Weighing Scales for Heavy Duty Industrial Use

Weighing Scales for Heavy Duty Industrial UseIn an industrial society, which depends on importing and exporting materials, shipments of manufactured goods, corrosive liquids and gases and so much more, the weighing scale has become a fixture in daily use within the industrial environment.

It is a fact that the formulation of a substance is dependent on a scale’s accuracy and that the shipping of a pallet is governed by restrictions making the accuracy of this measurement crucial to the industry’s success. There are many scenarios that require weighing scales that are rated for heavy-duty and industrial use.

Whatever the industry, Arlyn Scales provides the ultimate weighing scales highly rated for these scenarios, the 5200 Series Floor Scales. These are the ideal option if you plan to deploy your chosen weighing technology in a harsh environment.

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Technicians and engineers who demand the most from their equipment will be the happiest using these kinds of scales. That’s in part due to how they’re made and what sort of materials go into their manufacturer.

The Necessary Ingredients

Keeping your workday functions operating optimally is no easy task. There are employees to train, machines to be repaired, numerous activities that need to be uninterrupted to keep the flow in motion and we know how important it is to have a scale that is dependable, consistent and accurate.

Our engineering team implemented all of the necessary parts to keep our 5200 Series Floor Scales in active use for years to come.

We manufacture our own subassemblies to ensure quality control. We know our materials and their scope of ability. Being a factory-direct manufacturer gives us the ability to ratify and/or build a scale to exact specifications at a moment’s notice, so to speak.

Regardless of what kind of scale you end up investing in, we’ll make sure that it maintains accuracy over time.

Delivering Accuracy

Building a scale that will deliver complete consistent weighing feedback under intense conditions requires certain subassemblies. Arlyn Series 5200 Large Floor Scales contains the best of our subassemblies. This scale was built to maintain accuracy and resolution in heavy-duty industrial situations.

Some people are of the opinion that it’s not really possible to design a heavy-duty scale that maintains accurate readings over a long period of time. There’s a tiny bit of truth to this. Many scales have a tendency to breakdown due to the abuse that they’re subjected to.

Our scales, however, employ specialized load cells that can maintain their accuracy for a long period of time.

Superior Stainless Steel Load Cells

In purchasing your industrial scale you will want to ascertain if the load cell placement, material composition, and calibration were chosen and implemented correctly. Arlyn Scales’ engineers calibrate the four advanced stainless steel load cells to NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, standards. The load cells are then placed in the machine-pocketed four corners of the scale platform for protection from corrosion.

The advantages of using stainless steel far outweigh the use of steel or aluminum. Stainless steel by nature is non-corrosive and dense. This strong metal is the perfect choice in conditions where wear and tear from usage, corrosive material and moisture would otherwise damage the platform.

We feel that it is important to stipulate that this is the only load cell that should be in place in high-intensity environments. A pallet dropped just a bit too quickly or a pallet knocking into the scale can render the scale useless. Using our methodology, overload and shock load damage becomes a non-issue.

Perhaps most importantly, this makes it possible to construct heavier duty scales than anyone would otherwise be able.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales

As larger objects get placed on the base of a scale, it can eventually start to warp the device. This leads to less accurate measurements over time. Fortunately, scales designed in this fashion don’t suffer from this problem nearly as much.

On top of that, each of these scales can interface with any of our high-quality digital indicators. Those who want to use the Arlyn UpScale or another indicator can easily find a piece that works with their equipment.

As a result, they’ll be able to transmit data to outside sources and let everyone in your workshop have access to excellent accurate measurements.

In fact, this same technology can be employed to construct floor scales that hold up equally as well.

Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Scales

Industrial floor scales often have to hold up to even more weight than those that are going to sit on a table or bench. Since objects that necessitate a floor scale are naturally going to be on the large size, there’s a good chance that each of these is going to carry some extra weight along with it as a result.

This, once again, leads to some extraneous concerns about whether or not your scale will be able to maintain accurate measures over a long period of time. Fortunately, this particular type of technology can be maintained even in this kind of situation.

Corrosive environments are often even worse when it comes to maintaining a scale’s structural integrity, but there are options available for those who need scales for hazardous, explosive or even potentially flammable environments.

Even these scales are capable of interfacing with sophisticated digital indicator devices. Nevertheless, special coatings will be more than enough to protect the majority of users.

Platform Specifications

Our low profile platforms are welded from heavy-gauge steel, with diamond pattern embedded on the surface to reduce slippage. To further protect the unit from corrosion, we apply triple zinc galvanized coating to ensure that rust does begin and get under the surface as it does in inferior products.

For those industries where further insurance against slippage is a necessity, you have the option of adding another coat of a garnet embedded epoxy protective layer.

Platforms are available in various sizes in aluminum for portability, in steel or stainless steel. Sizes range from three feet by three feet all the way up to eight feet by ten feet with custom sizes available. Arlyn’s 5200 series platform is the four feet by four feet industry standard. Your needs will determine the platform size and whether or not you will need the optional side ramps available to suit every size scale.

High End Indicators

In this technological age, the information requirements have dictated the direction we have taken in regards to our indicators. They are 32- bit RISC based, easy to read and program, superior indicators that can be mounted anywhere you designate is best. The applications that are optionally available allow you to interface with one computer or several workstations remotely transferring data and/or commands to and from your scale.

Ethernet connectivity allows you to monitor and control your Arlyn Scales over your local network. With our free Remote Indicator software, your weighing data can be recorded and analyzed using Excel or Access database file from your PC. Using the wireless Internet option, you can manage your scale and data from anywhere in the world.

With our RS-232 and RS-485, you have the option of the bi-directional interface allowing for communication and commands between printers, programmable logic controllers and computers. The RS-485 allows for a more robust interface over a long distance up to four thousand feet and allows for the controlling of up to ten scales from one workstation.

The interface options provide the security of knowing that your data is safely being recorded and monitored 24/7.

The Final Product

Implementation of all of the above: superior stainless steel load cells, welded stainless steel platforms with superior protective coatings with low profiles to insure ease of material placement, pre-calibrated load cells and indicators is what it takes to create the best heavy-duty industrial scale for the best price available today. Arlyn’s 5200 series is priced three to five times lower than comparable scales on the market today.

The final product is one that we feel we can stand behind. We have been manufacturing scales for the last 30 years and have learned from the best, our clients. Arlyn Series 5200 Large Floor Scale is a product that provides accurate weight measurements, temperature stability, durability, high readability with great internal resolution ratings for the most challenging industrial environment.

Arlyn’s team of engineers and designers are at the ready to provide you with a scale suiting your specifications should they differ from the industry standard for a price to suit your budget.

Contact us online today and speak with a knowledgeable representative about what kind of options would best fit your company’s particular use case.