Custom Industrial Scales

cylinder-scale-2Standard industrial scales are only able to provide certain preset capabilities. Sometimes this is not enough to meet the needs of specific industries and applications. While most industrial scales can be purchased in a pre-set, as-is manner, there are many applications where they would be able to provide solutions for the needs of heavy industry. But if you have unique weighing needs and want to take advantage of industrial scales that specifically meet them, then the solution will be to have custom scales fine tuned to your specific requirements.

Industrial scales are available in a wide variety of different configurations. Hanging scales and crane scales are good for heavy loads that are too big to rest on a platform. Bench scales and explosion proof scales are suitable for many chemical agents, and some platform scales are specially suited to the medical industry. Many offer computer connections that will take human error out of recording scale readouts. Depending upon your requirements, you can usually find a scale suited to your operations.

Custom industrial scales can be designed in almost any type of configuration. There are countertop models with platforms designed for weighing, bench top models, and floor models that are available, depending on the size of the items needing to be weighed. Some industrial scales have built in containers, allowing for multiple items to be weighed simultaneously. When weighing chemical liquids and powders, a countertop platform model may be the ideal choice. Weighing food items has often been done using a floor scale. Platform scales are used in many industries, but may be especially valuable in veterinary and medical applications. Choosing the right type of scale is the first step toward getting the most accurate results in your weighing processes.

Measurement configurations can also be customized. Many platform scales have a custom zeroing feature, which allows for the use of any container to be used on the platform. The scale can be zeroed out, and whatever has to be measured can be added to obtain an accurate weight. In weighing chemicals, this is often an important customization because it allows for different types of plastic, glass and metal containers to be used without having to do much weight adjustment accordingly. Custom industrial scales can be tailored to measure up to several tons, or as small as fractions of a gram. Depending on what needs to be measured, customizing an industrial scale configuration so that it delivers the right measurements will have a large impact on the ability to best utilize the scale. The scale can be customized to blend batches of ingredients, automatically metering our each ingredient in the correct ratio. Or the scale can be customized to a particular size, with built in ramps, as a wheelchair scale, to weigh individuals who are confined to a wheelchair.

Although there are straight out of the box weighing options that may work for your industry, generally a custom scale is the best way to ensure that you have all the features that you need to increase efficiency and save time. A custom scale can also adhere to your standards for accuracy, and will likely be easier to set and calibrate than one that is not designed specifically with your operations in mind.