an LCD dual display, zero buttons, automatic calibration, parts counting function, check weighing mode, automatic zero trackings, and 7100 construction. Five models are available with capacities and resolutions from 10 lb. x 0.0001 to 200 lb. x 0.002 lb.

Large Ultra Precision Scales With Super Sensitivity

These ultra-precision scales are for larger-scale applications but with all the same features. Larger scales come in capacities and resolutions of 200 x 002 lb., 300 x 0.002 lb. and 500 x 0.005 lb.

Large ultra-precision scales are designed to have ten times more accuracy than regular scales. The LCD Display has a large format Dot Matrix. Meanwhile, the scale is designed with an aluminum.frame and stainless steel platform.

No assembly is required, and there is automatic calibration. It comes with an optional printer for labels, papers, and cards. Upgrade as you need for larger sizes.

Industrial Drum Scales With Ramp

Our Drum Scales feature a rail-less design to allow oversized loads and the high aluminum diamond plate platforms stand only 1 7/8′ high. Additionally, each scale includes a ramp. These features combine for a larger active weighing area and ease in loading and unloading.

The stainless steel load sensors within a welded aluminum frame provide durability and stability. Stainless steel is designed for corrosion-resistance and to handle high-temperature thresholds.

A fully functional Digital Indicator with memory provides convenient menu choices. These include automatic and keyboard tare, unit conversion, net /gross, zero, and more.

Scales are available in 500 and 1000 lb. capacities. They carry a 0.1 lb. resolution.

Cylinder Scales For Cylinders, Pails, And Tanks

Our Cylinder Scales are designed to accurately weigh cylinders, pails, and tanks. They have the capacity and resolution of 60 x 0.02 lb., 300 x 0.1 lb. or 400 x 0.1 lbs. Choose either 9.25″ x 9.25″ or 14″x 14″ stainless steel platforms with embedded stainless load cells that are overload protected.

Each scale is only 1 3/8″ high for easy loading. Options include adding a full-functioned Digital Indicator and/or a 4-20 ma, 0-10 V output.

Crane Scales – Versatile High Capacity Hanging Scales

Crane scales are used for construction, transportation of goods, and laboratories. Their durability ensures that they can handle harsh conditions and hazardous environments. Some can even be used to weigh animals for zoos or livestock.

We make sure that these scales are user-friendly, with a low learning curve for new operators. You can lift and weigh objects at the same time for efficiency in transporting goods. It can also ensure accuracy across different points of sending or receiving products.

Our crane scales are made with stainless steel. Options to upgrade them include Counting Functionality, SetPoint Controllers, and Relays.

ArlynGuard Scales – Explosive Environment Scales:

Our ArlynGuard Explosive Environmental Scales are rated Intrinsically Safe for use in various classified hazardous locations. Five series are designed to ensure that your workplace has reduced room for accidents. You want to measure accurately while accounting for safety.

You have to work with explosive materials sometimes, and that means exercising caution. Equipment that cannot cause combustion is important. The right proportions can mean a matter of life and death for either the operator or the people using the products.

Each series has an optional AC Powered system. The scales have heat-treated stainless steel load cells for durability.

Corrosion Resistant Scales

If you work with chemicals, they can potentially damage your equipment. That’s why you need to get corrosion-resistant scales when handling ammonia, chlorine, brine, or other similar substances. They also are intended to be able to record data quickly.

Corrosion-resistant are specially designed for weighing cylinders of corrosive liquefied gases. They are made of polyamine epoxy-coated stainless steel. You can also use them for weighing drums of corrosive liquids and solids.

These scales can handle weight fluctuations owing to temperature changes.

Find The Best Scales For Your Weighing Applications At Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales has spent years developing scales for industrial applications. We have experience in meeting industrial needs. A wide range of shipping scales and more will ensure your processes are efficient.

Reach out to us today to get started. Arlyn Scales will help you get started on weighing applications, with finesse and rigor.