Industrial Floor Scales for Warehouse, Factory, and Industrial Use

Industrial Floor Scales for Warehouse, Factory, and Industrial UseFloor scales are used when a load that is too large to be lifted or hoisted onto a platform manually needs to be weighed. Often equipped with on/off ramps that allow for quick and efficient loading and unloading, floor scales are a versatile option that’s well suited to industrial environments like warehouses and factories.

Arlyn Uses Best of Class Components

Our floor scales feature stainless steel load cells, advanced digital algorithms and welded construction with a zinc rich epoxy platform coating for superior strength, durability, accuracy and corrosion resistance.

Accurate and Durable Load Sensors

We machine our heavy-duty, industrial grade load cells using heat-treated stainless steel. Unlike aluminum or regular steel, which is generally seen from other manufacturers, stainless steel allows these load cells to receive extremely high capacity load without damage while maintaining a higher level of accuracy.

Four of these rugged load cells are bolted into protection pockets within the scale’s frame, which stabilizes the platform and creates and low profile of less than four inches. The low profile also reduces the length of the ramps required for on and offloading, which means our scales take up less space on the work floor.

No Maintenance

No moving parts mean there is no dealer set up or service is required. We match the output of our load cells before installing them in the scale and offer an automatic calibration feature that eliminates the need for a summation board—the device that is otherwise required for manual calibration and the largest cause of scale failure.

Accurate, Intuitive and Easy to Use

Our digital indicator features advanced digital algorithms that improve the accuracy and precision of our floor scales. The full function keypad enables alphanumeric data input. A large graphic display makes it easy to see weights from any angle or distance. The swivel mount can be bolted to any convenient surface, such as a desk, pole or wall. Special digital electronics compensate for temperature shifts, air currents and vibration caused by running equipment to provide the highest level of accuracy.

System Automation

Our set point controller is an add-on device that can handle a variety of I/O functions, allowing you to partially or fully automate your weighing and dispensing processes. Up to eight target weights can be set and used to activate mixers, conveyors or pumps and monitor switches and sensor inputs.

Corrosion Resistant

Other manufacturers use enamel-based paint and claim it protects your scale, but this coating is easy to scratch and will flake away with repeated use. Once the barrier is breached, the metal beneath becomes exposed and vulnerable to corrosive elements. Even if the exposed surface doesn’t look rusty, the corrosive agent can migrate underneath the areas where the paint is still intact and cause unseen damage.

On Steel Platforms

This is why we have developed two specialized epoxy coatings. The first is a zinc-rich epoxy that’s applied to our steel floor scales. The long-lasting formula protects the scale from abrasion while offering additional rust and corrosion resistance. The zinc is an additional protection. In the event that your scale is scratched, the zinc will preferentially oxidize the surface and protect the exposed steel while preventing migration to other areas of the scale.

On Stainless Steel Platforms

While steel is suitable for many industrial environments, we recommend stainless steel for those that routinely handle corrosive agents or that work in a wet or washdown environment.

While the stainless steel offers additional rust and corrosion resistance on its own, these models can be purchased with an optional three-part special epoxy infused with garnet, glass and mica particles that protect the scale from abrasion and corrosion.

Choice of Platform Size, Maximum Capacity and Resolution

Arlyn Scales is a factory direct manufacturer. So while we offer a variety of standard floor scale models, you may have a unique layout or load size that requires a custom platform size or unique weighing specs. If none of our floor scales meet your exact needs, we can design and develop a scale that does. We even offer custom platform sizes at no cost penalty.

Capacity & Resolution Platform Sizes
2,500 lb x 0.5 lb

3’ x 3’ x 2.875”

4’ x 4’ x 2.875”

5,000 lb x 1 lb

3’ x 3’ x 2.875”

4’ x 4’ x 2.875”

4’ x 6’ x 2.875”

5’ x 5’ x 2.875”

10,000 lb x 2 lb

4’ x 4’ x 2.875”

5’ x 7’ x 4”

6’ x 8’ x 4”

20,000 lb x 5 lb

4’ x 4’ x 4”

5’ x 7’ x 4”

7’ x 9’ x 4”


Computer Compatibility

Documenting weight data is an important and often overlooked feature. We offer a variety of standard communication protocols that allow you to monitor, collect and transmit data from your scale. These include USB, WiFi, Ethernet, Cloud, RS-232 and more.

Versatile Uses

Our industrial floor scales can be used for a variety of weighing tasks including:

•    Checking incoming and outgoing shipments for accuracy
•    Filling or emptying tanks to achieve the proper weight
•    Weighing large zoo animals, race cars or light aircraft
•    Achieving the correct alcohol content during the distillation process

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