Buying Industrial Scales in Bulk

Weighing PanelsPurchasing weighing equipment can be a daunting task, however with the attention to detail and weighing manufacturing materials that we use, you can rest assured that you are getting the best Industrial Scales, for the best possible price.

All of our components are designed to seamlessly interconnect with each other. Every aspect of our subassemblies is carefully designed tested and inspected and eventually culminates in our top quality, highly dependable Industrial Scales.

Top Advantage

Arlyn Scales produces its own load cells, digital indicators and scale platforms. Purchasing top performing industrial scales from a company that manufactures its own subassemblies will save money in the long run. We also offer bulk purchasing of scales and subassemblies. Because we manufacture our equipment in our Long Island warehouse, we not only offer higher quality items, but discounts on large purchases. The larger the quantity purchased, the higher the discount will be.

Our Subassemblies

Our subassemblies stand among the best in the industry.

Cutting costs in the area of load cell choices is not optimal. The most popular material for load cells is aluminum. It is plentiful, inexpensive and easy to machine into the desired shape. For this reason, it is the material of choice for bench scales and low capacity industrial scales. However, other scales require more sturdy materials to ensure longevity and accuracy.

When low-end companies look to cut costs, they choose aluminum. However, aluminum is very reactive to temperature changes and it is most susceptible to shock and overload damage. For the long haul, this material has proven to be inefficient to meet the needs of the majority of industries who require accurate and precise weighing equipment.

Arlyn Scales chooses stainless steel for its load cell manufacturing process because we have found it to be dependable, rugged, non-corrosive, and temperature stable.

Our best selling platforms are constructed in aluminum that is guaranteed to withstand years of heavy loads. We etch these platforms with a diamond non-slip pattern to protect from slippage. In addition, we install welded channels under the aluminum frame for added strength.

The extremely caustic nature of petrochemicals, organic and inorganic acids require extra special weighing platform protection. For these applications, we provide stainless steel platforms covered in layers of polyamine epoxy. For certain chemicals we suggest using a platform constructed from stainless steel alloy 316, which will also be covered with this highly protectant epoxy.

This glass filled epoxy coating binds well to the stainless steel and for added protection we embed garnet particles into it. This provides years of rugged use, good abrasion and excellent chemical resistance in all wet, wash down, and other corrosive environments.

For less harsh environments where protection is still needed, for instance on a scale that will be used outdoors, Arlyn Scales uses a three part, zinc rich epoxy coating on the scale to protect the platform from rusting.

Who Profits

Industries that require superbly made, precise and accurate weighing scales, which are capable of producing technically efficient weighing data stand to profit by purchasing Arlyn Industrial Scales. Although our scales are designed with each specific industry in mind, our engineers are at hand to substitute and add to any of our scales to individualize and tailor your scales for your specific needs.

The semiconductor, laundry, and hotel industries, which rely on this kind of equipment, are just some of the businesses that will profit immensely from purchasing our industrial scales in bulk.

From strain gage technology to our patented super acoustic wave technology, our highly rated scales are equipped to deliver accurate and precise weighing data for your delicate procedures the first time and every time.

Multiple Unit Purchase Advantage

Whether your purchase needs lean towards completely outfitting your organization or upgrading your present industrial scales, Arlyn Scales offers a competitive discount for multiple or bulk sales.

Buying scales in bulk is a smart economic choice. Besides the discount we offer, the packaging and shipping costs are greatly reduced as well. Bulk shipping rates are far more economically priced than smaller package rates. Shipping in bulk containers contributes to logistical efficiency.

With concerns about rising expenses, it is far more economical to order scales or subassemblies for a one-time delivery. A business with good logistics can keep track of product shipments and implement their purchases with greater ease. Solid operating procedures and organization are the distinct advantages of purchasing in bulk.

Additionally, we need make mention of the order of the day and that is the maximizing of company profits. Cutting costs where one can such as the commitment to buying in bulk will certainly contribute to maximizing the profitability of your company.

Technical Advantages

Our computer savvy software applications and options provide the technological advantages industries require.

Our pre-calibrated Industrial scales are outfitted with state of the art digital indicators that are available computer ready.

Wireless Ethernet interface, SD memory cards, RS-232 protocol, and RS-485 long distance protocol, among others, afford choices like connectivity to your workstations, bidirectional communication and control of your equipment during operational procedures.

Feeders, mixers, motors, valves and other devices can be controlled using our Set Point output option. You can set up to 8 target weights and use these targets to control your mixing and batching operations.

Understanding Your Specific Applications

At Arlyn Scales, we pride ourselves on being well informed and adept at implementing your industry’s requirements from start to finish. Our extremely knowledgeable staff is prepared to answer to all of your weighing specifications by providing several options based on your environment, usage and long range plans.

Being a factory direct manufacturer, we understand your needs from an organic perspective and are ready to fulfill all of your industrial weighing needs. Budget conscious companies will find a distinct advantage when they purchase their weighing equipment from us in bulk. Long-term customer satisfaction is what we are known for within the weighing industry.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information through our online form on or by calling us at (800) 645-4301.