4 Available Options on Custom Scales

explosive-environment-scale-p-1During the last thirty years, Arlyn Scales has been ahead of the competition. We have learned through experience that change is the only thing that is a constant in business. Business and industrial applications for scales have grown enormously over the past three decades. We have developed an outstanding line of bench, floor, platform, drum, crane, and veterinary scales to meet a plethora of needs. We also understand that our standard models may not be exactly what you are looking for and we are able to design custom scales in these unique instances.

We design and manufacture our scales and their subassemblies in our factory in Long Island, New York. It’s right next to our corporate offices. This gives us some competitive advantages and gives you some great benefits. One advantage is that we ship directly to you as opposed to a third party distributor. You end up paying much less this way. The other advantage is that we are able to manufacture our scales with cutting edge technology, for example our Ultra Precision line of scales, which use Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. You get both a great deal and a great scale when purchasing from Arlyn Scales.

Since we have easy access and control of our manufacturing process, we can work with your business to come up with a customized weighing solution should our standard models not meet your exact needs. If you like one of our scales, but require different dimensions for the platform, for example, we can change that. Or you may like the platform dimension, but prefer a different material for the platform. We can work with you on that as well.

We offer a range of available options for any scale. They are: a setpoint controller to help with batching and filling operations; USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi communication options; a rechargeable battery; and internet weight monitoring capability.

The Setpoint Controller

Our setpoint controller allows you to automate various dispensing, batching, and filling operations. It gives your scale the ability to set up to eight target weight values at a time. Once a weight value has been reached, feeders, mixers, motors and other machines can be shut on or off by the scale using solid state relays. This can be an excellent tool for formulation when adding differing weights of components.

The setpoint definitions can be deleted and edited, as well. Each definition has a text description, parameters, and multi-line formulas associated with it. Modifying the formula or parameter of an existing setpoint definition may allow you to create a base definition that only needs to be occasionally tweaked, as opposed to continually recreating definitions.

The benefit of the setpoint controller is the savings in time and in personnel. By using this device, you will be able to automate some of your scale operations, freeing up your personnel to concentrate on more detail oriented tasks. This results in greater efficiency and smarter allocation of resources and saves you time and money.

Communication Options

Our scales can also have customized computer connectivity. Computer connectivity allows you greater access and viewing options since you do not actually have to be looking at the scale indicator. You could be sitting across the room from it, in another part of the same building, or halfway around the world.

  • USB Ð The Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector is the workhorse of cable connected computer devices. As its name states, USB ports and connectors are found on most computer technology devices. By connecting your computer and the scale with a USB cable, you will be able to control the scale using our USB Remote Software. This software can also enable you to export weight data from the scale. Once on your PC or laptop, you will be able to view the data using MS Access or MS Excel.
  • Ethernet & Wi-Fi Ð Should you desire to control your scale remotely, we offer an Ethernet and Wi-Fi option. Simply connect to your business’s wired Ethernet network or Wi-Fi network. Once you open and use our Remote Indicator Software you will be able to communicate and control the scale from an offsite location. This can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency since sometimes issues may come up that may need to be resolved outside of normal working hours. Being able to access your scale from your home or another remote location can allow you to troubleshoot the issue quickly.

Rechargeable Battery

We also offer a rechargeable battery option. Our internal six cell, rechargeable NiMH battery pack and its peak detect charging circuit is a great asset, should you need a portable weighing solution. Once fully charged (which takes four hours at peak charging), the scale indicator and scale will be able to operate for over twenty hours. Not only will this allow you to operate the scale in the field or elsewhere, but this rechargeable battery can help you maintain efficiency during a minor power loss.

Internet Weight Monitoring Capability

Our computer connectivity allows you to monitor and analyze your weight data online. As previously mentioned, you will be able to analyze weight data to determine what new strategies can increase productivity. You will also be able to monitor the scale in real time. This will allow you to avoid human error by using your scale appropriately. For example, parts counting was initially done by personnel. Using and monitoring your scale will allow you to automate the process and eliminate human error. You will also be able to detect any problems in your productivity at a glance at your PC or laptop. By quickly resolving problems, you can quickly resume your high level of productivity.

Bad Customer Service is not an Option

One thing we do not offer: an inferior customer support staff. We believe that you should get the best scale and best service. We think it is incredibly important that someone who is purchasing a scale from us get the highest level of customer service possible. We make sure our staff is highly trained and able to discuss scale models, options, and customization with you. At Arlyn Scales, the customer is the number one priority. Reach us online using the form on our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 645-4301 and let us help you find the scale you’ve been looking for.