Laundry Scales Improve Efficiencies

laundry-saloon-567951_640Scales are vital tools in many industries, including ones that Americans use everyday. Postal, bulk mail, and package delivery services use industrial scales, such as digital bench scales, parts counting scales, and ultra precise scales to help determine the costs of such services. Veterinary scales and animal scales, utilized by veterinarian offices, zoos, and aquariums, help to keep our beloved pets and the animals we visit healthy, properly fed, and properly medicated. Laundry services and dry-cleaning services rely on electronic scales to improve efficiency and save money.

The drop-off services of laundries and dry-cleaners support a large portion of their business. Customers bring in their clothing and pay to have it washed, folded, and/or dry cleaned by the professionals. The service fees are often based on the weight of the clothing. A bundle of clothing brought in by the customer, is placed on a laundry scale and weighed. The customer is charged based on the weight of the clothing. It is customary for a price-per-pound system to be employed. Therefore, precise measurements of weight are vital. It is important to know the weight of the laundered articles. In order to be economically efficient, it is desirable to load the machines up to, but not exceeding their specified limit. Their laundry scales carefully balance the needs for durability and reliability with the imperative to get the most for the user money. The difference in mere ounces can skew the cost of each load. Accurate measurements are important to both the service provider and the costumer. Inaccurate weight will result in overcharging costumers if it is too high, or money lost to the service providers if the weight is too low. Arlyn Scales boast of excellent accuracy. Their cylinder scales have weight resolution up to 0.02 lb. With internal resolution to 1 part in 500,000, the platform scale has exceptional weight resolution of up to 0.1 lb. The ultra precision scales by Arlyn Scales have an accuracy of 0.005% and a display resolution up to 1 part in 400,000. The internal resolution is up to 1 part in 2 million! Many of these types of scales are ideal for use with laundry. The laundry scales by Arlyn Scales are not only precise, but rugged as well. Their scales have top-of-the line stainless steel load sensors, unlike their competitors who use less durable materials, such as aluminum. The stainless steel helps reduce shock abuse. Most of their digital scales also include a molded display enclosure with rubber gasket for water resistance. This is especially important when using these scales in an environment in which water, detergent, bleach, and other harmful substances may spill onto the scales. An epoxy layer to prevent corrosion is available on some of the platform scales. In addition to supplying the laundry or dry-cleaning service with exact weights to help determine their fees, utilizing scales in this industry also increases efficiency. Commercial washers and dryers are designed to withstand daily use. However, they are especially susceptible to misuse. Overloading these machines is a typical problem that often leads to the machines malfunction. The mechanisms that support these machines are sensitive to the weight of the clothing loads. Placing too much clothing in a washer or dryer may lead to machine damage. Weighing the clothing load, prior to running the machine cycles, will eliminate this potential hazard. Arlyn Scales are smart too. An available USB port for memory sticks or flash drives helps to record and save weights. The information can be transferred to a computer, printer, or other device. Some scales are able to link up directly to a computer and provide weights in real-time. Computer software designed specifically for the laundry or dry-cleaning operator, can utilize the stored data and use it to create reports, and databases. This information can help owners run their business and determine both costs and profits. Laundry scales improve efficiency. Laundry applications can be found in almost every corner of the world nowadays. Whether you need it for a glorious luxury hotel, a company cafeteria, an army base or a city hospital, Arlyn Scales has an application for the task. They can customize to fit your company environment needs, so give them a look.