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Weighing Systems for Paper, Pulp, and Printing Manufacturers

Challenges Of Paper, Pulp, and Printing Manufacturers

Paper manufacturers need to improve efficiency while balancing environmental concerns. For the printing industry, the coming years will be tough because of the threat of substitutes like tablet computers and many going ‘paperless.’ While we agree with less waste, we are ready to help the paper, pulp and printing industries measure incoming raw materials, control inventory and monitor outgoing waste in order to operate as cost-efficiently as possible. Contact us for floor scales, cylinder scales, and platform scales and read on to learn their function in this industry.

This industry, which concerns paper and forest products for pulp and printing, is often labeled as a “traditional” industry. However, given the convergence of technological changes, demographic changes, and environmental concerns all coming together, at Arlyn Scales, we believe the industry will have to embrace change that is anything but traditional. This includes the methods of weighing for manufacturing and automation.

Recognizing the potential of going digital with manufacturing processes might seem like a daunting task to a huge manufacturing plant, but this could reduce the total cost by as much as 15 percent. The industry is also well placed to embrace the digital revolution, as paper and pulp producers have much collected or collectible data to analyze for insights.

Paper, Pulp, and Printing Weighing System Requirements

At a time when the industry has to deal with increasing pressures around resource conservancy, and sustainability, we want to eliminate the concern of waste by ensuring the weighing scales for paper, pulp, and printing are accurate.

Without easy, effective weighing options, the following problems may occur:

  • Unknown shipping weights and/or unrecoverable freight charges
  • Overcharge for incoming freight
  • Unnecessary material handling
  • Cleaning and maintenance downtime

Arlyn Scales offers many types of weighing scales that can be used as a stand-alone weighing device or as a component of a fully customized application. See our best options below and some of the features they boast. These include:

  • Rugged, long lasting design for all types of industrial applications
  • High-volume capacities
  • Portable applications
  • Multiple platforms sizes from 10 inches to 10 feet squared and more.
  • Choice of Carbon steel, stainless steel, and wash down construction
  • Low maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • Data-communication enabled for easy analytics reporting

Digital Paper Scales

To determine paper weight, you must find the average weight for one ream of paper in that type of paper’s average size. It can be difficult to find this type of weight since different types of paper can weigh the same amount, yet still be different thicknesses. The best way to measure paper weight is to use a paper scale. Paper scales are also used to measure the weight of paper in grams per meters squared. This means the weight of the paper is measured as it relates to a square meter of paper.

A basic type of paper scale is the digital paper scale. Digital paper scales are accurate enough to even be used for laboratory functions. The digital scales can weigh a variety of materials in relation to a square meter of that material. As an example, a digital paper scale can be used to weigh fabrics, papers, or even floor tiles. As with many types of digital scales, the output is displayed in a digital numeric format.

Paper scales are created with very high precision. These types of scales are the most accurate way to determine paper weight. Many in the paper industry use these types of scales for quality control, ensuring that the paper being produced matches what it claims to be.

Platform Scales

Platforms scales are used in a number of industries and manufacturing processes for their versatility. The low profile of these scales is designed to help increase efficiency and minimize the risk of equipment damage, or injury to workers. Arlyn’s scales are specially manufactured for more accurate degrees of weight measurements, but also greater durability. This makes it possible to have a reliable scale even in stark conditions such as a warehouse or industrial environment where hazardous chemicals may be encountered.

These platform scales are extremely accurate with resolution up to 1 part in 500,000. It has a superb weight resolution as high as 0.1lb, perfect for lightweight pieces of paper or packaging material. Get in touch with Arlyn Scales for any modification requirements, or any questions you have about customization requirements.

Cylinder Scales

The pulp and paper industry is one of the heaviest users of water within the North American industrial economy. As water is used in nearly every part of the manufacturing process, ‘accumulation of scale’ occurs nearly all pulp and papermaking processes. Even with the purest water or state-of-the-art water treatment, scale deposits can cause a number of operational problems such as plugging of equipment, inefficient usage of chemicals, increased utility costs, lost production due to downtime, and downgraded products from increased dirt counts.

As mentioned, in the interest of sustainability and waste-emission concerns, our goal is to provide equipment ready to alert you to this before it becomes a problem. Arlyn Scales offers you a tool to let you monitor and weigh the contents of gas cylinders when you need to measure your amount of liquefied gas or other materials stored in containers like these. These scales also feature a very low profile of 1 ⅜”, which is really important when you are trying to prevent injury to your employees or damage to your equipment that can come from loading heavy cylinders on and off your platform.

Seamless Software Integration with Arlyn Scales

Considering the importance of incorporating digital to this traditional industry, one of the most important factors to consider when integrating a piece of new technology into your manufacturing process is how smoothly it will interface with the software already in place in your environment. With Arlyn Scales, the preloaded software and input/output ports work with WiFi, USB, and other common communication options that make the storage of data a simple and easy process. You can use the highly accurate pre-loaded software to save time, money and effort on custom programming, or use your own if you have such requirements. You may even find ways to streamline your process with data piping directly into spreadsheets or wherever else you need to store it. This is a fantastic feature for professionals who organize multiple remote locations or are passionate about automating features of their industry.

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