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Industrial Drum Scales

Many industries require the use of large drums for storing and transporting liquids. Arlyn Scales offers the ideal type of drum scale for weighing these materials. You will find them in industries dealing with fuel, cleaning chemicals, laboratories, water testing and purification, and more. When you are weighing these heavy drums of liquid, it is best to have a scale that features an extremely low platform, as well as a shallow loading ramp to make it easy to get the drums into place safely. This level of attention to detail in design prevents damage to your equipment and damage to your drums resulting in loss of product from spillage. Not only that, it reduces the risk of injury to warehouse workers such as sprained backs and knee damage.

Arlyn Scales designed these scales to be accommodating to a wide range of industries. There is no rail on the perimeter of the scale, which means that almost any size of barrel can be accommodated because the load can overhang from the platform. These low-platform scales should work regardless of what type of barrels you use.

These scales can be outfitted and customized to your infrastructure needs with ease. Arlyn Scales offers upgrades including touch screen digital indicators, thermal printers, flow rate measurement programs, USB ports, time and date displays and many more depending on the work you do and your specific needs.

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