The #1 Question to Ask Your Industrial Scale Manufacturer

The #1 Question to Ask Your Industrial Scale ManufacturerIn 2016, no industry is safe from competition—even scale manufacturing. If you do a basic Internet search, then you can see how it’s not difficult to find numerous industrial scale manufacturers offering customers a wide selection of industrial scale styles, sizes, and constructions. Naturally, every scale manufacturer claims to be the best in the game, but how can one ever really know for sure?

If you are on the hunt for a high-quality industrial scale, then there is one question you must ask the manufacturer of the scale you want before you buy, and it’s this: “will the scale be able to do all that I need it to do?” And, just for kicks: “can the scale do all that I need it to do well?”

This question might seem simple and, more often than not, you’ll be able to find your answer on the scale manufacturer’s website. The question isn’t that simple though—it’s a loaded question, because what the question entails is different for every individual scale shopper.

To ensure you purchase the best possible industrial scale for your weighing needs, it is important for you to understand what exactly you are looking for in an industrial scale—know what type of objects you plan on weighing and where you plan on weighing them. Factoring in what you plan on weighing and where you are going to use the industrial scale will help you determine what type of scale is ideal for your weighing purposes.

So, What Are You Weighing?

Around the globe there are companies in various industries that use industrial scales for a multitude of weighing applications. Obviously, there is not a one-size-fits-all industrial scale for all of these various weighing applications. Plus, certain environments call for specially designed scales.

To find out what kind of scale you should buy, then first you must determine what you plan on weighing. Then, once you know that, you can narrow down the scale choices for what scale you should buy.

There’s a Scale For That

Most industrial scale manufacturers offer a large selection of industrial scale styles, sizes, and constructions. For example, Arlyn Scales offers the following styles of industrial scales:

  • Platform Scales
  • Floor Scales
  • Bench Scales
  • Drum Scales
  • Parts Counting Scales
  • Cylinder Scales
  • Crane Scales
  • Veterinary and Animal Scales
  • Wheel Chair Scales
  • Ultra Precision Scales
  • Corrosion Resistant Scales
  • Explosion Proof Scales

The type of scale that is right for you depends on what you want to weigh and where you’re going to weigh it. For example, if you need a scale that can count hundreds of small objects, then a Parts Counting Scale is probably for you. If you need a scale that can weigh elderly people and accommodate for the added weight of their wheelchairs, then Arlyn Scales offers specially designed Wheel Chair Scales exactly for this purpose.

Maximum Capacity, Readability, and Construction

After you determine which style of scale is right for your weighing application, then you can think about more specific details, such as: maximum capacity, readability/accuracy, and scale construction.

Industrial scales offered by Arlyn Scales are all available in various maximum capacity and readability combinations. Plus, many of the scales we manufacture are available in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel construction.

Maximum Capacity

When it comes to maximum capacity, we recommend buying a scale that can accommodate the type of load you plan on weighing most frequently. Some scales are more sensitive to overloading and shock loading than others—so, keep this in mind when you purchase a scale. We suggest buying scale with a maximum capacity that is higher than the weight of the loads you plan on weighing; however, it’s unnecessary to purchase a scale with a maximum capacity that is too high. This can be a waste of material, space, and money. Before you buy an industrial scale, understand how much weight the scale can hold and how much overload it can endure without breaking.


The accuracy of measurements delivered by industrial scales is in correlation with the scales’ maximum capacities. Normally, when the maximum capacity of a scale is higher, then the scales’ accuracy is less. By understanding what you are weighing and knowing how accurate you want the weight readings delivered by your scale to be, the better you will be able to decide which scale is right for your weighing application.

Accuracy can also depend on the technology of the scale. For example, Strain Gage Scales typically have higher maximum capacities and deliver pretty accurate weight readings; however, Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) Scales and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Scales are known to deliver weight readings with the best accuracy.

If your weighing application requires extreme accuracy, then be sure to check out Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scales. These scales are manufactured with Arlyn’s patented SAW technology, which is the latest breakthrough in scale technology.

Where Will Your Scale Be Located?

Once you determine the type, size, and accuracy of your scale, you need to consider the location of your scale. If your industrial scale is going to be located in an environment that is the least bit hazardous, then you must purchase an Explosion Proof Scale. To prevent fires and explosions from erupting in the workplace, Arlyn Scales manufactures Explosion Proof Scales. These scales are designed to operate on low voltage and run on battery power. They do not have any external electrical cords.

Also, if the materials you plan on weighing are corrosive, then you might consider buying a Corrosion Resistant Scale. These scales are fully constructed from stainless steel and have 3 layers of corrosion resistant epoxy applied to them.

Did You Find Your Answer?  

As you can see, Arlyn Scales offers a multitude of industrial scales and all of them can be modified to be exactly what customers need.

To ensure that you purchase the best industrial scale for your weighing application, you must determine if the scale you plan on buying is a scale that can do all that you need it to do. We hope this guide was helpful to you. Be sure to check out all of the industrial scales Arlyn scales offers on our website.

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