SAW Scales and Price: How We Keep Prices Low

SAW Scales and Price How We Keep Prices LowThere are many companies that sell industrial scales. Are you in the market for one? If you are, then know that there are countless options available to you; however, also keep in mind that a business can promise you whatever they want. The question remains: how do you know they will deliver to you what they say they will?

When looking to purchase an industrial scale, there are two principal qualities that every buyer should search for: high quality and low price. But consumers should never have to sacrifice the value of a product in order to achieve a lower price.

At Arlyn Scales, we manufacture a wide variety of industrial scales using the best technology and materials. All of our scales are designed and assembled onsite in our Long Island, New York factory. We ensure high quality products at a low price because we can afford to do so, unlike some of our competitors. Let us tell you why.

Arlyn Scales Makes Every Scale In-House in the U.S.A.

It’s common for companies to have their products made overseas before being distributed and sold in the United States. Many consumers don’t like it, but oftentimes it can be cheaper for businesses to function that way. When products are made out of sight, it can be hard to know for sure how they or made or what they consist of. For example, perhaps they are made using cheaper materials or comprise of parts made from an array of different brands. These circumstances can only devalue the product; however, scales made overseas are still sold at competitive prices. Plus, many industrial scales are sold through distributors or middlemen, which can make the selling price even higher.

Arlyn Scales prioritizes quality. We aim to deliver to our customers the highest quality scales at the lowest possible price without sacrificing the value of our products. That’s why we keep all of our business in one place. Every one of our scales is designed and manufactured in-house at the same place where our design, manufacturing and quality control teams are based. With a set up like this, we can ensure that our scales are made quicker and any problem that arises can be addressed fast and thoroughly. Plus, we know how our scales are made and from what.

If our customers ever experience an issue with one of our scales, we don’t send them away to a middleman technician. Arlyn Scales handles the service and calibration needs of every one of the scales we sell. We include a simple calibration menu with each of our scales so that anyone can recalibrate the scale alone—the scale never has to be taken out of service. For other issues, we urge our customers to contact us because we know our products better than anyone else.

We Offer Factory Direct Pricing

Arlyn Scales does not employ distributors or middlemen to sell our scales. We ship all of our scales to the customer straight from our factory in Long Island. This means that all of our scales are designed, made and shipped from one location, which, in turn, allows us to manufacture higher quality products and still maintain an affordable low price.

Arlyn Scale’s Wide Selection of Industrial Scales

What are you looking for in an industrial scale? Whatever it is, Arlyn Scales is sure to have it. We supply a number of different scales, from bench scales to parts counting scales to intrinsically safe scales. Whether you plan on weighing a ton of material or hardly anything at all, we have a scale to meet your needs. Arlyn Scales makes scales from aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Plus, all of our scales are suitable for a number of additional options that we offer to enhance the function of each scale. For example, we offer automation technology that can save your business time and money in the long run.

Arlyn Scales supplies high capacity scales that deliver precise measurements, like our Ultra Precision Scale. We also utilize our own internationally patented technology, which allows us to sell our scales at a lower price than expected.

Surface Acoustic Wave Technology Lowers the Price of Our Scales

When products are made using more advanced technology, one can usually expect the cost to be higher; however, Arlyn Scales has managed to create our own Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology and can still offer our scales at a competitive price.

Compared to strain gage scales, SAW scales deliver results that are 10 to 20 times more accurate. Buttheir cost is within the same range. So how are they different?

First of all, SAW scales measure weight differently than the typical strain gage scale. SAW scales measure displacement instead of strain or stress. Inside of a SAW scale there are two SAW transducers—one that works as a transmitter and the other as the receiver. When weight is placed on the platform of the scale, the transmitter inside the scale sends out a wave to the receiver. The receiver takes the wave, amplifies it and sends it back to the transmitter. A spring element within the scale bends in accordance to the weight on the platform and the frequency is measured to determine the weight on the scale.

This is an advanced technology that Arlyn Scales currently has a patent on. The scales that use this technology are more accurate than other scales and can detect extremely small changes in weight; however, the price of this scale is not much more than scales used for similar purposes. When you buy a scale that uses Surface Acoustic Wave Technology from Arlyn Scales, you can be sure to receive more accurate results, which can improve the overall operation of your business and save money overtime.

Arlyn Scales Can Help Your Business Save Money and Buy Lower Cost Scales

We have mastered the process of developing a reliable and affordable industrial scale. The scales that we manufacture and sell speak for themselves. If you would like to take a look at the scales that we offer, visit our website today. If you have questions and would like to talk to someone from our team, give us a call at 800-645-4301 or fill out our online contact form.