High Capacity Scales for Weighing Large Products

High Capacity Scales for Weighing Large Products

When you mention high capacity bench and floor scales, the best-in-class features are enhanced to deliver more reliability and higher performance than ever before; Industry-leading precision weighing large floor scales are able to handle 20,000 to 30,000 lb capacities! In addition, all load cell cables are enclosed in conduit, alleviating the danger of rough handling. All load cells are recessed within the channel for protection on all sides while maintaining easy access for leveling.

If your business requires the weighing of large products, you know the importance of high capacity when it comes to your scales. While many manufacturers may claim to offer high capacity scales, few are able to offer the resolution and durability of Arlyn Scales’ line of industrial scales. We understand the importance of accurate weight readings regardless of capacity and work hard each and every day to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Bench Scales and Floor Scales

Durable bench and floor scales provide dependable weighing solutions for a wide variety of industries. Simple to operate, these industrial scales offer the functions and features needed to improve efficiency and increase productivity in factories and warehouses, on assembly lines or loading docks, during shipping and receiving activities, and at manufacturing locations.

Available in a range of capacities and readabilities, Arlyn’s bench and floor scales offer sturdy stainless steel weighing pans and platforms in a choice of sizes to meet your needs – from basic weighing to counting and checkweighing, packaging and monitoring inventory, and performing quality control tasks. Compact bench scales include the display, keypad, and platform in self-contained housing. Other floor scale models feature a pan with separate display and keypad that can be mounted on a pillar or placed on a nearby wall, allowing the flexibility of remote operation. Battery operation permits easy portability, while options for different indicator/platform combinations provide the versatility for many applications.

For example, at Arlyn Scales, we offer our Series 5200 floor scales that offer best in class components, as well as our top-notch customer service should you run into any issues before, during or after purchasing an industrial scale.

Features of Our Series 5200 Floor Scales

Below are just a few of the reasons customers continue to purchase their industrial bench and floor scales from our company, year after year. A unique feature of our Series 5200 is the Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator.

While we do offer a standard digital indicator with a large graphic display, many of our customers are utilizing our new Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator, which offers additional features and flexibility.

Our touchscreen indicator is a full-fledged Android touchscreen tablet featuring a 7-inch IPS screen that’s powered by a Quad-Core processor. The touchscreen also comes equipped with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of storage to ensure it can handle all of your needs.

To protect the touchscreen from water, a plastic molded enclosure is included, with the option to upgrade to a full stainless steel enclosure for areas where caustic chemicals are common.

Imagine being able to control your scale from an easy to use touchscreen. The training required to master the touchscreen is minimal, which is good news for situations where multiple people need to have access to the scale itself.

Highly Durable Stainless Steel Load Cells

For more than half a century, the strain gage load cell has been the standard load cell used in most industrial scales. The typical strain gage load cell is constructed with flexures that contain a thin metal material, usually made from aluminum. The load cell is placed between the scale platform and the bottom of the scale.

When a load is placed on the platform, the load force pushes downward, which causes the strain gage load cell to bend under the stress of the load. The load cell then sends an electrical signal based on the amount of stress incurred. This signal is then interpreted by the scale indicator as to the weight that you see on the scale display.

The primary concern with the old load cell design is the type of metal that is used. To ensure the load cell can measure stress accurately, it must include the thin flexures. This creates a greater risk of damage from overloading (placing a load on the scale beyond its capacity) and shock loading (dropping a load from a height onto the scale). When either of these instances occurs, a scale’s accuracy can be affected and the scale may even need to be taken in for repairs, which translates into lost profits and wasted time.

Seeing this potential weakness in strain gage load cells, the experts at Arlyn Scales set out to completely redesign their load cells. At Arlyn Scales, we manufacture our load cells from a stronger metal, stainless steel, which helps to reduce the damage that often occurs with more fragile load cells.

In addition, since we machine our stainless steel load cells in our factory, we’re also able to match their outputs. This helps to eliminate the need for the standard summation board, which is found in most other strain gage scales.

Scale experts agree that the summation board is one of the highest points of failure in industrial scales. Therefore, we’re able to reduce the risk of load cell damage and eliminate the use of a summation board simply by machining our own, high-quality load cells.

For high capacity scales that must weigh large products, you’re often dealing with capacities that start at around 500 lbs and can go all the way up to 10,000 lbs and beyond as mentioned. One way that we’re able to offer accurate weight readings at high capacities is by using four load cells.

