Digital Scales for Factories and Laboratories

Digital Scales for Factories and LaboratoriesIf you’re in the market for an industrial scale for a factory, or laboratory, there are no doubt large numbers of manufacturers to choose from. Laying out your exact needs can help you to be able to narrow down the manufacturers that offer scales that will be sufficient for you and your team. At Arlyn Scales we offer a wide array of industrial scales that can be used in factories as well as laboratories.

A Quick History of Arlyn Scales

If you’re looking for an industrial scale company, you shouldn’t discount the experience and knowledge of Arlyn Scales. We’ve been in the industrial scale industry for more than 30 years and are headquartered in Long Island, New York where both our design and manufacturing teams work side by side.

Not only are all of our scales designed and manufactured in the US, but we also sell our scales direct to our customers, which allows us to cut out distributors who often must markup the price of products to ensure profitability. It has always been our goal to develop the highest quality scale at the most economical price possible, and the only way we’ve been able to do so is by selling factory direct to our customers.

Digital Scales for Factories

If you’re interested in an industrial scale for a factory, we’d likely suggest our 5200 Series Floor Scale. This scale is rugged, accurate and extremely reliable. Below are just a few of the reasons so many industrial facilities choose this scale whenever they’re in the market for a new weighing instrument.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

Our industrial floor scales, which are ideal for factory use, feature high quality stainless steel load cells. These load cells are extremely durable, and able to withstand damage due to harsh chemicals. While other scale manufacturers may choose to produce their load cells from inferior metals, we’ve found that our large industrial scales perform much better when they’re constructed using stainless steel load cells.

Stainless steel load cells are not only more durable, but they’re able to better withstand damage due to shock loading or overloading.

Precision Matched Load Cells

In addition to manufacturing these load cells from stainless steel, our Series 5200 Industrial Floor Scales feature four load cells. This allows for a load cell to be recessed into all four corners of the scale platform enabling readings to be accurate even if the subject or item being weighed isn’t placed directly on the center of the scale platform.

High Capacity Capabilities

In industrial environments, scales must often weigh extremely heavy objects, or materials. For this reason, our industrial floor scales can support weights of up to 20,000 depending on your needs.

Digital Scales for Laboratories

If you’re looking to use an industrial scale in a laboratory setting, you likely are in need of precision measurements, which in the past left you with little choice when it came to purchasing a new scale. Force motor scales have typically been the only option for precision weight readings, but they do not come without their limitations. These scales have extremely low capacities (25 lbs. or less) and they can be susceptible to inaccurate readings due to environmental factors such as temperature changes and air currents.

To offer an additional option for those looking for precision readings in a laboratory setting, Arlyn Scales pioneered their Ultra Precision Scales, which utilize our internationally patented Surface Acoustic Wave technology that measures displacement as opposed to stress or strain. Our Ultra Precision Scales offer a whole host of advantages over force motor scales, a few of which include:

Thicker Load Cell for Added Durability

An industrial scale is only as strong as its load cell. To ensure Ultra Precision Scales could stand up to a variety of environmental factors, and weight conditions, Arlyn Scales developed their SAW load cells out of a much thicker metal, which allows the scales to read extremely small bends in the load cells to produce highly accurate readings. In addition to the precision readings that are available with our Ultra Precision Scales, these load cells allow our scales to be much more resistant to overloading or shock loading, which are both extremely common in the industrial sector.

More Cost Effective Than Force Motor Scales

One of the biggest reasons to choose our Ultra Precision Scales when you’re deciding on a precision scale is sheer cost. Because of our factory-direct business model, we’re able to sell our Ultra Precision Scales at prices that rival a high-end strain gage scale.

Higher Capacities Than Magnetic Force Restoration Scales

Because of the way that we manufacture the thick load cells used in our SAW scales, we’re able to weigh much heavier items, while still providing precision measurements. Our SAW scales start with weight capacities of 5 lbs. and go all the way up to 1,000 lbs., which should hopefully cover your needs.

Additional Features Available Regardless of the Scale You Purchase From Arlyn Scales

While we’re confident that you’ll be happy with either our Ultra Precision Scales or our Series 5200 Floor Scales, if you’re looking to weigh heavy items, we do offer a number of optional features that still may be beneficial depending on your industry needs. Browse the following features to see just how serious our team at Arlyn Scales is about providing the highest quality products to our customers.

Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen

With the Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen, you’ll never look at another scale display the same again. This display is powered by a robust Android touchscreen device that can easily handle the full control of your industrial scale. The easy to use interface will also be extremely easy to learn, which should be good news for organizations looking to better streamline their business processes through the use of industrial scales.

Connectivity Options

Once you’ve installed your industrial scale, you’ll likely want to quickly gain access to the weight data stored on the scale itself. Arlyn Scales makes this extremely easy with support for USB, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity. Regardless of where you’re located, as long as you have an active internet connection you’ll be able to access weight data thanks to the advances that Arlyn Scales has perfected over the past 30 years with regard to communication protocols and procedures.

Turn to Arlyn Scales Today for More Information

We hope that we didn’t overload you with information related to our industrial floor scales as well as our relatively new Ultra Precision Scales. If you have any questions about either of these lines of scales, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form.