Factory Direct Industrial Scales: The Advantages of Buying Directly from a Manufacturer

If you’ve purchased an industrial scale through a full service dealer, an internet supplier, or a catalog, there’s a real good chance you paid too much. While dealing with middlemen has become an accepted part of doing business in this industry, the truth is that these intermediaries are unnecessary.

Each time your scale changes hands a cost is added so that each middleman makes a profit. This additional cost is ultimately passed on to you, but provides no real value.

Advantages of Factory Direct Purchases

We manufacture and ship all of our products to you directly from our factory in Long Island, New York. But why should this matter to you? Here are 10 good reasons!

1. Unbeatable Pricing

Without all of the markups imposed by dealers, we’re able to offer a better product for a much lower cost. You pay for the scale you need and nothing more.

2. Custom Orders

If you need something custom, trying to place an order can quickly become a game of Telephone where the details are scrambled by the time they get to the factory. When you place an order directly with Arlyn Scales, you’ll get exactly what you want with no mistakes. We can also make helpful suggestions that will improve the performance, price, and/or functionality of your scale.

3. Faster Lead Times

When you contact us directly, we can start processing your order immediately. We don’t have to wait for six other people to pick up the phone or check their email, which means you get the equipment you need much faster. Our standard lead time is about one week. However, this can vary with your location or if you order a custom product. We keep popular products in stock at our factory that are often ready for immediate shipment.

4. Better Customer Service

If something breaks or you need help troubleshooting an issue, dealers and other middlemen aren’t going to be very useful. Our customer support is always available to answer questions or provide a solution to any issues you may be having, which means a much better experience.

5. Faster Customer Service, Too

Not only are we actually able to give you the help you need, we’re able to do it so much faster. You don’t have to wait for your question to cycle through 6 people before it reaches the factory. You can reach out to us for the help you need right now.

6. Less Paperwork

With fewer agreements, forms, records, and documentation, you save time and space that can be used in ways that are more beneficial to your operation.

7. No Extra Fees

Many scale dealers are foreign entities that charge you extra import/export fees, inspection surcharges, sourcing fees, and other wasteful charges. Since we’re located right here the U.S., we’re able to ship you exactly what you need without all the extra costs associated with buying overseas. We even offer custom size platforms with no additional cost penalty!

8. Better Accountability

If something should go wrong, we’re here to fix it. It’s as simple as that. You won’t have to waste time trying to figure out who made the mistake or deal with the delays and finger pointing as your complaint is passed from middleman to middleman.

9. Integrity

We take pride in what we do. We don’t just want to sell you a scale, we want to offer a real solution. Middlemen and dealers aren’t always on the up-and-up and often engage in less-than-honest practices in order to turn a profit. When you deal with us directly, you cut that possibility out of the equation and can be confident that your business is appreciated.

10. Product Knowledge

The majority of suppliers have never even spoken to the actual factory your product is coming from. Because we’re involved in the design, development and production of our products, we know exactly how everything works. This means we can help you choose a scale that meets your needs while helping you avoid bells and whistles that you don’t.

Again, we want to help you find a real solution. We pride ourselves on offering better, more helpful, more knowledgeable service. We know what our products are capable of and whether they’ll give you the results you need.  And since we’re the manufacturer, we can also work with you to develop a completely custom solution.


Arlyn Scales has been at the head of innovation in this industry since 1978. Since then we’ve:

•    Been one of the first companies to offer an automatic calibration feature
•    Eliminated the need for a summation board, which is one of the biggest causes of scale failure
•    Kept up with technological advancement and were among the first to offer Ethernet and Wi-Fi compatibility
•    Developed a new, ultra-precision weighing technology called surface acoustic wave, or SAW, which is the first new major weighing technology to appear in the last 40 years
•    Are currently working on projects that will allow us to upgrade the accuracy of our scales even further, improve the user interface of our digital indicators, and advance system communication with SAW technology, Android interfaces and Cloud-based systems

So if you want to work with a company that offers higher quality products, better customer service, and truly competitive prices, contact Arlyn Scales today and let us find the best solution to your weighing needs!