Outdoor Pallet Scales for Harsh Environments

Outdoor Pallet Scales for Harsh EnvironmentsIf you’re looking to use a pallet scale outdoors, you probably understand the need for the device to be able to stand up to the harshest of environments. Many digital scales simply aren’t able to stand up to extreme environments that are quite common with outdoor applications.

When purchasing an outdoor pallet scale, it’s important that you understand exactly how the scale you buy is manufactured. Because your scale will be exposed to the most extreme of environments, both the materials used to construct your scale as well as quality of the internal components will be incredibly important. If you don’t spend time on the front end searching for a scale that’s designed for outdoor use, you’ll find yourself shopping for a new industrial scale in a very short time.

Arlyn Scales – Your Outdoor Scale Experts

The first step in purchasing a high quality industrial scale is finding a scale manufacturer that can offer a scale that will stand up to extreme environments, while still falling within your budget. At Arlyn Scales, we’re well versed in designing and manufacturing industrial scales that meet if not exceed our customer’s needs while still being affordable.

Arlyn Scales was started more than 30 years ago, with a keen focus on quality and cutting edge features. Unlike many of our competitors who only make a profit when they sell in bulk, we’re able to design and manufacture scales with cutting edge features, and the highest quality materials.

Arlyn Scales is based in Long Island, New York, where all of our scales are not only designed, but manufactured as well. Many of our competitors look to cut costs by manufacturing their scales overseas, but we’ve found that keeping our manufacturing facilities in the US has allowed us to produce higher quality scales while keeping our costs down.

An additional benefit of our US based design and manufacturing facilities is that we’re able to sell our industrial scales direct to our customers, thus cutting out any middleman markups that can quickly drive up the cost of an industrial scale.

Another benefit of controlling the design and manufacturing process is that we’re able to constantly improve our scales and ensure they’re able to stand up to the most rigorous of environments. This is especially important in outdoor environments where the elements can really affect the usability of industrial scales.

Key Features of Outdoor Pallet Scales for Harsh Environments

If you’re shopping for a new outdoor pallet scale, it’s important that you pay close attention to the materials and features of any scale you purchase. Below are just a few of the important scale features that come standard with our Series 320 platform scales that will ensure your outdoor scale will last for many years to come.

Water Resistant Scale Platform

Outdoor scales must hold up to not only the elements, but any sort of other liquids that may come into contact with the scale platform. To ensure our scales will last for many years into the future, we’ve developed a water resistant scale platform that offers a sealed display housing and load cells to ensure these critical components are protected at all times.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

The load cell is arguably the most important component of any industrial scale. To cut costs, some scale manufacturers will machine their load cells out of inferior metals such as aluminum. At Arlyn Scales, we look at this approach as short sighted. All of our outdoor platform scales utilize load cells that are manufactured from stainless steel.

In addition to using stainless steel, our larger platform scales feature four load cells as opposed to just one. This ensures you’ll receive the most accurate readings possible, even if an object is not placed directly in the center of the scale platform.

Low Profile Scale Platforms

Platform scales are often used to weigh large and heavy objects, which can make loading and unloading somewhat difficult. To prevent this problem, our industrial scales feature low profile platforms that measure just 1 7/8” tall. This allows for easy loading and unloading, and we also offer an optional scale platform if necessary.

Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator

At Arlyn Scales our innovations don’t just stop with the scale itself. One component of scale construction that hasn’t changed much over the past several decades is the scale indicator. The design team at Arlyn Scales thought that we could do better based on recent advances in technology, and so we’ve released a completely revamped display indicator dubbed the Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator. This touchscreen display is powered by an Android tablet that puts all of the critical scale functions at your fingertips.

Top Notch Customer Service Team

It’s hard to appreciate a stellar customer service team until you actually need them. At Arlyn Scales, we hope that you won’t need us at all after you purchase a scale from us, but in case you do, we’re here ready to assist you in any way possible. Our design and manufacturing teams are all located in our New York based facility, ready to assist you with any issue you may be experiencing. Most of our employees have decades of experience in the scale industry, which gives them the ability to help you quickly resolve any issue you may be having.

Ready to Learn More About our Outdoor Pallet Scales for Harsh Environments?

We hope that you’re now aware of the important features to look for when shopping for an outdoor pallet scale for harsh environments. If you still have more questions than answers related to a new industrial scale purchase, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form. We’re standing by ready to help you find the ideal industrial scale based on your needs. If your needs don’t match up exactly with one of our off the shelf scales, we can also discuss designing a custom made scale as well. We look forward to working with you soon.