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ArlynGuard Scales – FM Approved for Use in Hazardous Environments

Hazardous environments are defined in the National Electrical Code, known as the NEC. Within an industrial environment, these can be areas where flammable gas, such as propane or butane are being used. But other areas, such as those with high concentrations of dust, can also be classified.

Equipment that is determined to be Intrinsically Safe is designed to reduce the energy that is available within the device to a level that cannot cause ignition in the environment for which it is rated. Arlyn’s intrinsically safe scales are rated for a wide range of classifications, including Class I, Class II, and Class III for a variety of Divisions and Groups, corresponding to specific environmental conditions.

Because there is no single type of scale that meets all hazardous area industrial needs, the ArlynGuard family includes intrinsically safe platform scales, bench scales, cylinder scales, and floor scales. There is even a line of intrinsically safe ultra precision scales. These are ideal for very high accuracy formulation, such as is required for the biopharmaceutical, chemical, and electronic industries.

Arlyn Scales Ultra Precision SAW Scale with Arlyn UpScale

Most industrial scales are limited in accuracy due to the standard load cell technology that they use. When precision weighing and high accuracy are required, Arlyn’s heavy duty, rugged industrial weighing scales with stainless steel platforms are ideal. This scale offers highly accurate readings with high capacity in a price range that is within reach of regular scales.


Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator

Regular weight indicators will typically have a numeric weight display, often including a number of other function indicators. A numeric keypad is used to enter values, and a confusing array of additional buttons will correspond to each and every function available. These buttons are always visible, even for functions that are rarely or even never used during the life of the scale.

Arlyn’s UpScale indicator features a 7” color touchscreen utilizing the same type of drop-down menus and swipes that are intuitive to anyone who uses a smartphone or tablet. Only those buttons needed for the selected functions will be visible. The size of the weight reading can be adjusted to match the type of use.

Scale Demonstrations & Features


The Ruggedness of Ultra Precision Scales – SAW Series

Highly precision instruments of almost any type are usually highly delicate. That is even more the case for precision scales. The ultra precision SAW scales are a major exception.

Due to the nature of the all digital technology, there is very low stress on the load cell. Therefore, it can survive the abuse of shock load and overload. Mechanical overload stops provide further enhanced protection.


Ultra Precision SAW Scales – The Gum Test

How can you highlight the superiority of SAW weighing technology? Take a scale with a capacity of 1000 lb, and show how it easily weighs a single stick of chewing gum. This video clearly shows the performance that cannot be achieved with regular industrial scales.


Ultra Precision SAW Scales – The Water Test

Here’s another great demonstration video of SAW scales’ performance. Large capacity scales can show very small additions of liquid into a container. This is exactly the type of weighing requirements often seen in the biopharmaceutical industry when working with bioreactors.


Ultra Precision SAW Scales – The Coin Test

What’s the difference in weight between a penny and a dime? This video shows that you can measure this difference on a high capacity scale. This is a great analogy of ultra-precision industrial check weighing requirements.


Google Spreadsheet Data Logging with Arlyn UpScale

It’s great to use a scale that can very accurately determine weights. It’s even better if you can easily record these weights in a spreadsheet or database for analysis. This video shows how the UpScale indicator can provide these types of functionality.

Instructional Videos


Downloading User Manuals & Specification Sheets

Having information at your fingertips helps projects move smoothly and swiftly. Arlyn’s library of user manuals, spec sheets, wiring diagrams, and other useful information is easily available from their website. This video shows how to access it.


Scale Calibration with MKE-5 Digital Indicators

Calibrating a scale can seem like a daunting task. Arlyn’s weight indicators make it stress-free by using the screen menus to prompt at every step. Follow the steps in this video.

Arlyn Scales Will Make Your Weighing Tasks Precise and Easy

There is copious information available on our website, and videos which further illustrate the advantages. But your best resource is likely to be our expert scale advisors. Call us, and let us offer some solutions to your requirements.

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