High Capacity Scales

floor-scale-2Professionals across the country that operate farms, manage laboratories, and own construction companies know how important it is to have professional, industrial scales that they can count upon to give accurate data.

It matters how much a truck weighs when a company must ship it, how much a farm’s cattle weigh when they are headed to the slaughterhouse, and how much a harvest of grain weighs when it is time to get it to market.

Don’t waste time on commercial scales that cannot stand up to the challenge. Companies get what they pay for, and nothing is less true with the commercial, industrial scale. For the company, farm, lab, or other business entity that needs precise measurements right away, investing in a professional, calibrated industrial scale is the most efficient way to save time, money, and energy.

There are a wide variety of commercial, high-capacity scales made for all kinds of purposes, including scales for benches, livestock, grain, pallets of products, and large lab specimens.

Floor Scales

Get accurate, sturdy floor scales for a farm, livestock company, or trucking business. On our floor scales, you can weigh everything from live animals to large pallets and get accurate results. When weight matters, you can’t trust your products to just any scale. Purchase one of our high-capacity scales, and you will get the right weight and measurements for every large item your company needs to weigh. From pallets stacked with heavy produce, to sheep and pigs, our floor scale will not let you down when it matters most.

Bench Scales

If your company handles a mass amount of shipping and receiving then you may increase your efficiency with preparing large packages with a professional bench scale. This water resistant scale often is a necessary business tool for shipping and mailing companies, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, and even seafood packers who can weigh their catch right on the dock.

Lab Scales

Professionals working in the world of science know that precise data is one of the most important elements of a successful working environment and experiment. That’s why if you work in a laboratory, you want a scale that can weigh mass amounts of liquid, specimens, and other important lab items with accuracy every time. Lab scales vary from scientific scales to analytical scales for measuring all kinds of lab material. Select a lab scale that meets your needs, and have peace of mind in knowing that your data will be accurate with the right scale.

Items that weigh hundreds of pounds cannot be measured on any scale. Make the investment in a high-capacity scale, and you will not be disappointed. We keep a wide variety of industrial and commercial scales in stock so that when you call us with your order, we’ll be able to ship out your scale as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that even though we ship our industrial scales from our stock whenever possible and often on the next business day, there are times it may take about 10 to 15 days for your new scale to reach your business, lab, or farm.

Compare our prices to our competitors. Dollar for dollar, we provide the most economical industrial scales at the highest quality possible. If you have any questions about what kind of scale is right for your business and work needs, then you can call us toll free at 800.645.4301. Our expertly trained staff will be able to guide you through the different pallet, bench, lab, and other professional, industrial scales we keep in stock.

These scales were designed with the professional in mind. We’ve thought about everything you could need when you need to weigh something extremely heavy — from the sleek, metal finishes, the sturdy metal frames, and the calibrated weighing mechanisms.

Visit our website today to view our gallery of online images and industrial scale descriptions. Get information on the specific model numbers, the uses of the scales, the weight, the shipping, and the expected delivery of your new scale.

If your business, company, or farm needs an accurate scale to weigh products such as produce, pallets, trucks, and even cattle — then consider investing in a high-capacity, industrial scale. This scale will last for many years to come because it is built to last using sturdy steel and other metal. You will not be disappointed with the high caliber of data and precision measurement our scales offer you.

We carry top name brands in industrial scales, as well as high-quality scales that fit all kinds of budgets. We are able to offer you the best price possible because we have an online presence. At Arlyn Scales, we cut out the middle person so that we sell commercial scales to you for a great price.

When you need an industrial, commercial scale to weigh items that weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds, then trust Arlyn Scales to get you exactly what you need in the time you need it. Don’t delay any longer! Stop breaking scales that were not built to handle the weight capacity of your products. Stop wasting your hard-earned money on cheap imitations or industrial scales that never measure up to their promises.

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