Manufacturer of Floor Scales for the Automotive Industry

floor-scale-2The automotive industry is an important industry that is constantly on the move. From receiving daily shipments, to maintaining quality factory production, to the very products and items that it manufactures and distributes, every aspect of the automotive industry is one of movement.

Another aspect of the automotive industry is its attention to detail and accuracy. Every step of the process requires that nothing is overlooked and that everything is given proper attention. This requires that the tools and equipment that are used on a daily basis are ones of high-quality, durability, precision, and accuracy.

Accuracy and Durability

One aspect of operations in the automotive industry is the regular need to weigh incoming and outgoing shipments. In order to do this correctly, it is vital that those in the automotive industry have access to extremely accurate scales. Inaccuracy of weighing can have detrimental affect on the work to be performed and the product produced later down the line. In fact, accuracy in weighing is an important element that can affect the safety of those working in the industry and therefore should not be taken lightly.

The automotive industry is one from which much is required in terms of speed, accuracy and productivity, and therefore it requires a lot from the workers and equipment used to do daily business. Due to the line and type of work in the automotive industry it is therefore very important that the scales used have a strong quality of durability to withstand the constant use demanded of them.

The Perfect Match

One particular type of scale that has these qualities and is available in sizes compatible with the type of use needed by the automotive industry is the industrial floor scale. The reasons why the industrial floor scales are both accurate and durable are due to a variety of factors. They combine leading electronic technology with specialized alloy stainless steel load cells, which aids in repeatability and accuracy.

In regards to durability, the floor scales are made from a welded steel construction. Many floor scales use painted steel components; however, quality floor scales are covered with a specialized epoxy that incorporates zinc particles. This combination aids in protection against rust.

Also, most floor scales utilize steel load cells that have been nickel-plated. However, there are scales in which the load cells use a special heat-treated stainless steel. This small detail can have important implications in terms of usability and lifespan of the scale.

An additional option that is available is full stainless steel construction, which protects against exposure to certain chemicals. Depending on the amount of durability required the different options are available at different price ranges.

Variety of Platform Options

Industrial floor scales have a variety of useful characteristics including: platform size, platform capacity, accuracy, durability, and cost. In fact, floor scales are known to be both durable and accurate, a perfect match for the automotive industry’s needs. Many of the characteristics can be specifically chosen allowing for a customized scale.

Some of the characteristics that have multiple options include the platform size, platform capacity, and the mechanism for data transfer. For example, the platforms are available in a variety of sizes and can range from 3 x 3 up to 8 x 10, and even larger. As for the platform capacity, the basic capacities range from 2500 lb, to 5000 lb, 10K lb, 20K lb and even larger. Additionally, other custom platform capacities may be special ordered in order to meet the specific needs of the industry. An additional beneficial, yet often overlooked feature, is that all of the sizes feature a very low profile, which allows for easy loading and unloading of the items being measured.

Options for Communication

When it comes to transferring data and how the individual scale will be in communication with other pieces of in-house equipment there are many options designed to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Some of the available options and accessories include: analog output, Ethernet connectivity including Wi-Fi, USB memory stick datalogging, computer/printer port, and setpoint output. There are even more advanced options such as the RS-485 port, a long distance network protocol that allows for information to be passed over longer distances from multiple scales.

No matter what the specific needs of communication are for your business, there is a communication method that is suitable and will increase the efficiency of the work being performed. An additional feature that comes standard is a large graphics LCD digital display with swivel mount for easy operation, which enables the user to easily see the information needed at a distance.

The Trusted Source

With the options available, it is important to be able to trust someone to give you accurate information so that you can choose the product or scale that is best suited for the specific job at hand. That is why it is best to go with a company that has a long reputation of carrying quality items and who has the knowledge to help you make the best choice of all the available options.

Arlyn Scales offers floor scales that are available in a wide variety of platform sizes and capacities. And with a wide range of communication options, including USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi transferring, recording, and analyzing data has never been simpler.

Every model comes pre-calibrated, meaning that the relationship between the indicated values of quantities of the scale and the corresponding values used by reference standards has been established. This allows for immediate use upon purchase, cutting down on down time.

No matter what needs to be measured, we can help you find the best option at the most competitive price. If our standard sizes do not meet your needs, Contact us to see how we can develop a custom scale that does. We can be reached through our convenient form or by phone at (800) 645-4301.