Recycling Weighing Scale


Recycling has become a natural way of living in many homes, schools, and businesses around the world. More than ever, we are all well aware of the impact that waste products have on the environment.

At Arlyn Scales, we are excited to take part in recycling developments in the metrology industry. We are constantly working with our governments, neighborhoods, and communities to find effective ways to encourage recycling.

It is our attempt to do what we can to help preserve the planet, and its natural resources, through the reduction of waste. With an effective, economical, and productive means for weighing your recyclables, this sustainability process becomes effortless and rewarding.

Platform Scales Aid Recycling Efforts

Recycling presents many advantages for your business and your community, which include:

  • Minimizing the excessive destruction of forest areas across the globe.
  • Minimizing the overuse of natural resources.
  • Reducing the overall carbon footprint of your operations.
  • Reducing the amount of trash occupying precious land near our homes & businesses.

Unfortunately, to survive in our economy, saving money is at the top of most priority lists. Recycling, although very useful, is a costly and complicated process.

Industrial scales help to cut the cost of this process. Aside from enabling you to easily separate items into their proper categories (i.e. glass, plastic, & paper), weighing unused material is vital in logistics, processing, and planning.

Recycling Scales for Industrial & Commercial Operations

Recycling plants utilize electronic scales to maintain efficiency in their operations. To help meet the parameters of the amount of material required for recycling, digital scales weigh the loads to ensure accuracy.

This measurement is the basis on which payment is rendered. Errors in measurement may result in overpayment to the donator, costing the recycling plant millions of dollars each year. Underpayment is unfair, and generally illegal.

Digital Industrial Recycling Scales

Our industrial scales significantly cut the cost of the process through precision, functionality, and consistency. These electronic scales are vital to weighing glass, paper, plastic, and steel, enabling you to more closely monitor payments for recyclable donations.

Digital bench scales are ideal for weighing smaller items, such as lightweight paper goods and some plastic containers. Alternatively, our electronic platform scales are best for heavier loads –– particularly glass and steel.

Electronic Platform Scales for Recycling Plants

An increasing number of recyclers are using electronic platform scales to weigh materials as they come in and out of the facility. These scales are ideal for this type of application because they are highly accurate and can handle large amounts of weight. They are also very durable, which is important in a recycling plant where materials can be tough on equipment.

Counting Scales for Measuring Recyclables

You may also be interested in utilizing a counting scale when measuring recyclables. Counting scales reduce the time it takes determine the quantity of certain recyclable items.

The “Quick Count” mode on our counting scales enables you to count parts with the extra confusion from unnecessary menu functions. You can also store weight data into the scale for as many as 100,000 different items!

This is on top of the Arlyn-standard for precision and durability. Altogether, this equipment saves you immeasurable time, energy, and resources.

A Parts Counting Scale can Calculate Quantity of Recyclable Pieces

When the recycled material must be counted per piece rather than by bulk, a parts counting scale can be linked to a platform scale to calculate this quantity. The parts counting scale determines the weight of each individual piece.

Once stated, a large quantity of the item can be placed on the platform scale. The total weight is divided by the piece weight, and the overall number of pieces can be gauged.

Why Choose Arlyn Scales for Waste Weighing Systems?

Regardless of the type of industrial scale, scales operating in a recycling facility must possess specialized features. All electronic scales must be rugged and reliable to withstand the harsh conditions.

A standard feature in most systems from Arlyn Scales, our stainless steel load sensors, are perfect for this type of industry. Stainless Steel is able to endure extreme loads and accidental encounters with machinery.

Therefore, the design helps to protect our digital scales against shock load and overload abuse. This is crucial, as it can often be difficult for recyclers to ensure that every load is 100% clear of unsuitable items.

Recycling Scales Must Be Protected Against Chemical Exposure

Water and chemicals are often another inescapable part of recycling. The steel construction of your scales must be protected against moisture and corrosive chemicals.

Most companies use a spray enamel paint or powder coating. However, these types of defenses are easily destroyed by machinery used in recycling plants such as forklifts or pallet jacks.

At Arlyn Scales, we coat our weighing systems with an additional layer of protection by using a zinc-rich epoxy coating, which offers preferential oxidation of the steel. So, when the paint finish on the scale is scratched, rust will not be allowed to migrated underneath the paint layer.

Exercise Greater Control Over Data & Communication

Our recycling scales offer many memory features to enable your operators to store several different measurements. While there are a variety of methods to extract this information and direct it to computer systems, the ancient RS-232 connection (and even the more popular USB port) aren’t always ideal..

An alternative is the practical, and standard, Ethernet port. We offer all of these options for most of our electronic, industrial, and digital scales.

Additionally, most of the scales we manufacture include remote monitoring software to share the data across platforms. In fact, all of the scales that we design for weighing corrosive chemicals include this remote monitoring application.

Prolong the Life for Your Recycling Scale

In order to ensure consistent readings from your weighing device, calibration and upkeep is critical. Treating the device with care is also very important.

Many of the industrial scales manufactured (specifically the corrosion-resistant scales) feature a stainless steel weight platter. This makes it easier to wipe down the surface of the weight platter and remove any contaminated material.

Find the Best Recycling Scales for Sale at Arlyn Scales

Regardless of the size of your operations, you need a scale that can endure your daily operations. So, what does your business require?

If these scales seem to closely fit your needs, but you’d like your system to cater to more specific requirements, then consider our specialized customizing option! At Arlyn Scales, we design and fabricate all of the sub-assemblies that comprise a scale, including:

  • Load Sensor Design,
  • Microprocessor Instrumentation,
  • and Computer Software!

To build the perfect scale for weighing recyclables in your facility, reach out to our team today.