Scale Calibration : Best Practices For Maintaining Scale Accuracy

Scale Calibration : Best Practices For Maintaining Scale AccuracyIf your company relies on industrial scales, you likely understand the importance of scale accuracy. Without accurate scale readings you could end up with incorrect product formulations, excessive shipping fees and much more. Thankfully there are a whole host of industrial scale options on the market that can help you and your team stay productive when it comes to weighing various items. The problem occasionally occurs when it comes time to calibrating your scale. Different scale manufacturers have vastly different processes for scale calibration, so before you purchase a scale it’s best to understand what needs to be done when and if that scale ever needs to be calibrated. 

Arlyn Scales – Leading Provider of Industrial Scales

At Arlyn Scales, we’ve been designing and manufacturing our own industrial scales for more than 30 years. Yes, that’s right, all of our scales are designed and built right here in Long Island, New York. This tight connection with both our products and our customers has allowed us to keep our “ear to the ground” when it comes to scale features.

One of the biggest complaints we used to hear from our competitor’s customers was how difficult it was to calibrate most industrial scales. We thought that there had to be a better way, which is how we came up with a unique and extremely easy process for scale calibration.

What Are Some of the Common Problems With Scale Calibration?

So, you’ve owned your scale for some time and notice it isn’t as accurate as when you first purchased it. What are you to do? Well, you would think that calibrating your scale would be a relatively easy and painless process. The reality is that with most scale manufacturers, the scale calibration process is quite complex and require costly visits from the manufacturer or a costly shipment out to the factory.

When most scales need to be calibrated, they actually need to be taken out of service. This is extremely bad news for most organizations. By taking a scale out of service, it means that a business can no longer take weight measurements, which can literally grind some businesses to a halt. What if you’re an e-commerce company that weighs hundreds or thousands of packages each day? What if you’re a pharmaceutical company that relies on an industrial scale to create complex chemical formulations? If you’re in either of these predicaments and determine that your scale is no longer accurate, you simply can’t afford to take it out of service. This then requires you to either temporarily shut down a section of your facility for an extended period of time, or to have multiple industrial scales in place so that you can still take weight measurements even when one of your scales is out of commission. Either option is simply not ideal for small to medium sized businesses that are looking to cut costs wherever possible.

Enter Arlyn Scales’ Line of Industrial Scales

Over our 30 years in business, we’ve made our mark on the scale industry by looking at the status quo and trying to determine if it actually makes sense. This can be seen in our factory direct approach to manufacturing and selling our scales directly to our customers as well as our unique scale features, including how our scales are calibrated.

Instead of forcing our customers to take their scales out of service and ship them back to our facility for calibration, we ship our scales out precision calibrated and allow all our scales to be calibrated in the field. This way, our customers can quickly and easily recalibrate their scales in the field, without ever losing out on the productivity that’s often required to keep a business running on a daily basis. Our scales feature an easy-to-use menu function that allows customers to quickly take a sample weight and recalibrate with ease. Should you have any questions about our scale calibration process, you can also always give our team a call and speak with one of our US-based support members who likely had a hand in building your exact scale.

Other Unique Features Available from Arlyn Scales

Aside from our unique scale calibration function that allows you to ensure your scale is always accurate, without ever taking it out of service, we also offer a number of other scale features that have been born out of working closely with each of our customers. A few of the more popular scale features include:

  • Stainless Steel Load Cells – Load cells are one of the most important components of any industrial scale, but unfortunately they’re not all created equally. Most scale manufacturers will cut corners when it comes to load cell construction. Because load cells are typically recessed under the scale platform, manufacturers will try to “get away” with choosing inferior materials such as aluminum or other weak metals. At Arlyn Scales, this is not how we operate. Our strain gauge based scales utilize stainless steel load cells that are built to last. These scales are recessed in our scale platforms and are meant to stand up to the most caustic of chemicals and liquids.
  • Custom Scale Options – Because we control the manufacturing, testing and distribution process for each of our scales, we’re also able to offer the ultimate in customization options. If you have a unique business need for an industrial scale, don’t assume that it can’t be done because you haven’t seen it online, or from another scale manufacturer. Feel free to give our team a call, we’re always up to the challenge.
  • Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator – At Arlyn Scales, we weren’t satisfied with the basic digital display indicator that’s been used by scale manufacturers for decades. We thought that we could provide much more control and flexibility to our clients in the form of a touchscreen based display indicator. This is why we’ve recently released our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator, which is a full-fledged touchscreen Android tablet that puts all of our scale functionality at your fingertips thanks to our user-friendly menu interface.

Ready to Learn More About How Easy it is to Run Your Business With an Industrial Scale From Arlyn Scales?

Whether it’s scale calibration, our custom scale options, or our rugged scale construction, at Arlyn Scales we’re confident that one of our industrial scales will meet, if not exceed your needs. To learn more about our unique scale design and manufacturing processes feel free to reach out to us today by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form .