Industrial Scales

Different industrial weighing applications call for different industrial scale solutions. Arlyn Scales provides these solutions in a wide range of capacities, platform sizes, and resolutions. The common theme across the entire line is industrial-grade rugged construction, ease of use, and factory direct value.

Starting with our Series 6200 Bench Scales, our standard units use stainless steel strain gage load cell for reliability, the ability to stand up to tough industrial use, and the type of accuracy found in top of the line industrial scales. Our Double Accuracy versions add a further step up for precision, at a modest increase in cost.

For the highest accuracy levels available anywhere, our Ultra Precision line of scales, which utilize SAW technology, give more than ten times regular accuracy. The cost remains extremely competitive while the ability to absorb difficult industrial usage is not compromised.

Similarly, the Series 3200 Platform Scales and 5200 Floor Scales provide the best cost to performance ratios.

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Digital Scale Indicators for Industrial Scales Industrial Bench Scales Parts Counting Scales for Heavy Industrial Use
From $350.00
From $499.00
From $549.00
Digital Weight Indicator for Scales With a USB Port

Electronic Bench Scales for the Food Industry
How do Counting Scales Automate Packing and Shipping Processes
High Resolution Scales with Super Sensitivity Platform Scales with Industrial Technology Gas Cylinder Scales for Cylinders, Pails, Gas Cabinets and Tanks
From $569.00
From $599.00
From $599.00
High Resolution Scales
Rain Gauges: Scales to Accurately Measure Rainfall Platform Scales with Industrial Technology – Stainless Steel Crane Scales and Easy to Use High Capacity Hanging Scales
From $800.00
From $899.00
From $999.00
Wireless Crane Scales
Corrosion Resistant Scales for Weighing Cylinders and Drums of Corrosive Materials Drum Scales Complete with Ramp for Industrial Applications Ultra Precision Scales with Super Sensitivity and Surface Acoustic Wave Technology
From $999.00
From $1,099.00
From $1,099.00
Weighing Chemical Drums: 5 Efficiency Tips Ultra Precision Scales and Advanced Accurate Industrial Weighing
Floor Scales and Pallet Scales Explosive Environment Scales – ArlynGuard B Large Ultra Precision Scales with Super Sensitivity and SAW Technology
From $1,199.00
From $1,499.00
From $2,099.00
Floor Scales For Accurate Pallet Weighting High Precision vs. Ultra Precision Laboratory Scales