If your scale came with optional features such as RS232, USB, Ethernet or WiFi, then a software CD is usually included with your shipment.

The software included in the shipped CD is also downloadable from the table below. Determine what model of indicator you have (MKE-5 Digital Indicator or Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator) and download the relevant software for the option you have.

Please note: Scales equipped with Arlyn UpScale Indicator do not come with a Software CD. Select the relevant software for your indicator below.

New Remote Indicator

Arlyn Remote Indicator (v3) – New Software for Remote Monitoring & Data Logging Download
Arlyn Remote Indicator – Instructions Manual Download
Arlyn Remote Indicator – End User License Agreement (EULA) Download

*Arlyn’s New Remote Indicator Software requires a license to run. For a 30 day Trial License, please read the Instructions Manual on how to activate your license and then contact our Sales Department at (800) 645-4301 or email us at sales@arlynscales.com.

Drivers & Test Applications

Arlyn UpScale Indicator – USB Drivers (w/ FTDI) Download
Arlyn UpScale Indicator – PC Test App – RS232, USB, etc. (Wired) Download
Arlyn UpScale Indicator – PC Test App (ipchat) – Ethernet & WiFi (TCP/IP) Download
MKE-5 Digital Indicator – USB Installation Manual Download
MKE-5 Digital Indicator – USB Software CD (Includes Optional Free Software*) Download
MKE-5 Digital Indicator – Ethernet Software CD Download

*Optional Free Software (for MKE-5 use) is not compatible with Windows 10. Scale USB Drivers are compatible with all versions of Windows.

MODBUS Utilities

MODBUS Addendum w/ Arlyn UpScale Download
MODBUS Testing Files for Modbus Tools (www.modbustools.com) Download
MODBUS Register Map (Spreadsheet) View
MODBUS Sample Projects with Connected Components Workbench (Allen Bradley) Download
MODBUS Sample Projects – Quick Start Guide  Download


Serial Terminal Software

Realterm (Windows Serial Terminal) – For Testing. See Indicator Manuals. Download
Realterm Instructions Download


Data Logging with Google Spreadsheets

Data Logging with Google Spreadsheets (Beta) Download
Data Capture Script – Google Spreadsheets Download


High Speed 8-Channel Amplifier

High Speed 8-Channel Amplifier Converter – Instruction Guide Download
Integration Sample Code – Visual Studio Project – C# Download



Arlyn’s New Remote Indicator (1 Year License) $250.00
USB Port Available on Most Digital Scales $100.00
USB Remote Software and Drivers Download No Charge