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shopping-cart-304843_640We live in a world of tremendous options and competition to create products that are consistent and superior is fierce. Exactitude is the name of the game in the worlds of food preparation, semiconductor fabrication, pharmacology, the paint industry, chemical composites industry, household and industrial cleaning products, air freshener products, makeup and beauty products, personal hygiene products, vitamins and health powder products as well as countless other industries.

Consumers have come to expect their products to be consistent in taste, application, scent, touch and appearance. The packaging of ready-made items needs to be consistent in weight each and every time. Brand loyalty is built upon trust and exactitude. The use of scales has become inherent in the mixing, batching, sorting and packaging industries. Precision and accuracy are needed to maintain integrity in product development and manufacturing. If the slightest variation were to be detected during the manufacturing process, the whole batch would be deemed useless or second rate at the very least. Quality control is mandatory in industries that rely on formulations for their products. The best way to achieve the highest amount of quality control is with an ultra sensibility scale.

The Very Best

Scales have come a long way. In the old days, measurements were taken using beams and weighing pans. Objects were placed in one weighing pan and standard measured objects were added to the other side. Weight was determined by the addition or removal of the standard weights. This method lasted for years until the advent of strain gage technology. This technology is widely used today, however, temperature variations can affect the performance of the strain gauges. In industries where accuracy and precision are imperative, these scales could present inconsistencies. It was in light of this issue that our engineers devised a completely ingenious methodology. Integrating Surface Acoustic Wave technology into our scales allowed the displacement to be measured as opposed to measuring the stress or strain.

With this innovative use of SAW technology, our Ultra Precision Scales can detect extremely small displacement measurements which amounts to about ten times the accuracy factor than that of the standard strain gage scales. For applications that rely on exacting standards, our SAW scales present an unprecedented opportunity.These SAW scales produce the highest accuracy value available today because they measure the time that it takes for the bulk wave to travel the distance from the transmitter to the receiver. Because these scales use a spring element load cell it has virtually no reaction to temperature variables. Not only is this scale far superior to its predecessors in accuracy and precision ratings, it also delivers weighing information immediately. There is no need to convert analog resistance measurement, which adds to the fluidity of your business.

All Around Applications

Arlyn Scales manufactures our own subassemblies for our scales, so we have the ability to completely design and implement your batching equipment. We can add weight sensors to your bins, buckets, pails, tanks and hoppers and feed the information into a or a color touch screen. The value of this customized solution is that your pumps, feeders, or other devices can dispense these powders, pellets or liquids with very carefully controlled weighing information that is tailored for your specific application.We can outfit your filling operation with a specifically sized platform scale, with a specific filling capacity and specific weight sensitivities so that the filling scale instrumentation can monitor the filling process and can manipulate the valves and pumps as needed for each formula. To ensure complete safety of the process, we can install alarms to signal low weights in the filling container. The alarm feedback can be sent to a computer to create a visual monitoring system as well.

Customized Communication Options

Because we manufacture our scales we are able to maintain the ultimate quality control. Our ability to add on options is quite extensive. We offer Ethernet (wireless and hardwired) or USB. This option gives you the flexibility of controlling your scale over your local network. With our Remote Indicator Software, weights can be recorded, sorted, grouped and analyzed from your personal computer. You can take your operation with you where ever you go with our wireless Ethernet option. We offer a datalogging option, which simply records the weighing data, item description, time and group information onto a USB stick, which can then be read on a computer using Microsoft Excel. Our Standard Communications Protocol, RS-232 allows for bi- directional interface, sending information to the computer and responding to commands from the computer.

This protocol also allows for interaction between the scale and the computer, printer or programmable logic controller. With complete remote capability, your application will always be under a watchful eye.For the ultimate in batching and formulation solutions, our RS-485 protocol allows for the tethering of up to ten scales. This multi drop network is also bi-directional and can be operated over a distance of up to four thousand feet. The flexibility inherent in the software allows for the controlling of up to ten scales bi-directionally.Last but not least, our Set Point option produces all the answers for simple Batching and PLC functions.

You have the option of setting up to eight target weights that may be used to set the feeders, mixers, motors, valves and other devices on or off. With the use of the setup menu, you can input formulas to control the output lines. These formulas can then be stored in the scales Digital Indicator for future use.

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There is no job too big or too small for us. Our specialized sales associates are ready to answer all of your weighing questions and to guide you through the process of choosing the best specialty scale for your specific operation. Packaging, sorting, mixing and formulation operations can be designed from start to finish. With our SAW technology, the accuracy, precision and ruggedness factors of our scales provide the quality control that your industry requires.

For more information about buying a specialty scale online, contact us today! We can be reached through our convenient online form on or by phone at (800) 645-4301.