Electronic Platform Weigh Scales

platform-scale-2TDifferent Applications as Customized Solutions

Electronic platform weigh scales are widely used in manufacturing, technology, and agricultural settings. The varied use creates a need for customized solutions. Obviously, a clear/well-defined need leads to a specific solution.

Accuracy Is Extremely Important

As a rule, all weighing scales should be accurate (or any equipment for that matter designed for quality assurance should conform to ASTM or other relevant international standards) for accuracy and error tolerances. They should be calibrated before they leave the manufacturer’s premises. After delivery to the client, to ensure that in-transit handling did not adversely affect the calibration settings, they should be rechecked and if need be recalibrated again on site. Annual calibrations will ensure accurate weighing results in the long term. This is to ensure compliance with government regulatory bodies’ requirements on product standards for consumer/customer protection. For example, a pound of milk bottled or tetra-packed a million times should always weigh, for instance, a pound per bottle and within allowed error tolerance of plus or minus 0.1 oz.

Other Important Criteria

Other important considerations prior to acquisition are the following:
1) Sturdiness – Should be able to withstand the stresses of constant use
2) User Friendly – Features like readable LED display and time-related auto on-and-off setting for convenience and additional power savings
3) Variety – Wide range of models, material types and capacities to choose from
4) Power and Mobility – Portability and AC/DC provisions for small-scale weighing models
5) Warranty – At least 6 months or more from date of purchase
6) Support – Availability of parts and service when needed
7) Features – Wide weighing portal should give specific client benefits
8) Affordability – Reasonable pricing for your specific need
9) Competitiveness – Checkout at least three reputable suppliers and compare price, product quality, and delivery

Wide Range of Applications

Major applications of electronic platform scales are in manufacturing, technology and agriculture. In manufacturing – from bagged cement to packed cereals, from frozen meats and livestock to canned goods, all the products need to be weighed accurately with consistent results. In agriculture, many applications come to mind. First is weighing agricultural products like grains before and after drying to determine weight-moisture loss. Second is determination of correct proportions of feed nutrients given to livestock. Third is weighing packed finished goods prior to delivery to various consumer destinations. In technology, the need would be in computerized, pre-set weighing applications.

For portable weighing applications, provisions for AC/DC use are a must. New models are available wherein the weighing platform is connected to the outlet by at least a five-foot electrical wire for user safety and convenience. This way, both user and the weighing readout portal are protected from harm in case of misjudgment on the part of the user.

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