Each load cell is affixed to one of the four corners of the scale platform in protective compartments. This helps to keep the scale platform balanced so the weight does not shift to one side of the scale and cause problems with accuracy.

Surface Acoustic Wave Technology Improves Accuracy at High Capacities

In addition to our high-quality stainless steel load cells, we’ve also broken new territory when it comes to high capacity and high resolution. Our internationally patented SAW technology allows our customers to have the same type of extremely accurate weight readings found in laboratory balance scales, but at capacities that were once thought impossible.

Rather than measuring stress, our SAW load cells measure the displacement of the load on a scale platform. This allows our load cells to be made out of much thicker metal because we need a much smaller measure of displacement to provide an accurate weight reading.

Our high precision industrial scales have a capacity range that starts at 10 lbs. and extends all the way to 1,000 pounds, if needed. Most precision scales can typically only measure objects up to around 20 pounds.

Our SAW load cells are also much more cost-effective than other high precision solutions, and they’re much more rugged. Competing technology from Magnetic Force Reduction scales is not feasible for heavy products, because of the capacity restrictions as well as vulnerabilities to temperature and a cost of roughly 10 times that of one of our SAW scales.

Before Arlyn Scales incorporated Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology into our load cell design, the highest capacity that high-resolution bench scales could handle was about 50 pounds. These scales were extremely expensive due to the technology used, known as Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR).

While MFR achieved the required resolution, this technology was not practical for most industrial applications and some laboratory uses. SAW technology has changed all that. Not only do SAW load cells cost about as much as high-end strain gauge load cells, which is just a fraction of the cost of MFR, but they can also handle loads of up to 500 pounds, a tenfold increase over MFR technology.
The Arlyn Scales’ Difference

Arlyn Scales was founded over 30 years ago and continues to be headquartered in Long Island, New York. We’ve worked hard to keep our eyes on the pulse of the weighing industry, to spot early innovations before the competition.

We design and manufacture our scales and subassemblies in our own factory, which is located directly beside our business offices. This helps to save our customers a considerable amount of money because we’re able to design, build and ship our scales direct to our customers. For example, compared to other manufacturers of high-resolution scales, our Ultra Precision line of scales is very reasonably priced and is not much more than our strain-gauge scales.

Besides eliminating costly distributor markups, this factory-direct approach helps ensures our customers always have a point of contact with the individuals that actually designed and built their specific scale. With our lean manufacturing process, we’re able to offer our customers’ scales with the latest features available, all at prices that are well below many of our competitors.

Another benefit of our factory-direct business model is that we’re able to custom design scales based on the needs of our customers. Whether it’s an enlarged platform size or unique features, Arlyn Scales can design and build a completely custom scale for all different types of applications.

Feedback from our customers have shown that our scales have these main benefits to their processes:

Top 3 Uses For Industrial Floor Scales

  1. Measure Hard-to-Lift Objects

    Sometimes these objects are too big or too hefty to be manually lifted onto the weighing platform of a scale; therefore, companies utilize forklifts, pallet jacks, or small tractors to assist in the transportation of such objects.
    Our scale platforms are typically very close to the ground, which makes them ideal for loading and unloading heavy or hard-to-move objects.

  2. Monitor Weight of Materials and Objects

    The cost of shipping is usually based on weight; therefore, weight readings must be as accurate as possible. Our scales are often used to ensure the appropriate amount of material is shipped or received.
    For facilities that need to monitor the amount of material in containers, such as liquid or powder, Arlyn Scales makes it possible for customers to set up automatic filling devices with industrial floor scales. Target weights are set and when the target weights are reached an alarm alerts the scale operator.

  3. Used Across Their Various Industries

    By keeping track of weight readings, warehouses can better monitor cost-effectiveness, keep track of inventory, and alleviate safety concerns in relation to long-distance transportation.

    One of our prime examples of how our scales are used is in agriculture. They are often used to measure livestock and monitor the weight of various animals. Bench scales can also be used to weigh agricultural bulk items, such as food, fertilizers, lumber, bamboo, hemp, flax, silk, and more.

    Floor scales are also commonly used in the automotive industry and can be found frequently in forge shops too.

Interested in Learning More About Our High Capacity Scales?

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two from our explanation of high capacity scales. Whether you’re interested in our strain gage high capacity scales or our large ultra precision scales with SAW technology, feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

We’re well versed in all types of scale technology and would welcome the chance to design a solution that meets the needs of your organization. To reach our support team, simply use our online contact form.