How High Resolution Scales Can Improve the Overall Process of Your Business

Even if you don’t actually keep a scale in your bathroom, let’s pretend you do, and that you step on it every morning so you can keep track of how much you weigh. Your scale measures weight in pounds and displays measurements like this 000.0. Every morning, you see the measurement of your weight on the scale and you carry on with your day feeling whatever which way. Then, one morning, you decide you want to measure a screw, just to see what the scale will say. You know the screw weighs something, but your scale tells you it weighs zero—the scale actually reads: 000.0 lbs.

Your scale is not designed to measure objects this small and that’s why it reads zero. It might not matter much to you, because why do you need to know the weight of a screw in the comfort of your bathroom? But, there are people and businesses that do require scales capable of weighing small and lightweight objects, like screws, every day, and you may be a part of an operation like this. These people can’t work with scales that read zero when it’s not an object’s true weight. So, what kinds of scales do these people and companies buy?

In this article, we’re going to learn more about High Resolution Scales and how these types of scales help to improve business operations across the board.

Achieve More Accurate Weight Readings

If a person wants to acquire the weight of very small or lightweight objects, let’s say objects that weigh less than 1 or 5 pounds, then he or she is not going to use your average bathroom scale. Instead, he or she is going to seek out a scale that can accurately weigh these small and lightweight objects.

Unfortunately, true accuracy is hard to come by, so one might purchase a scale with very good accuracy, like within 1/10 or 1/100 of a gram of an object’s true weight; however, Arlyn Scales manufactures scales that produce weight readings within 1/10 of a milligram of an object’s true weight.

When small and lightweight objects are being measured, whether it is for shipping or inventory purposes, 1/10 of a milligram versus 1/10 of a gram can make a huge difference; therefore, buying a scale with superior accuracy can help businesses improve operations, because it ensures correct inventory counts and shipping the right amount of products when fulfilling orders. In turn, this saves money and complications in the future.

Scales Modified To Fit Your Specific Needs

Whether you are weighing objects that weigh 1,000 grams or 1,000 pounds, Arlyn Scales manufactures High Resolution Scales and Ultra Precision Scales to fit your exact requirements. Arlyn Scales’ High Resolution Scales are available with capacities ranging between 200 and 6,200 grams, and Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Scales are available for customers who are looking for higher capacity scales with extreme accuracy and precision.

High Resolution Scales are available in the following maximum capacities and resolutions:

  1. 7-200g—maximum capacity: 200 grams; .1 milligrams

  2. 7-300g—maximum capacity: 300 grams; 1 milligrams

  3. 7-1000g—maximum capacity: 1,000 grams; 1 milligrams

  4. 7-6200g—maximum capacity: 6,200 grams; .01 grams

Never a Need for Dealer Services

 With Arlyn Scales, consumers can get the scale they want and the accuracy they need. Moreover, if the scale ever goes haywire and doesn’t produce accurate results like it is designed to do, then it is never necessary to call reinforcements, because Arlyn Scales’ High Resolution Scales are self-calibrating.

Easy-to-Read Display

 High Resolution Scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales come standard with LCD Displays that have 1-inch high digits. This makes it easy for scale operators to view weight readings easily from any distance. The readings on the display update every .4 seconds.

Additional Upgrades Available for High Resolution Scales

 A High Resolution Scale designed for your specific weighing applications is waiting for you today. Visit Arlyn Scales’ website today to view our full selection of High Resolution Scales in more detail. Arlyn Scales offers consumers a number of additional upgrades for our High Resolution Scales, including:

Label, Paper, and Card Printer

Winwedge: Windows Interface Software for RS-232

These upgrades allow businesses to be more organized with the measurements produced by their High Resolution Scales.

A Better Scale Will Make All The Difference

 The difference between 1/10 of a gram and 1/10 of a milligram might not seem like a lot to you, but seeing how you can get the more accurate High Resolution Scale for the same price as the less accurate scale, there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t invest in the more accurate scale.

In addition to accuracy, High Resolution Scales by Arlyn Scales are rugged and long lasting.

Arlyn Scales is a know leader of design and manufacturing in the scale industry, and the company has been for over 30 years. Arlyn Scales understands what consumers are looking for in industrial scales, and that is why the company can create the very best scales. Plus, everything Arlyn Scales does—the design, manufacturing, and shipping—for their scales, it’s all done in 1 location in Long Island, New York. This allows Arlyn Scales to offer their premium industrial scales at factory-direct prices.

Contact Arlyn Scales Today

You can view Arlyn Scales’ full selection of High Resolution Scales today on our website. Be sure to check out our high capacity Ultra Precision Scales, as well. If you need assistance choosing the scale perfect for you and your weighing applications, then reach out to Arlyn Scales today by calling us at 800-645-4301 or fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.